Monday, 23 May 2022

Iron Maiden in Croatia: Triumphant Return in a Packed Arena Zagreb!

May 23, 2022 – The legendary British metal band sold out Arena Zagreb, marking a triumphant return to the Croatian capital. Iron Maiden kicked off their European gig as part of the Legacy of the Beast Tour in Zagreb after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

Iron Maiden is one of those bands that, year after year, continues to go around the world not only to keep their biggest hits current but also to continue offering new music to their ever-growing number of followers. Precisely, in the year 2021, they released the highly acclaimed “Senjutsu”, their seventeenth studio album. Similarly, the band led by Bruce Dickinson and Steve Harris has been offering a series of concerts around the world since 2018, as part of the Legacy of the Beast Tour.

Croatia is not a strange place for the iconic British group, since Zagreb was part of said tour in 2018. Iron Maiden planned to travel around the globe once again through the same tour, but a world event already known by all made it impossible. However, with the epidemiological situation improving in recent months, Iron Maiden announced its return to the stage with new concert dates in 2022. In December, with some dates already confirmed for the European tour, the band announced that Zagreb would be the city chosen to start the series of concerts on the continent.


Iron Maiden fans took over the streets of Zagreb on Sunday. (Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich)

The venue would once again be the Arena Zagreb, where yesterday the Croatian fans demonstrated why they stand out among the most faithful, both those who have followed the band since its inception, and the youngest. The Arena Zagreb was completely full to kick off the Legacy of the Beast Tour 2022 in the best way, marking not only the return of Iron Maiden to the stages in post-pandemic times but also for music lovers in Croatia to concerts.

On a hot Sunday afternoon, the streets of Zagreb were filled with hundreds of fans wearing black t-shirts emblazoned with the Iron Maiden logo or the most iconic covers of their albums. In the trams, parks, bars, and streets of the city, it was impossible not to come across someone who wanted to make it clear that they would attend the big concert that evening. It was already a sign of what was to come.


Outside Arena Zagreb was perfect to meet up with friends before the concert. (Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich)

At 19:00, the surroundings of the Arena Zagreb were covered only by hundreds of attendees, who were merrily preparing themselves with beers for the big night. Half an hour later, the capacity of the Arena Zagreb began to fill up, and the band Lord of the Lost was in charge of warming up the engines with a setlist full of their best material. With a more gothic and industrial sound, Lord of the Lost began to fill the venue with intense energy.


The German band Lord of the Lost was in charge of opening the big night. (Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich)

The scenery began to change at 8:30 p.m after the presentation of the German band. The Arena Zagreb was already beginning to fill up, with chants of ''Maiden! Maiden! Maiden!''. Shortly before 9:00 p.m., the lights in the Arena Zagreb were completely turned off and the background music was muted. On the screens, a visual presentation of the video game launched by Iron Maiden that gives its name to the world tour, ''Legacy of the Beast'' was shown, with the song ''Transylvania'' in the background, a song widely used in the previews of the British band's concerts.

The wait came to an end, and the legendary band would jump onto a Japanese-themed stage, and with a packed and euphoric Arena Zagreb, they played three songs from their most recent album: ''Senjutsu'', ''Stratego'' and ''The Writing on the Wall'', making Zagreb the chosen city to make said songs their live debut. The more than 15,000 fans went wild when Eddie the Head, Iron Maiden's beloved mascot of many years, jumped onto the stage like a samurai.


The songs from the new album ''Senjutsu'' were performed for the first time live in Zagreb. (Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich)

After the presentation of their new songs, the scenery changed radically and the band began the journey through time with “Revelations”, from the album ''Piece of Mind'' (1983). It was followed by the songs ''Blood Brothers'', which they had not played live since 2017, from the album ''Brave New World'' (2000), and ''Sign of the Cross'', from their album ''The X Factor'' (1995). The energy of the fans at the Arena Zagreb could only increase in time.

Those three songs were followed by a much loved by the public, "Flight of Icarus", the second song that Iron Maiden played last night from their album "Piece of Mind". But it was surely ''Fear of the Dark'', the next song, that made the Arena Zagreb rumble. Although it is a song that they released in 1992, it is definitely a favorite among their fans and one that can never be missing from their live performances, with thousands of Croatians chanting to the sound of the initial guitar.

