Saturday, 30 April 2022

Excellent Pre-Season Results for Croatian Arena Hospitality Group

April the 30th, 2022 - The Easter weekend of 2022 brought with it some excellent results for the pre-season and with it high hopes for the height of this year's summer tourist season. The Croatian Arena Hospitality Group has done very well indeed.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, for the Croatian Arena Hospitality Group, the recent Easter weekend met all of their expectations and about 15,000 overnight stays were realised. The largest share of that number was made up of guests from Germany, Austria and neighbouring Slovenia, but there was also a pronounced increase in domestic guests. Guests come mostly in their own individual arrangements, while a third arrived with organised groups. The result for the Easter weekend of 2022 is many times higher than last year and is a great introduction to the season after the past two pandemic-dominated years.

Before Easter, the hotels Park Plaza Histria in Pula and Park Plaza Belvedere in Medulin were opened. The Park Plaza Verudela settlement in Pula has also now been opened, and the Arena Grand Kazela camp in Medulin is open all year round, so that guests can enjoy 365 days a year in rest and relaxation. The Arena Holiday Hotel in Medulin and the Arena Stoja, Arena Medulin and Arena Stupice camps were also open for Easter.

"Thanks to our experience of over 40 years in the hotel and catering/hospitality industry, we know that guest satisfaction is a priority. The primary goal of the Croatian Arena Hospitality Group's facilities is to provide superior service to our guests in an authentic natural environment. The most important event of this season is the opening of the Grand Hotel Brioni in early May. We can't wait to present this new hotel, a unique experience, an excellent gastronomic offer and beautiful views of the sea and the Brijuni islands,'' said Manuela Kraljevic of the company.

In its portfolio, the Croatian Arena Hospitality Group has its own brands Arena Hotels & Apartments and Arena Campsites. As part of the prestigious Park Plaza Hotel Group Limited, it runs and develops the international hotel brands Park Plaza and art’otel facilities across 18 Central and Eastern European countries. The company is opening the first art’otel hotel right here in Croatia at the end of this year in the City of Zagreb, and it will boast 118 rooms under the name art’otel Zagreb.

Guests can visit a total of 29 facilities with more than 10,000 accommodation units in Istria, soon in Zagreb, Nassfeld in Austria and in major cities in Germany and Central and Eastern Europe - Belgrade, Berlin, Cologne, Nuremberg and Budapest.

At the peak of the season, the Croatian Arena Hospitality Group has over 1,800 employees, and the entire group has 700 full-time employees throughout the year. With the expansion of business, the need for the constant employment of quality staff is growing, as is the need to expand the company's team of seasonal workers. A professional work environment, stimulating conditions, a positive atmosphere and the loyalty of employees are the result of this company investing in human resources.

"Here in Croatia, the Arena Hospitality Group is present with more than 8,500 accommodation units through a diverse range of accommodation facilities, from hotels and resorts to campsites located in the most prominent tourist regions of Croatia, Istria, and Zagreb is now under development. We host 340,000 guests a year in Croatia, and the top service we provide wouldn't be possible without the best team of people behind our success,'' said Manuela Kraljevic.

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Sunday, 14 March 2021

AHG Investments Continue, Hotel Brioni Opening in Summer

March the 14th, 2021 - The Arena Hospitality Group investments keep on going despite the economic woes caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Hotel Brioni with its impressive 227 premium rooms is due to open its doors to guests this summer season.

As Barbara Ban/Novac writes, despite another uncertain tourist season ahead of us, the well known Pula hotel group Arena Hospitality Group (AHG) announced the continuation of its investments and the opening of the completely renovated Hotel Brioni in the beautiful Istrian city of Pula this summer. To complete this investment, this hotel group secured a loan of 180 million kuna back at the end of December 2020.

¨The total investment amounts to 260 million kuna. The opening of Hotel Brioni is scheduled for the summer of this year. Our ambition is to return this facility to its former status of one of the leading luxury hotels on the Adriatic coast. When completed, Hotel Brioni will offer 227 premium rooms on seven floors, three indoor and outdoor pools, a spacious wellness centre with saunas and relaxation rooms, a gym, a children's playground, several restaurants and bars, as well as facilities for meetings and events,¨ announced the CEO of AHG, Reli Slonim, in the company´s annual report.

