Wednesday, 6 April 2022

Croatia Still Leading, Most Sought After Destination for Austrian Market

April the 6th, 2022 - The Republic of Croatia is still the leading, most sought after holiday destination this summer for the Austrian market, with Austrian tourists ready to bask in the Adriatic sun and swim in the sparkling sea.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, ahead of the main summer part of this year's tourist season, Austrian travel organisers conducted market analyses according to which Croatia is at the very top of the most sought-after foreign destinations for the Austrian market, reports local portal Glas Istre/The Voice of Istria.

Namely, travel organiser Gruber Reisen conducted a survey among its clients and customers, which totalled 1,200 respondents, entitled ''Travel Barometer in 2022'', according to which Croatia is the leading and most sought-after destination for the Austrian market, which shouldn't come as much of a shock to anyone.

"Austria is one of the most important emitting markets for Croatian tourism, and this country is supported by data from a survey according to which as many as 95 percent of Austrians said they want to spend their summer holidays somewhere else in Europe," said Branimir Toncinic, the director of the CNTB Office in Austria, adding that security and safety when in the destination remains an important aspect for the majority of people when booking a trip. Two thirds of Austrians plan to spend 1,500 euros per person.

The results of the survey also show that the will and desire of Austrians to travel is great given that 53 percent of respondents have already booked a trip this year. At the same time, about 65 percent of the respondents said that they'd prefer a beach holiday, ie the sun and the sea are a main a motive for coming, while visits to cities are becoming more interesting to many on the Austrian market and are in second place.

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Monday, 31 January 2022

Austrian Tourists Choosing Croatia in 2022: 2nd Most Sought-After Foreign Destination

January 31, 2022 - A new survey reveals that Austrian tourists are choosing Croatia this summer, as it is the second most sought-after foreign destination behind Italy. 

According to the survey results on travel plans of the Austrians in 2022, conducted by the association of national tourist organizations Corps Touristique Austria, Croatia is among the top five most sought-after foreign destinations. Italy leads the list with 58 percent, Croatia is second with 46 percent, followed by Germany, Greece, and Spain, reports Dalmacija Danas

"The results of the research confirm that, despite all the challenges and circumstances, we have successfully maintained the position of one of the leading and most beloved foreign destinations among Austrians. We are also pleased with the indicators according to which 83 percent of Austrians plan to travel this year, of which about 66 percent plan to travel abroad. Furthermore, compared to last year, these new indicators represent an increase in interest and demand for travel of about 20 percent, which indicates the continuation of positive trends this year," said Branimir Tončinić, director of the Croatian National Tourist Board office in Austria.

The results show that Austrian tourists will travel most during the main summer season with a trend of increased interest in holidays in September, while they will most often travel by car (about 77 percent), by plane, and by train.

"Austria is one of the traditionally most important markets for Croatian tourism. Last year, we recorded about 6.4 million overnight stays by Austrians, which took a high fourth place in terms of results. This year we expect even better results and a practical approach to the trends from the pre-pandemic 2019 ", said the director of the Croatian Tourist Board, Kristjan Staničić, adding that Austrians spent the most nights last year in Istria, Kvarner, and Zadar County.

The research results show that the demand of Austrians this year will be most pronounced for swimming holidays, city break tourism, wellness, and cultural tourism. At the same time, they will prefer to choose hotels, holiday homes, and apartments. However, the most important criteria by which Austrians will choose destinations include cleanliness and hygiene, safety, and weather and climate.

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Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Austrian Tourists Warned to Take Care as Zadar Region Deemed Risky

July the 13th, 2021 - The Zadar region has been deemed a potential risk as Austrian tourists are warned to be careful by a popular Austrian publication.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, under the headline “Atlas for a holiday trip”, the Österreich newspaper provides its readers with an overview of the epidemiological situation and the current coronavirus figures for coronavirus and its various different strains for all EU member states, as well as for the US and Turkey.

On Saturday, under the headline "Holidays in danger" and the subtitle "Croatia-Alarm in the Zadar region", the paper warns Austrian tourists to properly inform themselves before taking a trip to Croatia and other popular sea holiday destinations about the situation in the specific region they have chosen, writes Vecernji list.

''While the incidence in Istria is somewhere close to zero, Germany has assessed the Zadar region as a high-risk area. In general, the share of the delta coronavirus variant in new cases of infection is already around 54.5 percent, which is worrying,'' writes Österreich.

The publication further informs Austrians that Spain has reintroduced its curfew, that the number of new cases of infection with new strains in Portugal have "exploded", that Cyprus is again a high-risk area, that Turkey is inaccessible, that Greece is struggling with an increase in incidence, while Italy has already cancelled their previous British welcome thanks to the delta variant's introduction into the country.