Two other legendary songs from the album ‘‘The Number of the Beast’’ (1982) and unmissable in their setlists would follow: ''Hallowed Be Thy Name'' and ''The Number of the Beast''. Bruce Dickinson could hardly be heard with the thousands of attendees singing at the top of their lungs. Dickinson, prior to these songs, gave a motivating speech thanking his fans at the Arena Zagreb, and inviting them to leave behind the crazy events of recent years by enjoying an epic night.


In addition to great music, Iron Maiden concerts are often noted for their spectacular lights, pyrotechnics, scenery, and appearances by the band's mascot, Eddie. (Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich)

From there, Iron Maiden would play a song of the same name by the band, from their first studio album (1980), also named in the same way. ‘‘Iron Maiden’’ was the song chosen to close the first wave of their most iconic material. The lights were out, but the tireless fans always know what to expect, because there is always more. Suddenly, Bruce Dickinson would jump on stage in his World War I soldier uniform to play one of the most powerful of their songs: ''The Trooper''. The singer, who's also a professional commercial pilot, even engaged in a sword duel with an oversized figure of Eddie the Head.


The fans wanted to take with them a great memory of an epic night. (Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich)

Guitarists Adrian Smith, Dave Murray, and Janick Gers, bassist Steve Harris and drummer Nicko McBrain proved that night that they are more relevant than ever, showing the same energy that has filled festivals and concerts for more than 40 years. One from the late 90s, ''The Clansman'', continued on the setlist, and which later gave way to another classic and one that makes fans scream and sing the most: ''Run to the Hills''.


A life-size Spitfire flew over fans during "Aces High," the final song of the concert. (Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich)

Again the lights went out, and a few fans this time began to leave the Arena Zagreb, as they never imagined that their cries of ''We want more!'' would actually work. The sounds of a Spitfire engine starting up at the Arena Zagreb could be heard, with Winston Churchill's famous World War II speech in the background. Iron Maiden fans know exactly what it's all about: “Aces High” was the song chosen to close the epic return of the British to the Croatian capital, with a huge model of a Spitfire hovering on the roof. In the vast majority of Iron Maiden concerts, this song is always chosen to start the night, so for the first time in history, they dared to use it as an epilogue to a memorable night, and what a great decision it was.


The great energy was mutual between the band and the attendees. The Arena Zagreb was a full house. (Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich)

For several minutes, the massive amount of applause and screams from the fans seemed not to be enough to thank the band for so many memories and energy. The six members bowed their respective thanks to the thousands of attendees who did not disappoint and left the stage. Monty Python's "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" was played in the background, making the audience dance with joy, perhaps celebrating not only an unforgettable night but also the triumphant return of the great concerts to Croatia after a pandemic that distanced them for so long.

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Tuesday, 1 March 2022

2Cellos to End Their Final Tour in Arena Zagreb

February 28th, 2022 - It all started in Zagreb, and that’s where they wish for their story to end, says the famous duo

After ten years, six studio albums, hundreds of performances in iconic venues around the world and close to a million tickets sold, the globally acclaimed duo 2Cellos are about to retire the project that made them famous.

Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser have announced their long-awaited world tour will end with a final concert in Zagreb, reports Jutarnji list.

They’ll play the Arena Zagreb on September 19th, 2022. This is the last year that Šulić and Hauser will be performing together as 2Cellos.

The duo went on hiatus in 2018 and focused on solo projects for a while, only to be reunited by the pandemic which brought them together to work on new music. They released their sixth studio album ‘Dedicated’ in 2021.

‘This tour is the culmination of everything we’ve achieved as 2Cellos. These will be our most powerful shows, with the largest audiences. The two of us climbed a mountain and reached the peak of what we can do together. Everything we learned from playing together, we’ll put into this tour. The concerts will be intense, they’ll be fierce, they’ll be touching and emotional. We’ll give everything we can do to the audience - and then we can retire 2Cellos. Are you ready to celebrate that with us?’ asked Luka and Stjepan.

It wasn’t a coincidence that the European part of the tour ends in Zagreb. As the duo said, they started it all in Zagreb, and that’s where they wish for their story to end.

