Monday, 6 May 2019

Pasjača Beach in Konavle Given the Title of Best Beach in Europe

Prestigious web-site European Best Destinations published their 2019 list of the best beaches in Europe, and Pasjača beach, located in Konavle was given the title of the best European beach, while Nugal beach in Tučepi was awarded a bronze medal for the third place!

Neither of the two beaches are routinely mentioned in the lists of best beaches in Croatia, but European Best Destinations researchers have worked hard on their research and have managed to bring the two jewels to the front of their list.

The article on their website explains that Pasjača beach is located 10 minutes away from Cavtat and around half an hour from Dubrovnik (not in high season, during the nightmarish traffic around Dubrovnik town!). The article about the beach explains that it's actually a miracle, created by man and nature working together. It was created when a tunnel was dug to help battle the frequent floodings of the fields located inland, and some of the rocks were left at the seaside. The waves turned the rocks into pebbles, and then into sand. After that sand has been lost to the sea, the people of the Konavle region kept bringing more rocks for the sea to grind and maintain the beach.

If you're into parties, loud music and being seen, this is not the beach for you, as there's nothing but the nature and quiet here. The closest village to the beach is Popovići, which is a nice kilometer walk.

The third beach on the list, Nugal beach in Tučepi, is a partly nudist beach, and a beach that's really not easy to get to. Located in Makarska region, it takes around half an hour to walk there, but it's totally worth it. It's also quite a private location, with a friendly atmosphere and no bars directly on the beach.

Both of those beauties are worth exploring, as are many other amazing Croatian beaches!

Monday, 7 January 2019

Dog-Friendly Beaches in Croatia: Take your Furry Friends for a Swim

Tourists arriving in Croatia with their pet dogs often wonder if there are any dog-friendly beaches in Croatia, where they could take their furry friends out for a swim. While there is no simple answer to that question that would satisfy everyone's specific needs, we'll try and take you through the options and possible locations.

First of all, you need to know that in most places in Croatia it's legal for dogs to go for a swim unless explicitly forbidden. That does not apply to lakes in continental Croatia, so be careful with those - it is mostly forbidden and you shouldn't take your dogs for swims on places like Jarun lake in Zagreb or similar lakes.

At the seaside, whenever a beach is not clearly marked with a sign that says that dogs are not allowed, theoretically your dog can go for a swim there. However, as most dog-owners know, sometimes it's not just a matter of what's allowed, but also it's important what's practical and pleasant for your dog. Most dogs won't really feel comfortable on the busy beach in the middle of the hot summer day so most owners will take their furry friends for an enjoyable (and healthy!) swim either early in the morning or later in the evening. The sun won't be so hot, there won't be that many people, and it will drastically reduce the chance of someone complaining that you brought your dog along - because, you know people, even if that's something that's well within your rights, someone will complain if at all possible.

There are, however, beaches in Croatia where no-one will complain about your dog going for a refreshing swim. There are now dozens of beaches that are designated by local authorities as "pet-friendly beaches", throughout the Adriatic coast, although honestly, there are more of those located on the northern part of the region.

In Istria, there are several such locations, Bi Dog Beach in Fažana is one of them, beach Hidrobaza in Štinjan near Pula (there are other beaches in Pula where dogs are allowed, such as in Stoja bay, near Valovine and at Zelenica and several others.) Lone, Kuvi and Borik Bays in Rovinj are dog-friendly places, as well as some other beaches. All camps in Poreč have portions of their beaches designated for dog fun, Umag allows dogs to go to the beach on all camp-grounds and in several apartment complexes.

On Kvarner you will find many dog-friendly beaches, including the most dog-friendly beach in Croatia (and possibly even Europe). That is Podvorska beach in Crikvenica, an amazing place designed specifically for people with dogs, with a lot of infrastructure (such as doggy-showers etc) and a dog-friendly bar where your dog can get an ice-cream or a beer. No, we're not kidding. Even New York Post was impressed. Recently, they opened a second location, in Rab town on the Rab island.
Rijeka has a few dog beaches (Brajdica, Igralište, Mikulova in Kostrena), there are a few in Opatija and each of the Kvarner island's also has a number of beaches for their four-legged guests. You can find out more here.

As you go more to the South, the number of dog-friendly beaches goes down, unfortunately. Duilovo and Kašjuni beaches in Split are the biggest dog-friendly beaches in the town. Zaton Holiday Resort in Zadar has a section of the beach designated for dogs. Kaštela beach near Trogir also recently became full dog-friendly, with the equipment you might need for a nice day at the beach. Rogoznica's Hotel Resort Marina Frapa has a section of their beach designated for dogs, and if you're near Dubrovnik with your pet, you should go to Slano, as all of their beaches allow dogs. On the islands there is an amazing dog beach called Vartalac in Komiža on Vis, there's a dog beach near Bol on Brač and a portion of Zaraće beach on Hvar is also dog-friendly.

So, it's a good idea to ask about the proximity to a dog-friendly beach when booking accommodation. Wherever you take your dog for a swim, make sure you have enough water for the little swimmer, don't let them drink sea-water, make sure they stay in the shade while not swimming, use doggy sunscreen if needed (if your dog has a light skin and white fur), make sure they don't annoy other beach-goers (human or canine), take them for pee walks often and pick up after them. And if at all possible, buy your dog a beer and an ice-cream. Please.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

No Reservations: Mayor of Brela Enforcing Order on Local Beaches

Leaving your towel on the beach overnight to have your spot waiting for you in the morning? Not anymore. 

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Rough Guides: Bacvice in Top 10 Beaches in Croatia

July 10, 2013 - Loud and clear states Rough Guides: Bacvice in top 10 beaches in Croatia. Fantastic recognition for Split and its most iconic beach.

Some nice recognition for Split's most popular beach, as Bacvice is named in Croatia's top ten beaches by travel guide site Rough Guides. Here's what they had to say:


For many of its inhabitants Split is not so much a city as a religion, centred around a collection of semi-mystic locations. Among the holiest of holies is undoubtedly Bačvice beach, a shallow bay of sand and shingle that has played an important role in the early childhood and teenage years of virtually anyone who has ever called the city home. Immensely popular as a family beach, it’s also a buzzing social hub, with a café-packed pleasure pavilion rising immediately to the east. Bačvice is also famous for being the spiritual home of picigin, a uniquely Dalmatian sport that involves a lot of acrobatic leaping around as players try to prevent a small ball from hitting the water.


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