Saturday, 25 May 2019

Privredna Banka Zagreb's Dinko Lucić Wins Prestigious Award

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 25th of May, 2019, Dinko Lucić, CEO of Privredna banka Zagreb (PBZ), which is a member of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, is the winner of the prestigious CEO Today's Europe Awards for 2019 for his remarkable contribution to the presentation of Privredna banka Zagreb in the Republic of Croatia.

Every year, CEO Today recognises and honours the most prestigious companies and their C-level executives in today's business world. The CEO Today's Europe Awards rewards the success, innovation and strategic vision of CEO's in numerous sectors and industries across Europe (the IT sector, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, banking and finance, energy, mobile technology and communications, transportation services, etc.). CEO Today identifies the most successful, innovative, and future-oriented company leaders.

On the occasion of the announcement, Dinko Lucić, the CEO of PBZ, stated:

"I'm extremely proud of this truly special award, which is a historical and permanent record of recognition and success of our entire PBZ Group team. One of my basic beliefs, which has been confirmed during my long-standing managerial practice, is that the real difference is the people. I'm proud of our team and on this occasion, I'd like to thank all of our employees and also all of our clients for their constant efforts to be even better and to provide the full spectrum of financial services at the highest global level.''

The CEO Today Europe team has recognised a number of achievements by Mr. Lucić and PBZ in the past twelve months. The research team looks at the attitudes of many stakeholders, including investors, analysts, employees and media professionals around the world in order to properly create the basis for their annual award.

The results are then used as guidelines for considering and publishing the best management practices and critical performance factors, as well as the determination of eligibility based on achievements, which can be revenue growth and/or profit, a successful turnaround, good performance in difficult and complex times for the economy and industry, expanding onto new markets, leading market share(s), successful M&A integration, new products and services, and new business models and strategies.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Zagrebačka Banka Proclaimed Best Bank in Republic of Croatia

The highly respected Global Finance magazine has proclaimed Croatia's Zagrebačka banka, a member of the UniCredit Group, the best Croatian bank in 2019.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 22nd of May, 2019, the editors of Global Finance have given this prestigious award to Zagrebačka banka after extensive consultations with financial managers, bankers, bank advisors and analysts from around the world, as such, the best respective bank of each country in Central and Eastern Europe (SIE) has been selected.

"We're proud to have received this prestigious award from a reputable institution such as Global Finance. In the forthcoming period, we will continue to focus on the needs of our clients by introducing new technologies, relying on a balanced business model and belonging to the UniCredit Group. We remain committed to the creation of a stimulating environment for our clients, employees and the economic and social progress of the company we're engaged in,'' said Miljenko Živaljić, CEO of Zagrebacka banka.

UniCredit received recognition in the following categories during this year's Best Bank Awards magazine by Global Finance:

The best Bank in Central and Eastern Europe

The best bank in Bulgaria

The best bank in the Republic of Croatia

Gianfranco Bisagni and Niccolò Ubertalli, the executive directors of UniCredit for the CEE region, said: "It's a great pleasure to acknowledge this remarkable impact throughout the CEE region, especially Bulgaria and Croatia. We've won these awards thanks to the efforts and commitment of our employees towards our clients, providing them with our simple, successful, pan-European commercial banks. We're glad that we have the opportunity to share UniCredit's success in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.''

These awards are awarded on the basis of many factors, including: Asset growth, profitability, geographic reach, strategic relationships, business development, product innovations, and opinion of capital analysts, credit rating analysts, bank consultants and other banking experts, and it's clear that in all of these categories, Croatia's Zagrebacka banka proudly stands out.

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