The announced show is an opportunity for all their fans in Croatia and the region to hear 2Cellos play live for the last time. And as they themselves stated, the tour will be loaded with energy and emotion like never before - and Zagreb gets the honour to see their final bow.

Tickets will be released on Eventim on Friday, March 4th with prices ranging from 230 to 1800 kuna.

Wednesday, 16 February 2022

Sting at Arena Zagreb Postponed Until Autumn, New Concert Date Announced Soon

February 16, 2022 - Sting at Arena Zagreb has been postponed until autumn this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The official date should be announced soon. 

Due to the current restrictions caused by the pandemic, Sting's concert at Zagreb Arena, which was supposed to take place this spring, has been postponed until autumn. Sting was scheduled to perform at the Arena Zagreb on March 21, as part of his acclaimed My Songs tour, where he performs his favorite songs, written during the 17-time Grammy winner's glorious career, both with The Police and as a solo artist. The new concert date will be announced soon, and all tickets purchased so far will be valid for the new concert date. Furthermore, a refund for everyone unable to attend the concert in autumn will be possible up to 30 days after announcing the new date.

Hailed as a “masterful performance from start to finish,” the concert “takes fans on a musical journey through time,” with hits like “Fields of Gold,” “Shape of My Heart,” “Roxanne,” and “Demolition Man” and makes one an unforgettable event. Fans can also expect the songs "Englishman In New York,” “ Every Breath You Take,” “Message In A Bottle,” and many of Sting’s other big hits.

On tour, Sting will be accompanied by an electric rock ensemble that includes Dominic Miller on guitar, Josh Freese on drums, Rufus Miller on guitar, Kevon Webster on keyboards, Shane Sager on accordion, and Melissa Musique and Gene Noble as backing vocals. In addition, a special guest and frontman for Sting will be his son, musician Joe Sumner.

Late last year, Sting released the acclaimed album The Bridge, which presents different stages and styles from his unrivaled career and draws inspiration from rock n 'roll, jazz, classical music, and folk. Written and recorded during the pandemic, this new collection of poems reveals Sting’s reflections on personal loss, separation, lockdown, and extraordinary social and political turmoil.

Apart from the Zagreb concert, all European shows that were to take place from March 7 to 21, 2022, have been postponed.

05-March 2022 Riga, LV Arena 24-Sept. 2022
07-March 2022 Tampere, FI Tampere Deck Arena 20-Sept. 2022
09-March 2022 Kaunas, LT Zalgirio Arena 25-Sept. 2022
13-March 2022 Kosice, SK Steel Arena 28-Sept. 2022
15-March 2022 Cluj-Napoca, RO Sala Polivalenta 30-Sept. 2022
16-March 2022 Budapest, HU Budapest Arena To Be Confirmed *
17-March 2022 Debrecen, HU Fonix Arena 29-Sept. 2022
19-March 2022 Sarajevo, BA Zetra Olympic Hall To Be Confirmed *
21-March 2022 Zagreb, HR Arena Zagreb To Be Confirmed *

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Monday, 6 December 2021

The Cure in Croatia: First Solo Concert Announced for Fall 2022!

December 6, 2021 - A promising 2022 on the music scene gets even stronger with the announcement of The Cure in Croatia! The legendary English band will perform at Arena Zagreb next fall for their first-ever solo concert. Tickets will go on sale on December 9.

Giants of the alternative rock scene - The Cure will hold their first solo concert in Croatia on October 27, 2022 in Arena Zagreb! The huge base of domestic fans of this cult band, which does not give up on performances, still active 42 years after its founding, will finally come to its senses and see the first and long-awaited solo performance of The Cure in Croatia. The Zagreb concert is part of the just-announced European tour The Cure Tour 22, where The Cure will hold 44 concerts in 22 countries, all as part of an announcement of a new album that will bring another 67 minutes of The Cure sound.

