Thursday, 23 June 2022

Probe Shows Mechanical Damage On CA Plane, Rules Out Shooting

ZAGREB, 23 June 2022- The damage which was spotted at a Croatia Airlines plane after landing at Sarajevo Airport on Wednesday evening, was not caused by shooting, as earlier speculated, but by mechanical damage.

The Bosnia and Herzegovina State Prosecutor's Office stated that based on the preliminary findings of an investigation there were no indications that the damage was caused by shooting from firearms.

There are no traces of gunpowder at the spot where the damage was noticed, and there is no other evidence showing that the damage could have been caused by a gunshot.

The damage has probably been caused by a mechanical impact, the Prosecutor's Office said.

After the Croatia Airlines plane landed in Sarajevo on Wednesday evening, damage was noticed on the fuselage. There was speculation that it could have been caused by a gunshot.

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