Friday, 29 July 2022

Sunčani Hvar Hotels First in Croatia to Join UNESCO Sustainable Travel Pledge!

July 29, 2022 - Sunčani Hvar Hotels are the first group in Croatia to join the UNESCO Sustainable Travel Pledge, or UNESCO's sustainable tourism program.

This program, promoted by UNESCO and Expedia, one of the leading online booking platforms, is the first of its kind created to promote sustainable tourism and heritage conservation on a global scale. Signatories implement sustainable practices in their business and encourage positive change in the travel and tourism industry.

Through this program, all Sunčani Hvar Hotels received the UNESCO "Sustainable Travel Pledge" certificate, which signifies their commitment to achieving international sustainable development goals. The aforementioned includes a whole range of activities such as supporting the local community and suppliers, energy saving through green renewable energy sources and advanced energy efficiency systems, implementing waste separation and disposal systems, implementing digital solutions for improved business processes, and minimizing the use of plastic packaging, to name a few. 


"As a company, we are proud to be the first hotel group in Croatia to join the UNESCO sustainable tourism program. Green entrepreneurship is the future of business and is the key direction of the long-term development strategy of Sunčani Hvar. So this year, we opened an eco-hotel in the town of Hvar, Beach Bay Hvar, designed according to the principles of sustainability, which offers guests a unique, luxurious, and ecologically conscious vacation," said the President of the Management Board, Gordana Tomičić.



Beach Bay Hvar Hotel is the first green hotel in the town of Hvar that strives to be environmentally friendly. It is located in a quiet bay in the center of Hvar town with carefully designed interior details and natural materials. One of the goals during the hotel's renovation was to achieve the hotel's energy independence, which was achieved by installing a solar power plant, the first of its kind on the island of Hvar. Through the efficient use of energy, water, and materials and by providing quality service, Beach Bay Hvar offers its visitors an environmentally conscious vacation based on natural resources.

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Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Revamped Beach Bay Hvar Hotel Opens on Friday, July 8!

July 6, 2022 - Summer continues to heat up in Hvar town with the opening of the Beach Bay Hvar Hotel on Friday, July 8!

The newly refurbished 4-star Beach Bay Hvar Hotel is the latest show-stopper by Sunčani Hvar. Located in Hvar town just around the bend from the busy Hvar harbor, Beach Bay Hvar Hotel is tucked into a tranquil area by the sea for those looking for a peaceful and rejuvenating holiday on the island.


And while its beachside location is one of the hotel’s many benefits, we'd like to argue that its redesign also takes the cake. Namely, the Beach Bay Hvar Hotel's renovation included many eco-friendly features so that guests can take part in an interpretive travel experience inspired by sustainable development and care for the environment. Better yet - all rooms and suites boast a sea view! 


"Our mission is to provide sustainable practices so that our guests can have enriching and authentic experiences at our hotel. We encourage responsible travel and provide responsible vacations in order to achieve a negligible carbon footprint. That is why we created a concept that is perfectly aligned with the hotel's natural surroundings," announced Beach Bay Hvar Hotel before its opening on Friday. 


It's also no surprise that Hvar is one of the sunniest islands in the Adriatic, bringing in around 2843 hours of sunshine a year, which made it easy for Beach Bay Hvar Hotel to incorporate solar power as a natural solution and the best renewable energy source into the hotel's redesign.


"The hotel features a solar power system on the hotel, with energy-efficient equipment such as programmable thermostats and energy-efficient lighting. The focus is in its entirety on nature and sustainability. The hotel also features locally sourced ingredients and foods in order to support the local community and tailor to guests who favor locally authentic experiences," added Beach Bay Hvar Hotel. 


Beach Bay Hvar Hotel is also running a special pre-opening deal with 10% off for the first guests at the newly renovated property this summer! Don't miss out on Beach Bay Hvar Hotel's stunning sea-view guest rooms and suites, ready to welcome guests this Friday, July 8! 

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Friday, 22 April 2022

Green Tourism: Sunčani Hvar Hotels to Open First Sustainable Hotel in Hvar Town

April 21, 2022 - The first sustainable hotel in Hvar town designed according to the latest environmental principles will open in July this year.

It is located in the city center, on the famous Hvar waterfront. The hotel in question that is being renovated is the annex of the old hotel Dalmacija. Upon completion, this 4-star hotel will shine in new splendor. Moreover, it will be renamed Beach Bay Hvar Hotel, which will emphasize its superlative position along a natural pebble beach a few meters from the entrance to the hotel. All rooms and suites have a view of the picturesque bay, the Franciscan monastery, the Hvar bay, and the Paklinski Islands.


The investment is valued at 22 million HRK, and after the renovation, the hotel will receive 21 completely renovated accommodation units with carefully designed interior details. Rooms and suites are harmoniously decorated, with natural fabrics and materials, and provide guests with complete comfort at all times. The hotel is entirely designed according to the principles of sustainable development so that guests can enjoy a pleasant and environmentally conscious vacation.


"The development of "green hotels" is the future of sustainable tourism and represents an opportunity to completely transform the accommodation offer. By renovating Beach Bay Hotel, we are establishing the concept of sustainable development that communicates built-in values ​​with modern and environmentally conscious guests. This way we are preserving the natural environment and the authentic offer of the local community," commented the President of the Management Board Gordana Tomičić.


The island of Hvar is the sunniest island in the Mediterranean. With 2843 hours of sunshine a year, solar energy is a natural solution and the best renewable energy source. The hotel is equipped with solar panels and energy-efficient equipment to increase the energy efficiency of the building. Special emphasis is placed on local foods and products from small local suppliers, in order to support the local community and provide guests with an authentic experience when holidaying on the island.


The project is assigned to the architectural studio Tissa from Poreč. The contractor is Slavonska gradnja.

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