The indie-rock pioneers have released 13 studio albums so far, more than 40 singles, their albums have sold 30 million copies worldwide, and there are a number of live albums, soundtracks, books… The Cure marked the lives of a generation of fans with their music, and although they are difficult to classify into a single musical genre, they influenced the formation of several of them such as goth rock, new wave, and post-rock. In 2019, five members of The Cure were officially inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

The Cure was formed in 1978 in Crawley, England, and since its first concert that same year, The Cure has played over 1,500 concerts, and live music and direct contact with the audience is what The Cure does best. So two years ago, they were named the best festival headliners by NME, which only proves their love for the stage. The Cure Euro 2022 tour will be the first since concerts in 2019, the year in which they celebrated 40 years of existence, and 30 years since the release of the cult album "Disintegration" in 1989, which secured the title of one of the best British bands in the last 50 year. That same year, after a three-month festival tour, they held an epic three-hour concert in Mexico City. In Arena Zagreb, a full 135 minutes of pure The Cure concert energy and enthusiasm await us, which will be preceded by the performance of the pre-band The Twilight Sad.

Tickets for The Cure in Croatia are on sale from Thursday, December 9 at 10 am, through the website and at Eventim sales points. Ticket prices range from 175 to 650 kuna.

For more information, details, and the full list of dates for The Cure tour that will include Zagreb, visit their official Instagram page and their official website, or in Charm Music Croatia's official Facebook and Instagram pages.

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Thursday, 2 December 2021

Iron Maiden in Croatia 2022: Legendary Band Announces Concert in Zagreb

December 2, 2021 - The legendary British heavy metal band will perform on Sunday, May 22 at Arena Zagreb. Iron Maiden in Croatia was originally planned in 2020 but was postponed due to the pandemic. Now, as part of their Legacy of the Beast tour, the concert will be a reality!

Great news for Croatian rock and heavy metal lovers, as Iron Maiden in Croatia will finally be a reality after the mythical band formed in Leyton, East London, announced through its website and social networks that the city of Zagreb would be part of its Legacy of the Beast tour in Europe. The tour was originally scheduled for 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced it to be postponed.

By 2022, those led by vocalist Bruce Dickinson already had a large number and a variety of European cities confirmed for their tour. However, yesterday at 4:00 pm they announced on their official Facebook page that six European cities would be included. The Croatian capital of Zagreb will not only now be part of the Legacy of the Beast tour, but it will also be the first date of the English band's tour in Europe, which will feature its historic lineup: Steve Harris, on bass, guitarists Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, Janick Gers, and drummer Nicko McBrain. Additionally, the metal band Lord of the Lost will be a special guest.

Iron Maiden, founded by Harris in 1975, also confirmed the European capitals Belgrade (Serbia), Bucharest (Romania), Kyiv (Ukraine), Sofia (Bulgaria), and Athens (Greece) within the list of cities that will be part of the tour. The general sale of tickets for the concert at Arena Zagreb that will take place on May 22nd will be next Monday, December 6th. However, a pre-sale stage of tickets to see Iron Maiden in Croatia will begin tomorrow, Friday, December 3rd.

The Legacy of the Beast tour adds to a long list of Iron Maiden tours, festivals, and concerts for over forty years. To date, the heavy metal band has toured 59 countries and played more than 2,000 concerts. The tour that will include Zagreb in 2022 has 136 confirmed dates around the world, and those who attend, both loyal veterans and part of a new generation of fans, will be able to enjoy their best classics and hits like ''The Trooper'', ''Hallowed Be Thy Name'', ''Run to the Hills'', ''Fear of the Dark'', ''The Number of the Beast'', ''Aces High'', ''2 Minutes to Midnight'', ''Phantom of the Opera'', ''Running Free'', and many more from a band that has not lost its energy on stage, in addition to always including incredible surprises in their shows such as pyrotechnics, walking giant-sized models of the band's mascot, Eddie the Head, and much more.

For more information, details, and the full list of dates for the Iron Maiden tour that will include Zagreb, visit their official Facebook and Instagram pages and their official website.

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Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Croatian Footballer Darijo Srna Donated to Croatian Hospitals

December 1, 2020 – Former captain of the Croatia national football team Darijo Srna and the company Enna Fruit organized the delivery of mandarins to six Croatian hospitals.

As 24sata reports, former Croatia football player Darijo Srna (38) donated 15 tons of mandarins to hospitals in Zagreb, Split, and Osijek. In cooperation with the company ENNA Fruit, which organized the delivery of fruit, Srna delighted patients and staff, which was confirmed from the hospital in Split.

In addition to Srna's donation, the company ENNA Fruit also donated two integral disinfection systems that will be used in the hospital in the Zagreb Arena.

