Thursday, 12 May 2022

Croatian Company AKD Provides Solution to Slovenian Finance Ministry

May the 12th, 2022 - The very successful Croatian company AKD is succeeding more internationally, having offered its solution to the neighbouring Slovenian Finance Ministry and been readily accepted for the job.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, for five years now, the Public Payments Administration of the Ministry of Finance has selected the Croatian company AKD and ED Solutions as the issuer of unique identification marks for unit and aggregate packaging of tobacco products as an integral part of the European Union's overall traceability system.

This is a continuation of successful cooperation because the system was first established back in May 2019, and neighbouring Slovenia then implemented the appropriate regulation (EU) 2018/574 on technical standards for the establishment and operation of traceability systems for tobacco products.

The greatest value of this system is in the information it makes available to bodies working to combat the operations of the black market, but the benefits are also reflected in the healthcare system - ensuring the easy verification of product origin, which allows for the swift removal of non-compliant products from the market.

It's worth noting that the Croatian company AKD was a leader in development processes in the European Union as a Croatian issuer, thanks to which the Republic of Croatia was the first member state to publish the official version of the system back in April 2019 and start registering business entities.

In addition, this Croatian company has established a traceability system for customs seals, alcoholic beverages, and will incorporate its knowledge and expertise and positive practices gained through successful projects to establish a traceability system for the production and distribution chain into new services in various sectors.

In the near future, the European Commission envisages the introduction of digital product passports, which will enable product labeling, identification and linking to various sources of information relevant to the circular economy and sustainability. According to CEO Jure Sertic, AKD is ready for new European Commission requirements regarding EU digital product passports which will enable end-users and customers to make better-informed decisions, increase transparency and assist national authorities in quality control and supervision.

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Thursday, 10 March 2022

EU Digital COVID Certificate Of Recovery Based On Rapid Antigen Tests Too

ZAGREB, 10 March 2022 - As of Thursday, Croatian authorities will be issuing digital EU COVID-19 certificates as proof of recovery based on a rapid antigen test, said the AKD company, a government-owned manufacturing company for the production of high-security printed products (ID cards, passports, etc.).

Testing must be performed by an authorized laboratory and the test must be from the EU list of reliable rapid antigen tests. A certificate can be requested and obtained on the 11th day from the first positive test, and its validity is 180 days from the day of testing.

For earlier test results it is possible to retroactively claim a certificate of recovery if the positive result of a rapid antigen test is no older than 1 October 2021.

AKD recalled that the European Commission on 22 February made a decision enabling member states to issue digital COVID certificates of recovery based on rapid antigen tests. Until now certificates proving recovery from COVID-19 were issued only on the basis of a PCR test.

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Thursday, 26 November 2020

Unique Product on Croatian Market: Cards Made From Eco Material

November the 26th, 2020 - When it comes to new products being launched on the Croatian market, environmentally friendly items usually aren't the very first thing on the list. Is all that about to alter with the introduction of AKD's eco-cards?

As Novac writes, investing in knowledge and advanced technological solutions, the Agency for Commercial Activity (AKD) didn't neglect its responsibility to show a level of care for the environment and energy efficiency. Meet eco-cards, a totally unique item on the Croatian market.

AKD continuously provides its loyal customers with the world's best IT solutions and services, as well as carefully selected materials for their products. Recently, cards from biodegradable and eco materials can be made in AKD's smartcard plants in Zagreb's Savska street.

These cards are, as previously stated, an entirely unique product here on the Croatian market, and they're an ideal choice for customers who care about the planet, the environment and sustainability being placed at the very heart of the business. The "Friend of Nature" card is a biodegradable cereal-based card that is printed and personalised with natural colours.

In addition to eco-friendly cards, accompanying eco cases are also available, which are also made of biodegradable, eco-friendly material. Through the implementation of new, innovative products, AKD continues to monitor market demands, opting for sustainable development, responsible and efficient energy management and environmental protection, as well as making sure to engage in more socially responsible business.

Energy management and environmental protection systems are built into all business processes of AKD as a body, and they are indispensable factors in their development strategy, acting as proof of a responsible attitude towards the community and the environment, they concluded from AKD when presenting this entirely new, Earth friendly card on the Croatian market.

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