Under the headline "Croatia: One region with increased numbers" on Sunday, the Austrian daily again writes about the "slight increase in cases of delta infection in the Zadar region" which, as repeated, already accounts for 54.5 percent of all new cases in that entire Dalmatian county.

Not only the Austrian media, but also the authorities in the Austrian Government are closely monitoring the development of the situation with the spread of the delta variant in their immediate neighbourhood, but also here in Croatia, the most popular tourist destination for Austrian tourists.

They're more than aware that the most troublesome situation with regard to coronavirus in Croatia is indeed in the Zadar region, but they are also following epidemiological measures taken by the Croatian National Civil Protection Headquarters to prevent the spread of the delta strain through the Zadar region and its surroundings, such as a ban on concerts and similar events without visitor control.

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Wednesday, 24 March 2021

EuroNight Train: Slovaks, Austrians Introduce Line to Split, Tickets On Sale

March the 24th, 2021 - Another boost for Croatian tourism for 2021 despite the continued uncertain situation dominated by the pandemic as the Austrians and the Slovaks introduce the EuroNight train line to the Dalmatian city of Split.

Air traffic continues to have the biggest question mark hanging over its head as Croatian tourism for the summer season this year hangs in the balance with the epidemiological situation in Croatia and abroad being the deciding factor. As a result, trains are looking ever more favourable for those needing some vitamin D and an Adriatic swim this summer.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes, Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) in cooperation with Slovak Railways (ZSSK) will introduce a new night train line in the summer season of 2021 on the route Bratislava - Vienna - Graz - Split, according to the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ) in Austria, Branimir Toncinic.

The first overnight train, more specifically the EuroNight train, should start running on June the 18th this year, and the current plan is for it to run twice a week on the same route until mid-September 2021. The price of EuroNight train tickets from the Austrian capital of Vienna to Split, which can already be purchased, is 29.90 euros for seats, and 69.90 for beds.

"We're pleased that Austrian Railways have connected Vienna with Split, which allows our Austrian guests to travel while respecting the principles of sustainable development and climate change, which are extremely important topics in the Austrian market. For us in Croatia, as the second most sought-after tourist destination for Austrian tourists, this new line is of great importance for achieving even better tourist results from the Austrian market.

It's worth mentioning that the most visited Croatian destinations by Austrian guests back in 2019 and even in 2020 were the regions of Istria, Kvarner and Zadar, and with the establishment of this summer railway line on the route Vienna-Graz-Split, we can see the additional growth potential of tourist traffic from Austria to Split-Dalmatia,'' said Toncinic, noting that on the aforementioned EuroNight train line, there is a possibility of transporting your own car or motorcycle.

Travel organiser ÖBB Rail Tours also offers packages that include a return ticket for the train between Vienna and Split and a one-week stay in an apartment in the centre of Split at a very reasonable starting price of 331 euros.

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Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Croatia the Most Sought-After Summer Destination for Austrians in 2021

February 9, 2021 – In a survey conducted by HomeToGo, the largest Austrian search platform for holiday homes, Croatia has once again proved to be a desirable destination. The results showed Croatia the most sought-after summer destination for Austrians in 2021.

After a well-known Austrian travel organizer Gruber Reisen recently published their research results, declaring Croatia the most sought-after destination for the Austrian market, the survey from another Austrian travel platform HomeToGo showed the same estimates.

Namely, HomeToGo, the largest search platform for holiday homes on the Austrian market, conducted a survey on Austrians' habits, travel preferences, and favorite holiday destinations in 2021. The research results were published on the Austrian portal, and Croatia was in the first place of the most sought-after summer destinations, reported Branimir Tončinić, Croatian National Tourist Board director in Austria.

The survey is based on a total of 200,000 searches. As in the previous year, the survey shows that Croatia is the leading and most sought-after destination with 41 percent of searches. Austria follows Croatia with 19.5 percent and Italy with 19 percent of searches, and then France, Greece, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Norway, and the United Kingdom. Of the Croatian destinations, the most sought after are the Istrian peninsula and the island of Krk.

The obtained data clearly show the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on travel behavior. Looking at the top three most popular destinations – Croatia, Austria, and Italy – it can be concluded that this year, Austrians prefer sunny sea destinations in the immediate vicinity. Their choices are primarily motivated by the precarious situation with the coronavirus pandemic that prevents long-term planning and long trips.

Tončinić stated earlier that consumers pay special attention to the destination's safety and that the possibility to change their booking for free or other cancellation options at minimal cost is very important for them when booking a trip.

The survey results also show that 70 percent of Austrians plan to travel in the next 12 months. When it comes to accommodation, 63 percent of them prefer booking accommodation in holiday homes. Regarding the mode of travel, 71 percent of Austrians will travel by their own car.

