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Advent in Zagreb 2022: A Video Snapshot

January 8, 2023 - Advent in Zagreb 2022 has come to an end. How was it for you? A video snapshot. 

And you thought Croatian tourism was all about the coast in the summer? Come visit the Croatian capital of Zagreb in December, as hundreds of thousands of others do, to experience one of the best Christmas markets in Europe (and voted the best three years in a row from 2016-18).

It is a remarkable story of a small event which was first branded as Advent in Zagreb in 2010, at a time of year when tourism in Croatia was almost non-existent. And yet, within just 6 years, it was voted the Best Christmas Market in Europe on the European Best Destinations website, a feat Advent in Zagreb repeated for two more years. You can read more about the event’s sensational success in From Zero to European Champion: a History of Advent in Zagreb.

The pandemic put global tourism on hold in 2020 and severely limited it in 2021, but while many destinations put their Advents on hold, Zagreb chose to continue the tradition through those difficult years, albeit in a reduced, online and hybrid format.

But in 2022, Advent was back to its pre-pandemic best in Zagreb, with the iconic skating rink on Tomislav Square perhaps the symbol of that. Take a video tour below and see why Croatia away from the beach and summer has plenty of other attractions.

Learn more from the official Advent in Zagreb website from the Zagreb Tourist Board.


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Wednesday, 21 December 2022

Zagreb Advent 2022 Bringing Foreign Visitors to Croatian Capital in Droves

December the 21st, 2022 - Zagreb Advent 2022, the first to be held normally since the pre-pandemic advent of 2019, is drawing foreign visitors from across Europe and indeed from further afield to the Croatian capital this festive season, and the more or less constant fog and rain isn't bothering them.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, aside from those of us who make up the capital's local population, Zagreb Advent 2022 is also turning out to be real lure for all sorts of guests from abroad. Although the weather conditions (rain and fog) haven't been exactly favourable for visitors, there's no shortage of tourists here in the city. It is the foreign guests who are driving spending and consumption most of all, because if they weren't there, Zagreb Advent 2022 would already be in the red, at least according to a report from HRT.

The always popular ice skating rink on King Tomislav Square is a little bit different this year than it was back during previous years. Due to the ogoing rain, the number of visitors is - at least for now - significantly less than in the years before the global coronavirus pandemic shook the world.

"So far, the weather has been really awful. The first two weeks we had constant rain and maybe only two dry days. Despite this, there are really a lot of tourists in Zagreb, we can feel that at the Ice Park as well. So, regardless of the weather, the results are relatively alright,'' stated the organiser of the city's "Ice Park" Slavica Olujic Klapcic.

One hundred metres away, on Strossmayer's Square, lies the center of Zagreb Advent 2022's gastronomic offer. Most of the visitors there are foreigners.

"We can say that everything except the weather conditions, which aren't very favourable to us, is actually great. There are people coming, people come even in the rain, especially on weekends," stated restaurateur Ivan Badzek. It also seems that for our guests from abroad - given the fact that they're already here - the rain does not bother them. "This is our first time at Zagreb Advent. It's very beautiful and the food is very good,'' said Evelyne from Austria.

"We tasted some mulled wine and it was excellent. It's really very nice. We also tried some food, but we have more exploring to do,'' said Malou from the Netherlands.

Data from the Croatian National Tourist Board (CNTB/HTZ) shows that in the first two weeks of Zagreb Advent 2022, the number of arrivals is 50 percent higher, and the number of overnight stays is 34 percent higher than last year. To evaluate the touristic effects of Zagreb Advent 2022, HRT also turned to one hotel, located in the very heart of the city, near the popular Funicular.

"This year, the occupancy levels exceeded all our expectations, during the week we've been 80 percent full, and over the weekend we're 100 percent full. Advent greatly affects our occupancy rate," said hotel manager Nikolina Kuhar. In addition to locals, foreign guests mostly come from nearby countries, but also from Western European countries such as Germany and Great Britain, as well as from across the pond in the USA. Hotel capacities here in Zagreb are very well filled until the end of this year, so, unlike many restaurateurs, hotels and hostels have reason to be satisfied.

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Sunday, 11 December 2022

Advent in Zagreb 2022: Global Promotion, Global Media Hit

December 11, 2022 - December in Zagreb is busy like never before, as are the international column inches writing about this year's Advent in Zagreb 2022. 

Of all the Croatian tourism events that I have followed over the last decade writing for TCN and Google News, none has impressed me as much as the story of Advent in Zagreb. From extremely humble beginnings on Ban Jelacic Square with just a few stalls, it was rebranded as Advent in Zagreb in 2010. Just six years later, in 2016, Advent in Zagreb was named the Best Christmas Market in Europe, a title it went on to defend in 2017 and 2018. You can read the story of the rise of Advent in this feature story on TCN - From Zero to European Champion: a History of Advent in Zagreb.

As Croatia talks about 12-month tourism, here was an example of how to take an event from nothing and make it one of the major events of the year, with almost every town in Croatia following suit with their own Advent offerings. I remember when I first came to live in Croatia back in 2002 in Jelsa on Hvar. The Christmas tree would go up on the main square on December 15, and that was that. Now there is a programme of events and gathering places throughout December in most bigger communities all over the country.  