At the same time, he announced other investments in the upcoming period - in the city hotel in Zagreb, Hotel 88 in Belgrade, which the group bought last year, and in the Pula hotel Riviera.

¨We´re continuing with our investment programme in the total amount of about 350 million kuna. In addition to Hotel Brioni, our hotels in Belgrade and Budapest should be refreshed again during the year, and the start of the renovation of the hotel in Zagreb and the Riviera Hotel in Pula is expected this year and next year. Namely, in order to strengthen our presence across Central and Eastern Europe, AHG signed a 45-year lease agreement for the development of a hotel with 115 rooms in the very centre of Zagreb. This was followed by the acquisition of the 88 Rooms Belgrade hotel for 44.9 million kuna. Back in April 2020, we reached a settlement with the state and bought the Riviera Pula hotel for 36.5 million kuna. This will allow us to start the renovation of this historic hotel and position it as a new branded facility with 80 rooms,¨ announced Slonim.

For the upcoming tourist season, he says last minute bookings will reign strongest.

¨Although we cannot know for sure how long the current lockdowns will last across Europe and the dynamics of the vaccination rollout. We´re currently preparing for the pre-season and we anticipate improved business for Croatia in the summer when compared to last year. Reservations for the summer season are underway, although we expect, as last year, an increased trend of last minute bookings and arrivals,¨ concluded Slonim.

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Thursday, 31 December 2020

Arena Hospitality Group Purchases Hotel in Wider Centre of Belgrade

December the 31st, 2020 - the Croatian tourist company which is known for its numerous business ventures at home and abroad, the Arena Hospitality Group, has purchased yet another hotel in a foreign country, this time in the Serbian capital.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the large Croatian company, the Arena Hospitality Group announced recently that through its local branch located over in Serbia, it concluded the takeover of the 88 Rooms hotel in the wider centre of the Serbian capital of Belgrade. The value of the transaction stands at an enormous 45 million kuna in total.

The modern hotel is located a mere few minutes away from Belgrade's historic city centre, as its name suggests, it offers 88 rooms and suites, a restaurant, bar and conference room, as well as a well-equipped gym.

The acquisition of 88 Rooms is another milestone in the Arena Hospitality Group's strategy to expand its operations across the Central and Eastern European region. This acquisition also further enables the Arena Hospitality Group to increase the volume of the business it engages in in cities across Europe with the aim of increasing its presence in the higher category market segment in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, while striving to create added value for shareholders, Seebiz reports.

The Arena Hospitality Group's projects, in both the short and medium term, include repositioning the Brioni Hotel in the beautiful Istrian city of Pula into a luxury hotel boasting 227 rooms, with the ambition for it to become the best hotel in that category in all of Pula and its surroundings, the repositioning of Camp Stoja in Pula into a higher category camp, the conversion of a building location in the heart of Zagreb into a hotel with 113 rooms, which will include a famous restaurant and bar, wellness and spa facilities, a fitness centre, a meeting space and more, and the renovation of the Riviera Hotel in the very heart of Pula.

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Saturday, 21 November 2020

UNICEF Recognizes Arena Hospitality Group for Respecting Children's Rights

November 21, 2020 - UNICEF recognizes Arena Hospitality Group as a Croatian company with responsible business practices for children.

HRTurizam reports that to mark World Children's Day, the UNICEF Advisory Board for Children's Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility presented examples of Croatian companies that show good business practices for children at an online conference.

The project aims to find out how individual companies in Croatia respect children's rights in practice, strengthen the visibility of business practices of Croatian companies that respect the child's rights and welfare, and thus motivate other companies to more actively engage in children's rights.

The project was implemented through practices and policies in various areas - from a workplace tailored to children and families through products and services that support children's rights, contribute to the community, and preserve the environment in which children grow and develop.

One of the positive examples comes from the Croatian tourism sector.

Namely, Arena Hospitality Group has been recognized by UNICEF as a Croatian company with responsible business practices for children.

Arena Hospitality Group is one of the first companies in Croatia to adopt a policy to protect children in its business processes and activities.

"We are proud that Arena Hospitality Group was selected among 14 companies as the only hotel and tourism company that demonstrated good and positive practices towards children," said Arena Arena Hospitality Group (AHG), adding that AHG's child protection policy defines in great detail the circumstances, responsibilities, legal basis, processes of action and all other information necessary for an adequate response.