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Wednesday, 20 January 2021

2021 Expected to be Busy Year for Austrian Tourists in Croatia

January 20, 2021 - It should be a busy year for Austrian tourists in Croatia, who have chosen the country as the most sought-after destination this year.

HRTurizam reports that well-known Austrian travel organizer Gruber Reisen conducted market research titled "Travel Barometer in 2021". The results of the research show that Croatia is the most sought-after destination for the Austrian market.


Copyright Gruber Reisen

According to the research results, after the leading Croatia, which achieved a share of 36 percent, the demand is followed by Austria with 33 percent, Greece with 30 percent, Italy with 28 percent, and Spain with a 15 percent share.

"When booking a trip, consumers pay special attention to safety in the destination, and the possibility to change their booking for free or other cancellation options at minimal cost is significant to them," commented Branimir Toncinic, director of the Croatian National Tourist Board in Austria.

The results also show that the demand for travel in this market is very pronounced as 23 percent of respondents have already booked a trip in 2021, while 73 percent of respondents will book their trips when the conditions for travel are created. Only 2 percent of respondents said they would stay home this year due to the coronavirus and their own sense of insecurity.

Of the activities during the trip, the most preferred is a beach holiday, which 58 percent of respondents mentioned, and the share of visits to cities, cruises, and wellness, which are becoming more and more interesting, is growing. When it comes to the number of trips during the year, 39 percent of respondents want to go on vacation twice a year. When it comes to the average duration of vacation travel, 47 percent of respondents chose trips lasting up to a week, while 45 percent expressed interest in two-week trips.

Half of the consumers or 54% of respondents seek expert advice from a travel agency, with 50% of them still listing travel catalogs. A third attaches great importance to friends and acquaintances' advice. In addition to travel brochures, social networks are also popular as a source of inspiration. A total of 53% of survey participants noted great importance to the possibility of using re-booking, i.e., cancellation through flexible booking conditions with little or no cost.

"These are excellent indicators in the significant Austrian market. This is a consequence, among other things, of continuous promotional activities that we carry out in the most important markets, which aim at positioning our country as a safe, diverse, quality, well-prepared, and close tourist destination," added the director of the Croatian Tourist Board Kristjan Stanicic.

The research was published by the popular online professional magazine Traveler Online and is available HERE.

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Monday, 28 September 2020

Time To Reflect, As Loyalty Not Luxury Saves 2020 Croatia Tourist Season

September 28, 2020 – The tail end of 2020's unparalleled summer offers opportunity for pause, contemplation and appreciation, as it's loyal and not luxury guests that have saved this year's Croatia tourist season.

In this day and age, things always have to get better. There's no room to sit still. Life without improvement is deemed a failure. Nowhere is this more true than the Croatia tourist season.

The numbers of overnight stays in the Croatia tourist season sometimes seem to be the only measure by which its success is judged. Year after year, the numbers must rise. Any decrease is unthinkable. At the same time, hungry eyes still want more. Some want to reposition themselves. A new class of guest is wanted, from faraway nations. They must be of a better quality. They must stay longer, in more expensive dwellings. They must spend more.

Incredible initiatives are undertaken to turn this want into a reality. But, at the end of the 2020 Croatia tourist season, perhaps it's time to pause and reflect. For this year, it is undoubtedly loyalty and not luxury that's saved the Croatia tourist season.

In the year the coronavirus pandemic hit, arrivals by charter plane and cruise ship were seriously curtailed. So much for the flying visits of premium guests from far-flung lands. Instead, the tourists who came were from much closer to Croatia.

The English language that most on the coast are so familiar with was this year useless. On the beaches of Istria and northern Dalmatia, it was Slovenian, Polish, Czech, German, Slovakian and Italian that was heard. The packed bars of Makarska echoed with the familiar call of 'Đe si, bolan?' (where are you, bro? - in Bosnian dialect). Many of those who came drove to Croatia. And many do so every year.

1024px--Sharing-_Friday_night_pizza_(17405004226).jpg© Jeremy Segrott

Sighs and light-hearted jokes about some of these guests persist in some places. “That family come every year, but they only ever order one pizza to share between the four of them.” The choice of footwear of some German-speaking and Czech visitors frequently draws chuckles, in particular, the classic sock and sandal combo. But, just where would the 2020 Croatia tourist season have been without the 60,000 Czech and Slovak visitors who this year arrived by train?

Just two days ago, Jutarnji reported on phenomenal numbers of Polish visitors this year. Would anyone else really have taken the place of the returning family of four sharing a pizza? Just what would the season in Makarska have looked like without bolan?

Croatians are famously very appreciative hosts. On the ground, there's no doubt that such loyal guests are warmly welcomed and thanked each year by accommodation renters, restaurateurs and others. They greet returning visitors with smiles of familiarity and reserve for them their favourite place. In September 2020, gratitude to such guests was echoed by The Croatian National Tourist Board as they launched a new campaign 'Thank you', directed at the tourists who this year chose Croatia.

