Friday, 14 June 2019

Zagreb to Get 120 Kilometers of Bicycle Highway - Greenway

At the Zagreb Innovation Centre, a presentation to increase the visibility of the project "Greenway - State Bicycle Route no. 2" was held.

The idea behind the press conference was to inform the public on what the current status of the project is. The City of Zagreb and Zagreb County are in charge of the implementation of the project. Greenway is a major infrastructure project which aims to build a 121-kilometer-long bicycle path, the so-called "bicycle highway" which will follow the Sava river from the Slovenian border all the way East to the village of Lijevi Dubrovčak, near Ivanić Grad (for more information about the project, in Croatian: .pdf of the brochure).

The construction of the bicycle highway will be worth almost 123 million kuna (just a bit over a million kuna per kilometer), and is divided into nine stages. The current stage of the project is to complete all of the technical paperwork for the entirety of the path, and to build the path between Arena Centre and the pedestrian-bicycle bridge over the Sava river, which is worth almost 7 million kuna for just a bit over a kilometer and a half of the path.

Mirka Jozić, Head of the department of economy, energetics and environmental protection of the City of Zagreb pointed out in her remarks: "The increase of the number of people who will be using their bicycles in their everyday activities is our priority, which we are trying to achieve not just by building the infrastructure, but also through early education.

I'm happy that working with Zagreb County we'll help many people who live in the County but work in Zagreb to take their bicycles when going to work. But Greenway will also be there for many people from Zagreb to take weekend day-trips to the greener areas of the county. That way, the project will contribute to the sustainable development of the region, but it will also help people get to know each other and connect more easily, and not just the management of the project.

The drector of the Development Agency of Zagreb County also spoke, saying that the cooperation has been very succesful. He added that Zagreb County is often called "The Green Ring of Zagreb", and that the greenery, living with nature and numerous areas of nature are an important resource that the county is very proud of. Thus, they are also proud of this project, which will tighten the bonds between Zagreb and Zagreb County even further.
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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

New Info Panels for Bicycle Routes of the Vrgorac Area

In cooperation with the Split-Dalmatia County tourist board and the Cycling Association of Dalmatia, today an info panel with bicycle routes of the area was installed in Vrgorac.


Come and explore those beautiful mountains and breathtaking landscapes from a bike perspective. Vrgorac and Inland Dalmatia are waiting..

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Enjoying Trilj from a Bike - New Route from Dinaridestrails

Beautiful pictures from the Dinaridestrails (Biciklisticke Staze) Facebook page as they were exploring Trilj area. The Nutjak Tower, Cetina river and canyon and the Roman military camp Tilirium are on this new route available at the Dinaridestrails website.



Check out the guys from Biciklisticke Staze enjoying the area and take the route to explore it yourself.


Monday, 21 September 2015

New Bicycle Routes by Dinarides Trails

One of the great potential of Inland Dalmatia is cycling. There are already several routes, some official, some not, but people from the Dinarides Trails (Biciklističke staze) are doing a great job publishing available routes on internet - their website.

(all photos: Biciklističke staze FB page)

Publishing available existing routes in not the only thing these enthusiasts for cycling do on their website and FB page. They get together on a regular basis and love to discover new routes. This is what they shared on their FB page the other day:

"You know the feeling, when you go out with your bike and you don´t know where to cycle that day. You are a bit bored by the existing routes. At that point, the best thing to do is to explore. Bike where nobody was biking ever before. Yep, that is when boredom is gone and the fun begins. Getting lost, finding ways, Google Maps, pushing, carrying, bushes, blod, drilling, night, battery dead, no cell-phone signal.. little bit of everything.., but you know, we survived it.

Pictures from the Biciklističke Staze FB page - the route was somewhere at the Mosor mountain near Dugopolje. Will be for sure on their website soon for you to explore.