"Although called a policy, the document goes beyond policy because it defines operational processes and contains elements of the Code of Conduct, Rules of Procedure for Children - especially in the field of employment of minors," said the Arena Hospitality Group.

To gain knowledge about the socially responsible business that respects and promotes children's rights, AHG representatives attended UNICEF's CSR Academy, "Children are our most important job" in 2019. Following the training, the AHG Group, in cooperation with UNICEF, began assessing the impact of its business on children's rights (Children's Rights Impact Assessment).

AHG implements and will implement policies and practices that contribute to children's rights, monitor their implementation and report on results, and act correctively to benefit children. As part of its annual financial and non-financial reports, AHG also provides an overview of the entire corporate social responsibility and includes activities carried out concerning children and the protection of their rights.

"We want to be the initiators of positive changes and good practices in our environment, and we hope that more and more companies will follow the same path. We believe that the greatest value for the future is the creation of a long-term sustainable and responsible business model, which includes, among other things, a child protection policy based on the principles of protecting children and their health, safety and well-being, and development. We met and started working with UNICEF a few years ago on another project, but since then, we have seen them as a new friend and a “strong” partner with the best international experience in guiding a company like ours. We believe that our joint journey has just begun… because, let's not forget, children are our most important job," said Manuela Kraljević, Member of the Management Board and Director of Marketing and Sales of AHG.

Approximately 800,000 children under 18 live in Croatia, which is about 20% of the total population. There are almost no companies that do not directly or indirectly affect their lives.

In her review of Croatia's current situation regarding business practices responsible for children, the head of the UNICEF Office for Croatia, Regina M. Castillo, pointed out that every company - whether small or large - directly or indirectly affects the lives of children.

"That is why it is imperative that the business sector, through its daily business and in developing strategic plans, has in mind the best interests of the child. We are proud of this initiative, which through cooperation with young people has shown for the first time how some Croatian companies implement responsible initiatives for children and their families. We believe that the isolated business practices will serve as an inspiration for other companies to implement similar initiatives in Croatia and maximize results for children."

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Friday, 13 November 2020

Arena Hospitality Group Announces Offers for Digital Nomads

November 13, 2020 - Arena Hospitality Group announces offers for digital nomads in a selection of its camps and hotels. 

HRTurizam reports that the current crisis situation caused by the global coronavirus pandemic has shown that, thanks to the application of digital technology, we can do most of our work both in the office and anywhere else. It is enough to have a laptop, a mobile device, and a quality internet connection.

This fact was recognized and quickly adapted by the tourism sector, and many hotel companies, both global and Croatian, offered special offers targeting digital nomads and opened their hotels for business guests who use the hotel as an office.

Thus, Arena Hospitality Group (AGH) announced special offers for digital nomads in its camps Arena Grand Kažela and Arena Stoja, which are open all year round, as well as the hotel Park Plaza Histria in Pula.

“Arena Hospitality Group is always open to new market challenges, ready to provide our guests with the complete service they need not only for vacation but also to do business during their stay in hotels and camps. Staying at camps Arena Grand Kažela and Arena Stoja enables an escape from the hectic, dynamic, and regular rhythm that has become our everyday life. Untouched nature enables you to experience the beauties of autumn and winter, and at the same time perform all business tasks and obligations without hindrance," AHG points out.

In the mentioned open camps, high-quality digital infrastructure is provided throughout the year, which, in addition to the existing quality of mobile home accommodation, satisfies both private and business needs.

AGH has provided the minimum necessary for digital nomads: ​​self-check-in (contactless), contactless payment, super high-speed Internet, Netflix, Ott iPTV service for watching TV channels in every part of the camps via mobile devices, and a mobile application for the best guest experience.

As part of this year's World Tourism Exchange WTM in London, AHG received recognition from the world organization "Responsible Tourism Partnership" for responsible tourism and coping in the covid-19 pandemic.

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Friday, 26 June 2020

Arena Hospitality Group Continues With Investments Despite Crisis

The Arena Hospitality Group isn't letting the coronavirus pandemic stand in their way when it comes to investments, even though they readily admit that times are indeed currently very difficult.

As Novac/Barbara Ban writes on the 24th of June, 2020, all the hopes of Istrian hoteliers are focused on the peak of the season, where they expect that at least a few guests will arrive and that they'll still manage to earn at least something. As we rapidy approach the end of June, this month's results are sadly expected to be very bad.

