Friday, 11 September 2020

Nightclubs Strike Back at Headquarters, Weekend Party Starts at 19:00

September 11, 2020 - The Voice of Entrepreneurs Association and members of the Initiative of Bars and Nightclubs have been warning the competent institutions for days that, due to the epidemiological measures in force, over 1000 facilities will be completely closed and workers will be fired. For this reason, nightclubs strike back as they have organised an action "5 hours forward, 25% backward" during which, on September 11 and 12, they will be open from 19:00 to 24:00, Slobodna Dalmacija reports.

The measure restricting work until midnight has been extended and it has been announced that it will be extended until the end of the year. That is why many nightclubs have decided, in compliance with all epidemiological measures, to open their doors this weekend from 19:00, five hours before midnight.

''Our goal is to open clubs at a time when we're allowed to work, for people who support us and send a message that we aren't spreaders of the virus as we're being stigmatised to be. Friday is exactly 28 days since the work ban, the number of patients isn't falling, and the minister is extending the measures. We ultimately turned out to be the culprits for everything, regardless of whether we adhere to the measures or not.  We don't complain about the set rules, keeping a distance, measuring temperatures and the like, we can respect all that, we just ask to be allowed to work. I'd like to invite everyone who supports us to visit the clubs that are part of the action on Friday and Saturday,'' said Bozidar Bulic, the owner of a disco club.

''It's worth recalling that more than 15,000 employees and associates (musicians, singers, security guards, marketing agencies, beverage distributors, DJs, photographers, public address and lighting technicians) will lose their jobs in the difficult economic and social situation ahead, if such measures are continued. The Voice of Entrepreneurs Association supports all those who want to work,'' the Association stated.


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Thursday, 10 September 2020

Restaurant and Bar Owners in Istria and Kvarner Call for Aid to Survive

ZAGREB, September 10, 2020 - Over 600 restaurant and bar owners in Kvarner and Istria today closed their facilities for an hour, starting from 11.55 am, to warn about the difficulties they are facing due to epidemiological restrictions and to ask for assistance in order to survive until the next season.

The association of Kvarner and Istria restaurant and cafe owners, which initiated the campaign held under the slogan "Let us close today to stay open tomorrow", said that the campaign was successful. The goal was to encourage responsible institutions to urgently take action to preserve jobs in the sector and prevent its collapse.

The head of the above-mentioned association and the deputy head of the national association of restaurant and cafe owners, Vedran Jakominic, said that stakeholders in the hospitality sector were calling for a preferential VAT rate on food and beverages. He also said that they were having difficulties in obtaining loans and that it was necessary to provide stakeholders in the hospitality sector with access to liquidity loans.

"Let us work, pay employees, rents, fees and taxes because s scorched earth can bear no fruit. We believe that you are doing what you think is right, but let the profession tell you that you have made a mistake," Jakominic said.

He pointed out that job-retention measures had saved workers in restaurants and cafes from lay-offs but that they had not saved entrepreneurs.

He said that a survey had shown that 60% of stakeholders in the hospitality sector had seen a drop in business of over 50% and 40% estimated that they would not survive until the next season in the current conditions. About 80% will have to cancel employment contracts, said Jakominic, who noted that there could be about 20,000 lay-offs in the hospitality sector.


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Friday, 18 May 2018

Belvedere Rooftop Garden Opens in Zagreb

A new pop-up bar in the capital.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Upscale Bars in Split

The Splićani like to dress up and when the bells rings and the weekend starts, the city’s in bars transform into a fashion parade. See a few spots below to find out where your stilettos will feel right at home.



(Domovinkog rata 104b)

A miniclub of sorts has with plush velvet interiors giving you a contemporary boudoir-type vibe a short drive out of town…read more.



(Matice hrvatske 1)

Glitzy interiors, blue lighting, and white leathers make for a hip social space to show off your new moves and swirl your cocktail…read more



(Put Firula 6)

Gucci bags and Jimmy Choo stilettos; welcome to Mediteranium, a lounge and restaurant catering to the city’s elite…read more.



(Put Firula b.b.)

Re-Opening Soon! Luxury SUVs take up the curb so the Hugo Boss suits and designer heels can flock to this little boutique club.



(Poljana Tina Ujevića 2)

If you want to try the amazing wines this country has to offer, head to the chiquest wine bar in town for a glass of the best…read more.