Wednesday, 14 December 2022

Hospitality Establishments Seeking Lower Pula Advent Cottage Rent

December the 14th, 2022 - Catering and hospitality establishments located in this beautiful Istrian city are seeking lower Pula advent cottage rent, as they deem the current price too high and too difficult to imagine making much of a profit from.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the ''tenants'' (if you can call them that) of Pula advent cottages never dreamed that the weather forecast would be so unfavourable for them at this time of year, and the duration of their Pula advent cottage leases, which stretches for just over one month, is very short indeed. Owing to not only the poor weather but ongoing inflation and people's pockets being shallower than ever, it's already showing that their rental payout and their work, especially with such an expensive lease, will not really pay off for them in the end.

Continued weather problems have very significantly reduced the income of catering and hospitality establishment owners who rented expensive Pula advent cottages, which is why they decided to turn to the City of Pula's administration itself and request a reduction in the rental price, according to local portal Glas Istre/The Voice of Istria.

Yesterday, as Glas Istra learned, the catering and hospitality establishments facing these issues with Pula advent cottage rent prepared a joint letter which they claim that they intend to send to the local authorities. Whether the City of Pula will actually see what they're saying, meet them halfway and lower the price of cottage leases that they paid in advance, will only be known later. No matter how valid their reasons, there's no saying that they'll get a positive outcome when they receive a response from the city administration.

To briefly go into how who gets what is decided for the festive period, the Pula advent cottages were awarded to catering and hospitality establishments previously at a public tender, and the most expensive one among them costs a massive one hundred thousand kuna.

Danijel Britvic, one of the tenants who offers homemade local Istrian dishes on the edge of Giardino, has set aside a considerable 75,000 kuna, including VAT, for his Pula advent cottage, which likely isn't making him anywhere near as much of a return as he had expected and hoped.

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Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Ice Skating Rink in Centre of Pula Proves to be Festive Hit

It's amazing to think that after all of the fuss, excitement and preparations that come with the festive period, Christmas, Advent and Croatia's winter tourism - that it's all over in a matter of days. The popular city of Pula in beautiful Istria placed an ice skating rink in the centre of town, and it seems that it was a real hit with both locals and visitors alike.

As Glas Istre/Borka Petrovic writes on the 14th of January, 2020, now the events of Advent are behind us and the traffic in the heart of the City of Pula has returned to normal levels, local portal Glas Istre (the Voice of Istria) asked Pula's local authorities to evaluate the results of the decision to close the city center for two months - whether they thought it was a good idea and whether Pula's festive ice skating rink would be placed in the same location this year?

The portal also asked them to provide a look into the financial parametres of the whole story, that is, how much individual communal utilities lost and indeed how much they earned through this plan.

In the City of Pula, the ice skating rink's location is said to have been a hit, stating that it has become a traditional gathering place for many Pula residents who are more than happy to have another festive facility available to them during the winter months where they can have a good time in the city and enjoy healthy, sporting activities alongside sausages, mulled wine and fritule.

The location was also a huge hit as far as the figures are concerned, too. More than 16,000 visitors passed through the Pula ice skating rink, which is a massive fifty percent more than the year before when the rink was installed on Veruda.

The Pula skating rink's total revenue amounts to 520,000 kuna, while the cost of installing, renting equipment (wooden-metal stand, lighting, bins and containers, transportation and transport costs, manpower, electricity etc) amounted to 518,000 kuna.

''Although the rink was financially self-sustaining, the purpose of the rink was not economic, the rink was set up so that our fellow citizens could be offered additional facilities and a place for entertainment,'' the City of Pula notes.

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