The facilities are open, but many are empty. Here and there, there's a guest. If they had at least 30 or 40 percent of last year’s guests this season then they would be happy. However, a larger number of infected people in Croatia and Europe is frightening everyone again.

The same story can be seen with the facilities owned by the Pula tourist company Arena Hospitality Group itself. The hotels and tourist resorts are just waiting for their guests to come, but luckily their camps are a bit better filled. Additionally, their facilities in Medulin are being filled up more than the ones in Pula are.

But, regardless of all that, they have not given up their huge investments, which in 2020 amount to about 370 million kuna.

This year, the Arena Hospitality Group renovated two restaurants in Verudela, added a dose of quality to the Kazela camp in Medulin, bought the Riviera Hotel in Pula from the state, started renovating the Brioni Hotel in Verudela, and leased out the palace in Amruseva Street in Zagreb on a 45-year lease.

''This year, we decided to renovate the famous hospitality facilities that we have in Pula on the coast, namely the Yacht Club and the Svjetionik (Lighthouse). I think that they'll be a great additional service to all visitors to Verudela and Pula itself, where everyone will be able to come and enjoy the beautiful views, good food and good drink. It was time to take those facilities to the next level. But these aren't our only investments this year that we started before the crisis caused by the epidemic hit. We've renovated all of our apartments in Verudela beach and thus completed all of our investments on the Verudela peninsula,'' the CEO of the Arena Hospitality Group, Reli Slonim, explained at the presentation of the newly renovated Yacht Club.

He also pointed out that the extensive investment in the Kazela camp has been completed, and that they are now in the middle of their investment in the Brioni Hotel in Pula, which they intend to open next April.

''We also plan to start investing in the historic building in Amruseva Street in Zagreb at the end of this year. It will be a fantastic hotel with 120 rooms, a great restaurant, a spa and a rooftop pool. We'll also start rebranding our hotel in Belgrade. We bought the Riviera Hotel in Pula from the state, which I don't consider to be an acquisition because we have actually been in possession of that facility for years. I'm glad that we've reached an agreement with the state. Our goal is to transform the Riviera into a fantastic art hotel that would keep hold of the spirit of this amazing historic building. I believe we'll be able to do that over the next two years. So, all in all, we can say that we're getting into the big investments that started before the crisis itself. But regardless of that, we decided to finish them all. I hope that we will be ready for better times to come,'' Slonim admits.

He says that like everyone else, the Arena Hospitality Group is rightly worried about this year, not only regarding their facilities in Croatia, but also those in Germany.

''Our statistics have started to rise, but in very small numbers. We're somewhere at 20 percent of last year's traffic, and in some facilities, we're reaching up to 40 percent. But overall, that’s 15 to 20 percent of last year’s traffic in June. As for July, we hope to reach 40 or 50 percent of last year’s turnover. We expect most of that to be realised in camps and mobile homes. As for our hotels in Germany, we've noticed that more and more guests are starting to come, mostly from the domestic German market, especially in Cologne and Nuremberg. Berlin is still at a standstill. I believe this is because our hotels in Berlin have received mostly foreign guests who are now missing,'' Slonim pointed out.

Times are tough not only because of all of the travel restrictions, but also because it's very difficult to sign new contracts, but the company isn't going to give up on its new investment opportunities.

We hope to be able to accomplish everything we set out to do in the next few months. In the long run, we're still looking for investment opportunities, both on the Croatian coast and in the cities. We're also looking for new opportunities over in Germany. We're now living day by day and we'll just have to see where we'll be in a few months. We're evaluate everything and are being very careful with our plans,'' concluded Slonim.

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Friday, 5 June 2020

Riviera Hotel in Pula to Become First Art'otel in Croatia

June 5, 2020 - After a long-standing lawsuit was resolved this year, Arena Hospitality Group (AHG) has bought the Riviera Hotel in Pula from the Ministry of State Property.

“Following previous announcements, under the civil proceedings initiated by the Republic of Croatia against the Company for repossession of the facility and payment of the user fee, the Company received a decision of the Government of the Republic of Croatia expressing consent to enter into a settlement. The Company considered the proposed settlement and, on April 28, 2020, concluded a settlement with the Republic of Croatia," AHG said via the Zagreb Stock Exchange.

HRTurizam reports that the whole deal is worth 36.5 million kuna, and now that the ownership has been resolved, AHG plans to return this historic hotel to the old splendor and status it deserves. "The purchase resolves the ownership status of this historic hotel and represents an important step that enables the Company to start with plans to renovate the hotel," points out AHG.