"In challenging times, when we are all facing the COVID crisis, it is important, within our capabilities, to be supportive of those who need it most," said Darijo Srna on the occasion of this humanitarian donation, which, as he says, went to the right hands – in KBC Sestre milosrdnice, KBC Dubrava, KBC Rebro, Clinic for Children's Diseases in Zagreb and KBC Split and KBC Osijek.

"Integral disinfection system is an advanced device for measuring body temperature, disinfection of hands, and footwear with the help of a disinfection mat. This device will provide healthcare workers, doctors, and nurses with a safer stay in the hospital and facilitate the daily fight against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the causative agent of COVID-19 disease," they said from the ENNA Fruit company as reported by

Darijo Srna has long been known for humanitarian actions, such as the one in 2014 when he bought 20 tons of mandarins, paid for transportation, and donated them to children in Donetsk who were affected by the horrors of war.

"I'm not doing this to have someone say to me: 'Well done, Dario.' This is from the heart and soul of all citizens of Donetsk," said Darijo Srna then.

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Saturday, 28 November 2020

Arena Zagreb In-Patient Clinic Starts Operating, 15 COVID-19 Patients to be Admitted

ZAGREB, November 28, 2020 - Fifteen middle-aged COVID-19 patients with less severe clinical symptoms that require further intravenous or other therapy will arrive at Zagreb's Arena sports hall on Saturday, which will mark the start of the operation of that provisional in-patient clinic.

All 15 patients are currently receiving treatment in Zagreb hospitals.

"The medical team of the Arena in-patient clinic consists of 18 physicians, three from the army medical corps and 15 from the Sisters of Charity Hospital, 20 nurses from the KBC Zagreb hospital and six medics. The doctors' team consists of various specialists and the shift leader will always be an internist. The shifts will last 12 hours so that all patients can have 24-hour care and supervision," a press release says.

Putting into operation the Arena Zagreb sports hall that has been converted to serve as an in-patient clinic makes it possible to continue providing quality medical care for patients with less severe symptoms until their full recovery and release, and enables hospitals to continue admitting and treating COVID-19 patients with more severe symptoms as well as providing care for other patients, notably cancer patients or patients requiring surgery.

Thursday, 26 November 2020

Arena Zagreb to Accommodate COVID-19 Patients in Final Stage of Recovery

ZAGREB, November 26, 2020 - Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic said on Thursday that the Arena Zagreb sports hall has been activated and equipped for the accommodation of COVID-19 patients.

"The Arena has been activated, mobilised and equipped. When it will become operational will be decided by medical professionals and the Health Ministry. It is intended for patients who have passed the worst stage of the disease. We will see when this will be, but it can be soon," Bozinovic told a press conference at which new measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic were presented.

He added that the Arena would accommodate hospital patients who had not fully recovered and who needed to spend some more time under medical observation.

Bozinovic said that regional government units could adopt additional measures provided that they were tighter than those adopted by the national coronavirus response team.

The Defence Ministry said on Thursday that army personnel were on standby to assist the public healthcare system in case of opening of the medical unit at the Arena Zagreb.

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Arena Zagreb is Ready to Receive 100 COVID-19 Patients

November 4, 2020 - The Arena Zagreb operating headquarters are ready to receive 100 COVID-19 patients with a mild to initial moderate clinical picture. They will be cared for by 60 nurses and technicians and 18 doctors.

Jutarnji List reports that the Arena will house patients with a milder form of the infection who need rehabilitation before being discharged home, head nurse Snjezana Krpeta told reporters on Tuesday after the presentation of the COVID hospital.

In the beginning, the Arena will be able to accommodate one hundred patients. Still, there is a possibility of expanding the capacity to 290, and it will cover the area of Zagreb and parts of the county.

Krpeta explained that only agreed patients will come to the COVID hospital, which means that the institution that transfers such a patient must arrange the transfer.

Patients will be admitted to the hospital according to a pre-established protocol. Thus, the ambulance that brings the patient to the counter will show their documentation; they will then receive a bar code bracelet, after which they will be picked up at the hospital by a doctor and a nurse who will triage them and place them in a hospital bed.