Perhaps it is time to ensure that this gratitude extends into any grand new initiatives for growth in the Croatia tourist season? Such loyal guests should not be taken for granted, nor forgotten.

Initiative within the Croatia tourist sector is vital. The unlocking of continental Croatia's potential is simply a must. That too of the Dalmatian hinterland and inland Istria. The exploitation of world-class Croatian assets such as nature, agriculture and health and wellness services are also perfectly on-point. The desire to attract a better class of bigger-spending visitor to luxury holidays on the Croatian coast should surely be a lower priority. After all, eyes that covet can all too frequently fail to appreciate that for which they should already be thankful.

SANDALS.jpg© Oddman47

Lead image adapted from an original photograph by © Marco Verch

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Thursday, 3 September 2020

Free Holidays for Austrians and Slovenes this September and October

September 3, 2020 – A bold and open gesture from the winemaking industry on the Pelješac peninsula to appreciated neighbours – cost-free accommodation will allow free holidays for Austrians and Slovenes in September and October 2020

Of all the incentives to assist Croatian tourism in the troublesome year of 2020, this one may be the boldest. In order to show appreciation for visitors from two of Croatia's nearest neighbours, winemakers from the Pelješac peninsula are arranging to offer free holidays for Austrians and Slovenes in September and October 2020.

In an interview published in Slobodna Dalmacija just yesterday, famous Pelješac winemaker Mato Violić Matuško revealed the plan. Matuško is also president of the Pelješac Wine Routes, a forward-thinking initiative in and of itself. It has massively increased wine tourism on Pelješac with its joined-up approach and has managed to bring together many individuals operating with the winemaking and tourism sectors of the region. Who better to organise free holidays for Austrians and Slovenes at harvest time?

Just one of the breathtaking views available on Pelješac. The peninsula is most famous for its incredible wines © Romulić & Stojčić

Winemakers who are members of the Pelješac Wine Routes Association are those who will be involved in offering the free holidays for Austrians and Slovenes. The plan is to offer free accommodation to Austrian and Slovene tourists in order to thank them in particular for their returning custom. Visitors from these nations are among the most frequent to come. The incentive also aims to bolster tourism numbers well past the point of late summer.

Although some revenue in accommodation rentals may be lost due to the offer, the idea is startlingly inventive. It is hoped money put into the local economy by visitors taking advantage of the free holidays for Austrians and Slovenes will benefit the wider population in what has been a difficult season for many. Austrians and Slovenes taking advantage of the incentive will also surely be offered some excellent Pelješac wine on their visit.

You can read here a TCN interview from August 2020 which also shows how the wines of Dubrovnik Neretva County have assisted in keeping visitor routes open during a difficult year for tourism in south Croatia  - Croatia Wine: ”Every Visit Is A Voyage Of Discovery”

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Thursday, 4 June 2020

Croatian Tourism: 1500 Austrian Citizens Currently Holidaying in Croatia

As we recently reported, Austria has chosen open its borders to its neighbours. Croatia, as a country with which Austria doesn't share a direct border, isn't yet on the list. Despite that, the favourite holiday destination of many Austrians isn't without Austrian citizens. Currently, there are 1500 Austrian citizens staying in Croatia, providing a much needed boost to the Croatian tourism industry in these trying times.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 4th of June, 2020, trips from Austria to Croatia have intensified in recent days and currently more than 1500 tourists from that country are dotted around Croatia.

Austria recently lifted all of its epidemiological measures for the travel of Austrian citizens to countries with which that country directly borders. As announced, the Republic of Croatia, together with some other countries that are not Austria's direct neighbours, should be added to that list next week at some point.

As it is known, Croatian tourism has a significant number of guests from Austria and Croatia's borders are now completely open to Austrian citizens. Given the excellent epidemiological situation that Croatia is lucky to be able to boast of, many in the Croatian tourism sector are convinced that Austria will follow the recommendations of the European Commission (EC) for the full liberalisation of travel to and from countries with similar epidemiological situations.

"The great interest that Croatian tourism records daily in invitations and reservations by Austrian guests is the best possible proof of just how much they want to come to Croatia and we hope that the official policy will listen to the wishes of its citizens along with EU recommendations. Croatia has one of the best epidemiological situations in all of Europe, the international media is ranking Croatia on the list of the safest travel destinations, tourism professionals have raised their services to the highest level and we're fully ready to welcome our guests,'' said Veljko Ostojic, director of the Croatian Tourism Association.

After Germany and Slovenia, Austria is in third place when it comes to the markets with which Croatia has the largest tourist turnover.

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