The hotel will be transformed into a luxury, branded hotel with 80 rooms, the first in Croatia under the art’otel brand. Namely, these are art hotels and currently, five hotels from the Arena Hospitality Group operate under the art’otel brand in Hungary and Germany.

Each hotel exhibits a collection of original works designed or specially selected for each individual art’otel, making each of them a unique art gallery.

Riviera Hotel Pula enjoys an extremely convenient location, in an impressive neo-baroque building from the end of the 19th century. Namely, the Riviera Hotel was a favorite choice of the aristocracy during the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. It is the rich history of the Riviera Hotel that will be a great inspiration and link to the arts. However, as each art’otel is also associated with the promotion of art through art galleries and various events, indeed the new Riviera Hotel will have a much broader dimension for Pula as quality cultural content of the destination.

That is why art’otel has created its own niche in the world of hospitality, which is completely different from traditional hotels.

AHG is currently in an investment cycle of around HRK 500 million, which includes the repositioning of the Brioni hotel, which will be reopened in the summer of 2021, the renovation of the Verudela Beach resort and the final investment cycle in Arena Kažela Campsite.

Hotel Brioni will be repositioned into a luxury hotel with 227 rooms. The structure of the hotel will have seven floors which will include an indoor, outdoor and infinity pool, wellness center with saunas and relaxation rooms, gym, children's playground, snack bars, restaurant, meeting and conference rooms.

The company is also arranging the Verudela Beach resort. After the initial renovation of the first 10 accommodation units before the summer season of 2019, construction work began in October, which will completely renovate the remaining 146 units of the tourist resort. Verudela Beach will be the second renovated apartment complex of the Group (with Park Plaza Verudela Pula renovated in 2013), out of a total of four tourist resorts of the Group.

The Company will reposition the Yachtclub restaurant located on the Verudela peninsula, as well as the common areas and rooms in the Park Plaza Histria Pula hotel.

The group continues with the second phase of investing in Arena Kažela Campsite, which began in October. The first phase of the investment included 164 new luxury mobile homes, two new swimming pools, a reception desk, new modern poolside bars, the Illy coffee bar and animation facilities. The second phase of investments refers to the replacement of mobile homes, repositioning of plots by the sea (which will include the complete construction of infrastructure, and their average size will be 150 m2), renovation of public areas, restaurants, bars and sports center.

The investment will turn this camp into a modern 4-star camping resort, and upon completion, it will be renamed the Grand Kažela Arena.

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Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Arena Hospitality Group and Kamgrad Buy Disinfection Devices for Pula Hospital

April 8, 2020 - Arena Hospitality Group and Kamgrad have teamed up to buy room sanitation devices for the Pula General Hospital. 

Following the recent donation of LCD TVs and meals, i.e., lunch packages for hospital staff at Pula General Hospital, the Arena Hospitality Group is giving additional assistance to the Pula General Hospital, and thus to the local community and population.

Namely, HRTurizam reports that in cooperation with the hospital and their expressed need, together with its long-time partner Kamgrad d.o.o., one of the leading domestic companies in the construction sector, has decided to finance the purchase of medical equipment, i.e., UVDI-360 room sanitation devices to combat COVID-19 infection as efficiently as possible. The total amount of HRK 362,500 will be financed in the ratio of 50%/50% between Kamgrad and Arena.

The UVDI-360 room sanitation device is the best-selling device of its type in the world, Europe and Croatia, and is a standalone wheeled starter equipped with 4 UV-C bulbs with the 360-degree operation and infrared motion sensors. The device comes with its own software with time management capabilities and a remote control capable of turning the device on for a distance of at least 15 m.

"I am happy that we can continue to help the hospital and the community in which we live," said Arena Hospitality Group CEO Mr. Reli Slonim, adding that he is proud and grateful for the efforts of AHG employees who have worked hard to help prepare food for staff, and cleaning and maintaining the hospital space. “I would also like to thank the Kamenski family who has committed themselves to support the purchase of the much-needed devices for the Pula hospital, and I am pleased that our cooperation over the years has reached a level where we can collectively be of help during difficult times. I want to believe that the device will not have to be used much in these circumstances, that these difficult times will soon be behind us and that we will return to our happy and healthy everyday lives."