The center currently has 33 oxygen bottles, two bottles in the intensive care unit, and one in the admission clinic, and in the event of an expansion of the hospital, new staff and equipment are planned.

Krpeta said that KBC Sisters of Charity has currently provided 60 nurses and technicians, logistics that will change oxygen bottles, bring food and water and take away dirty laundry, and all other ancillary activities needed for a functioning COVID hospital.

She explained that people with milder forms of the infection would be accommodated in the hospital, and these are people who are not yet for discharge home but are not for KBC Dubrava either.

"These are mostly older people who still have other comorbidities, internist and surgical patients who have a harder time recovering and then they have extended care and treatment," Krpeta said, adding that these are people who will need basic health care and basic needs, like food and changing because they sweat a lot.

In the ambulance for patients, all needs were taken into account, and the civil protection provided enough disposable bottles of water for each patient. Showering places were provided for people who will not be unwashed or malnourished. Food will be packed in disposable boxes so that it can go to waste after use.

However, before the center opens, the chief sanitary inspector has yet to take a water and air sample.

Krpeta, who will lead the nursing section, claimed that they are fully medically and technically equipped, have enough workforce and necessary materials, including a handy laboratory and a pharmacy, and have 24-hour communication with the parent KBC Sisters of Charity.

The coordinator of the organizational headquarters for the construction of Arena Zagreb, Davor Vagić, said that 18 doctors would work on one hundred beds. Three doctors would be provided by the HV, seven by KBC Sisters of Charity. In comparison, the minister would appoint eight doctors.

Colonel and neurologist Berislav Dalic, who has completed four missions in Afghanistan, said the HV was happy to respond after receiving calls from the Sisters of Charity because they saw they could help with their experiences.

Igor Milić from the Directorate of Civil Protection said that everything needed by health professionals from the non-medical work is provided with colleagues from the Armed Forces. 

Minister of Health Vili Beroš said that the Arena would not be a health facility but an auxiliary health institution that will relieve the health system.

He thought about the idea and role of the Arena as a tertiary center, he said, with comparative analyzes of what was happening in the surrounding countries and reflections on what could happen in Croatia.

He explained that they are trying to think ahead and be a step, if possible, in front of this threat, and expressed hope that the Arena will not be operational, although now the numbers are much more serious, and it may be filled with patients.

He also pointed out that each of us can contribute to the Arena's capacity to be filled as little as possible.

The coordinator of the organizational headquarters for the construction of Arena Zagreb, Davor Vagić, thanked his team for making it possible in an incredibly short time, the civil protection and the Croatian Army, which participates logistically and with the work of medical staff.

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Friday, 17 January 2020

Arena Zagreb Owners Plan Expansion into Neighbouring Countries

As Novac writes on the 17th of January, 2020, the owners of the Arena Zagreb centre, the South African investment fund New Europe Property Investments (NEPI) has bought Delta City's Podgorica (Montenegro) and Belgrade (Serbia) shopping malls after more than half a year of complicated negotiations.

According to, this is not the first change in ownership of these particular shopping centres. Four years ago, a second South African investment fund, Hyprop Investment, which also owns City Centre One East and West in Zagreb, purchased it for 202.8 million euros from well known Serbian businessman Miroslav Miskovic.

Of the total, more than half of the cost, namely 127.8 million euros, was taken up by the purchase of the aforementioned Belgrade centre, while Montenegrin shopping centre was purchased for a much smaller price tag - 75 million euros in total, and Serbian businessman Miroslav Miskovic earned a massive 38.1 million euros on the transaction.

It's worth mentioning that back in 2016, the NEPI investment fund purchased the popular Arena Zagreb centre as well as 4.4 hectares of surrounding construction land from Zagreb Granite Polus Lanište for 237.5 million euros.

The price for the centre, which is the second largest shopping centre in Zagreb boasting more than 62,000 square metres in total, stood at a huge 218.5 million euros. The remaining 19 million euros was related to the purchase of the previouslty mentioned 4.4 hectares of construction land, which NEPI could use for future expansion of the centre or for the further development of different, separate facilities.

Otherwise, NEPI is majority owned by several South African companies and its shares are listed on the stock exchanges in Johannesburg, London and Bucharest. The focus of the company is expansion across the markets of transition countries in Europe, and they are already present in Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Serbia.

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