Sunday, 7 August 2022

Canoeist Anamaria Govorčinović Takes World Silver and Bronze in Canada!

August 7, 2022 - Croatia's best canoeist Anamaria Govorčinović, who won the silver medal at the World Championships in Halifax, Canada, on Saturday, finished third in the 1000 meters race on Sunday, adding bronze to her medal collection from major competitions!

The current 2021 European runner-up distributed her strength brilliantly and tactically rowed the race in which Australian Alyssa Bull won the world champion title, completing the course in 4:27.65 minutes. Hungarian Eszter Rendessy won the silver 1.31 seconds behind the winner.

Anamaria Govorčinović stayed in fifth place until the halfway point, but when approaching 250 meters from the finish line, she moved into third place and managed to defend her spot until the finish. Govorčinović came in 5.96 seconds behind the new world champion. 

Govorčinović became the world runner-up in the 500-meter race on Saturday. 

Croatian canoeist Vanesa Tot returns from the World Championships in Halifax with sixth place in the 500-meter singles race and eighth in the 200-meter race. The Croatian Olympian from Slavonski Brod only had half an hour to rest between the two races on Sunday. She first started in the 200-meter race, and when she realized she could not compete for a better finish, she decided to save some strength for the 500-meter race. 20-year-old American Nevin Harrison was named the world champion in the 200-meter race for the second time in her career. She also won the Olympic gold last year in Tokyo. Tot was 3.37 seconds behind Harrison. In the dead race for silver, Spaniard Maria Corbera beat Lin Wenjun by one-hundredth of a second. Wenjun thus settled for the bronze medal. 

The new 500-meter world champion is Ukrainian Ljudmila Luzan, who finished behind Vanesa Tot in the 200-meter race. Canadian Sophia Jensen took silver, 87 hundredths of a second behind the winner, while Chilean Maria Maillard took bronze (+2.09) and finished fourth in the 200-meter final. In her second competition, Vanesa Tot was also in the fight for fourth place but ultimately crossed the finish line in sixth place, 7.51 seconds behind the winner.


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Saturday, 15 May 2021

Anamaria Govorčinović Becomes First Female Croatian Canoe-Sprinter to Qualify for Olympics!

May 15, 2021 - Anamaria Govorčinović has become the first female Croatian canoe-sprinter to qualify for the Olympic Games! 

At the canoe-sprint European Olympic qualifications on the calm waters of Szeged, Hungary, Croatian Anamaria Govorčinović achieved the Olympic norm by winning second place in the women's final of the 500-meter single kayak discipline (K-1). The Zagreb club Matija Ljubek member was second with a time of 1:56.70, while the fastest was Spaniard Isabel Contreras (1:56.15), reports HOO

"I still can't believe it. I'm overjoyed. No, I didn’t expect it because there were nine girls in the finals, and they were all quality in a row. I knew the Spaniard and the Portuguese sprinters were favorites, but the three of us somehow separated halfway through. In the end, the nuances, the seconds, decided. The Spaniard was first, me second. I am the first in Croatia to win a place at the Games in this discipline. I hope that Vanessa Tot, who has another chance in a week in Russia, will also succeed," said Anamaria for Vecernji List


"In Zagreb, I am a member of the club Matija Ljubek, and I have great conditions. Preparations, kayaking, and equipment are financed by the Croatian Olympic Committee and the Croatian Kayak Federation. I finished high school in Zagreb, and I am currently studying sports management at Aspira High School. I am in the same group with handball player Marko Mamić who plays in Leipzig," she pointed out.

Among other participating Croatian athletes in the continental qualifications, Vanesa Tot took 9th place in the finals, and kayaker Antun Novaković did not make it to the finals. Tot and Novaković have another chance to win a spot in Tokyo at the world qualifiers on May 20 and 21 in Barnaul, Russia.

As the first female Croatian canoe sprinter in history to secure an Olympic appearance, 24-year-old Govorčinović joins canoe slalom athlete Matija Marinić in Tokyo. 

There are currently 43 athletes on the Croatian Olympic Committee's list of candidates for the Tokyo Olympics! 

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