Wednesday, 23 March 2022

British Airways Zagreb Line Boosted, Air France Adds Second Daily Flight to Capital for Summer

March 23, 2022 - The latest on flights to Croatia as the British Airways Zagreb line is boosted for the summer, and Air France adds two daily flights to Zagreb in the peak summer season. 

With the start of the summer flight schedule, British Airways is increasing the number of rotations on the regular line between London and Zagreb, reports Croatian Aviation

British Airways has renewed its route to Zagreb with a relatively modest number of weekly operations. Still, with the start of the summer flight schedule, there will be a positive shift in increasing the number of weekly operations between London and Zagreb.

The number of weekly rotations will gradually increase, with five flights announced this week and 8 return flights available next week.

From April 4 to 10, British Airways will operate between the two airports 10 times a week, daily, with two daily flights available on Mondays, Fridays, and Sundays.

The number of operations will continue to increase. As of mid-April, 13 rotations per week are currently announced, the number corresponding to the British Airways winter flight schedule in 2019, before the pandemic. Two flights a day are planned, every day of the week except Saturday.

There are 49 British Airways return flights in April between the two cities. A320 aircraft with 180 seats have been announced for the flights, offering more than 17,500 seats in one month.

Furthermore, Croatian Aviation reports that French national airline Air France, a member of the SkyTeam alliance, has revised its summer flight schedule and offers two daily flights to Zagreb in the peak summer season. 

Although Air France announced a second daily flight between Paris and Zagreb before the pandemic, the plan did not materialize due to a sharp drop in demand and lockdown across Europe. Thus, instead of this airline, the second daily flight was introduced by partner KLM, and now the same is announced by Air France.

Namely, from the beginning of the summer flight schedule, Air France will continue to operate daily between Paris and Zagreb, and in the peak summer season, from July 9, the second daily flight was announced.

Namely, two daily flights are currently announced in July, except on Wednesdays when Air France will have one daily flight, while in August, two daily flights are available for booking every day of the week.

In addition, Croatia Airlines continues to operate between Paris and Zagreb, so a total of three daily flights will be available between these two airports during the peak summer season, or 21 flights a week!

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Friday, 9 April 2021

More Air France Flights to Dubrovnik this Summer, Second Daily Flight to Zagreb Dropped

April 9, 2021 - The latest flight news for Croatia as Air France flights to Dubrovnik increase this summer, while the Paris-Zagreb route will not see the addition of a second daily flight. 

Croatian Aviation reports that Air France has revised its summer flight schedule for this year, with changes on the routes to Croatian airports. The French national carrier maintains a year-round line between Paris and Zagreb, and in the summer, it also operates to Split and Dubrovnik.

No second daily flight to Zagreb

Back in January 2020, the company announced that it would introduce a second daily flight between Zagreb and Paris. Of course, this did not happen after the pandemic outbreak, but the company resumed traffic on this line in June last year.

Since March this year, Dutch KLM operates twice a day on the line between Amsterdam and Zagreb, and since KLM and Air France are in the same group, it was to be expected that Air France will withdraw its second daily flight, which has now happened.

Namely, until just a few days ago, Air France offered a second daily flight on the route to Zagreb Airport from June this year, but they are no longer available for booking. Instead of two, Air France will have one daily flight on the Paris - Zagreb - Paris (Charles de Gaulle Airport) route, while two daily flights will be operated by the aforementioned partner company KLM on the route to Amsterdam.

The Croatian national airline - Croatia Airlines - also operates on the routes from Amsterdam and Paris from Zagreb. There are currently no carriers other than those mentioned on these lines.

Return to Split and increase in traffic to Dubrovnik

On the last day of May, Air France will resume traffic on the Paris - Split - Paris route. The company will operate daily on this route only from July 1, although initially, daily flights were available from May 31. Air France will offer on average between 2 and 4 flights a week to Split Airport until July. 

From the same date (May 31), the company plans to renew the Paris - Dubrovnik - Paris line as well. It will initially operate with two flights a week, gradually increasing the number of weekly operations. From the beginning of July, daily flights have been announced on this route, while Air France will operate as many as 11 times a week between Paris and Dubrovnik Airport from the middle of the same month.

Of course, these flights will primarily depend on the epidemiological situation in both countries. Still, the positive news is that Air France will resume traffic to Split and Dubrovnik, with the intention of increasing the number of operations to Dubrovnik Airport.

Air France currently plans to use E190 aircraft and aircraft from the A320 family, with A318 aircraft announced for Dubrovnik, a rarity in the European sky, considering that only 80 of them have been sold in total.

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