“In these extraordinary and difficult moments, we especially appreciate the efforts healthcare professionals are making in treating their patients, so we are pleased that with this donation, we can help Pula General Hospital continue its excellent work. We also thank our long-term partner AHG for your support and cooperation, and we hope that together, even after these extraordinary circumstances cease, we will continue to cooperate and assist all those in need,” said Kamagrad director, Mr. Domagoj Kamenski.

And with this donation, AHG and Kamgrad reaffirm their social responsibility and commitment to the shared well-being of the local community in which these businesses operate and employ the locals.

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Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Arena Hospitality Group Reveals New Zagreb Hotel Location

As Marija Crnjak/Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 4th of February, 2020, the Arena Hospitality Group confirmed on Tuesday that their latest investment, which will be in a new Zagreb hotel, will be located in Amruseva street, confirming unofficial information which has been circulating since last week.

As is already known, the Arena Hospitality Group, owned by the Dutch PPHE Group, announced on Thursday that it is investing in a luxury hotel in the historic part of the City of Zagreb. Since then, it has been unofficially learned that the facility is being rented by the Jewish Community of Zagreb.

"We plan to open a modern, upscale five-star hotel in Amruseva street with approximately 120 rooms, meeting rooms, a wellness centre and a restaurant. The architectural project is under construction and the total investment will be known soon, as will as brand under which the hotel will operate,'' they stated from the Arena Hospitality Group when discussing their new Zagreb hotel investment, noting that they will soon be able to reveal more and offer a clearer picture.

In addition to their impressive Croatian portfolio in Pula, which will be joined by the new Zagreb hotel in about two years' time, PPHE Hotel Group has hotels across Europe in some of the continent's most popular cities, including Berlin, Budapest, London, Utrecht and Amsterdam, operating under the desirable Park Plaza and Art'otel brand. They recently announced the opening of another new hotel in Europe, more precisely in London and one much further afield, across the Atlantic in New York.

Last spring, they opened the Holmes Hotel in the City of London, followed by the opening of the Park Plaza Vondelpark Hotel in Amsterdam in the autumn, in which they invested a massive 10 million euros, six million euros was invested in the renovation of the Park Plaza Hotel in Utrecht.

In addition to the new Zagreb hotel, the opening of Art'otel London Hoxton in the United Kingdom will be announced in 2023, which it will manage itself, and a project is underway in New York.

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Thursday, 30 January 2020

Central Zagreb to Become Richer for Brand New Luxury Hotel

For many years, the Croatian capital of Zagreb was all but overlooked when it came to tourism. Foreigners much preferred the glitz and glam of the glorious Dalmatian coast and its rugged beaches and crystal clear sea, with only a handful here and there visiting central Zagreb for a dose of continental Croatian charm. 

Over recent years, that has changed, with more and more foreign tourists discovering the varied beauty of continental Croatia. Far from the sea, but steeped in history and full of rolling hills, mountains and gorgeous architecture which looks entirely different from that dotted along the coastline.

With continental Croatian tourism firmly on the up and visits to not only central Zagreb but far beyond, trickling into Zagreb County, Lika and indeed further east into neglected Slavonia, the hotel industry has stepped up its game, with its eye on central Zagreb in particular.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 30th of January, 2020, the new hotel in central Zagreb will enhance the geographical spread of the Pula-based Arena Hospitality Group's already impressive portfolio, which is currently centrally positioned on the Istrian coast. The move will reduce seasonal exposure, a statement from the company claimed.

The Arena Hospitality Group announced on the Zagreb Stock Exchange this morning that they have signed a 45-year lease "for the purpose of developing and operating a modern branded hotel in Zagreb", which means that bustling central Zagreb will be richer for yet another gorgeous hotel in just a couple of years.

When finally complete, the new hotel will boast as many as 115 rooms and a restaurant, bar, a wellness centre and spa, a fully equipped gym, conference facilities and even parking. For those who know Zagreb well, they'll know that the parking part in itself is something to celebrate.

"This transaction is another important milestone for the Arena Hospitality Group in executing its strategy to strengthen its presence across Central and Eastern Europe. The new hotel in central Zagreb will enhance the geographical spread of the Group's portfolio, which is currently centrally positioned on the Istrian coast, and reduce seasonal exposure. This addition to the portfolio will also help strengthen the Group's profile in the high and lifestyle segments," the company stated.

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