Five years ago, Zagreb Tourist Board won a FIJET award at the Croatian Association of Journalists for their promotion of Advent in Zagreb, and they gave an excellent presentation of the work behind the scenes promoting this new international event ,which I covered in detail in Advent in Zagreb: The Campaign Behind Europe's Best Christmas Market. The numbers quoted presented back then of the growth in tourism were certainly impressive, even more so when you look at the bigger picture from 2010 - 2019, below.  

  • In December 2010, the number of arrivals and overnight stays increased to 34,824 arrivals and 59,023 overnights, a 6 percent growth in arrivals and 5 percent growth in overnight stays compared to December 2009;
  • In December 2019, 134,078 people visited Zagreb, staying 251,645 nights. Compared to December 2018, the statistics indicate a 9 percent growth in arrivals and a 9 percent growth in overnight stays.

What impressed me at that presentation back in 2017 was how visible Advent in Zagreb was on international markets, with its campaign both online and offline - the trams of Milan, below. 


Then came the pandemic, and the world closed down for much of 2020, with big events still not back in 2021. But Advent in Zagreb continued to maintain a presence, albeit it largely in hybrid form for two years, until this year. 

And, reading the international media, one could be forgiven for thinking that the pandemic had never happened, as Zagreb continued exactly where it left off in 2019 - with a raft of international promotion and media column inches. 


Welcoming images of a lively Zagreb in December appeared once more in some of the major publications around the world.  The Guardian, for example, chose a welcoming image of Zrinjevac as its headline image of Santa shops here: 10 of Europe’s coolest Christmas markets. That recognition of Zagreb's prominence on the Advent stage in Europe has so far been echoed in additional articles in CNN, The Mirror, The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Independent, and Conde Nast Traveller.

Martina Bienenfeld, CEO of the Zagreb Tourist Board, gave a little more detail on the international efforts and success of the promotion of Advent in Zagreb in a recent statement last month:

"Just as in the article itself it is written - Zagreb's Advent has recently strengthened itself among the best in Europe, so we are especially happy with announcements like this because additionally position our city on the European map of Christmas markets. Also, I would point out that and the news about Advent Zagreb, in its monthly newsletter, was also reported by UNWTO, which includes 160 member states and more than 500 associated members representing the private sector, educational institutions, tourism associations and local tourist authorities. And we can see by checking the platform itself that the capacity occupancy in Zagreb for the first weekend of Advent is already more than 82., Therefore, I expect that Advent in Zagreb, after two pandemic years, will again show that it is one of the most important events for Zagreb and Croatian tourism.

"Let me remind you, in the Tourist Board of the City of Zagreb, we started with international offline and online promotion via Google, social networks, native articles as well as of mobile advertising in Europe, the USA and Canada, in a total of 21 markets. This year, we are especially promoting Advent on the well-known tourist portal Expedia on the US market, as well as on the Smithsonian portal as part of the multi-month destination campaigns. We also achieved our traditional promotional cooperation with Croatia Airlines, Turkish Airlines and Croatian Railways with whom we secured special prices tickets for visiting Zagreb Advent."

The atmosphere around Zagreb at the moment is fantastic, with Advent and Croatia's incedible World Cup run proving to be a winning combination. You can learn more about Advent in Zagreb 2022 and its programme on the official website

Sunday, 27 November 2022

Pandemic Who? Advent in Zagreb Returns to 2019 Glory

November 27, 2022 - And so we go back in time to a pre-pandemic world, as the award-winning Advent in Zagreb returns to its former glory with last night's opening.

It is a very cosy feeling walking out of your apartment on a crisp November evening to find Christmas lights all the way down the street - a reminder somehow of a world we used to know just a few years ago. 

Walk through the imperious Tunnel Gric, whose 500m under the old town of Zagreb is steeped in history, only to find it transformed. 

Emerging from the tunnel was like entering a time warp - we had gone back in time at least three years, a world where was no pandemic, and where Advent in Zagreb was internationally accepted as one of the best Christmas markets in the world. As if to confirm this time warp, The Guardian used a photo of Zagreb for its lead picture in this week's Santa shops here: 10 of Europe’s coolest Christmas markets

It felt like we were walking into the peak season of Split or Dubrovnik. Zagreb was packed! So nice to see so many people on the streets having fun and in obvious anticipation of seeing an Advent in Zagreb as it once was. Remember that the Croatian capital was voted Best Christmas Market in Europe three years in a row from 2014-2016.

And, as the opening ceremony began, so the city came even more to life... and light.

4:30 pm Manduševac Fountain, Lighting of the first advent candle.

5:30 pm Gradec Plateau, opening ceremony.

6:30 pm Ice Park, ceremonial opening.

7:30 pm Zrinjevac, Lighting of the Christmas lights.

Advent in Zagreb has steadily grown from humble beginnings since its first branding as Advent in Zagreb in 2010 to European champion just four years later (you can learn more about the story so far in this TCN feature story, From Zero to European Champion: a History of Advent in Zagreb), until the pandemic stopped the event in its prime in 2020. Last night showed that things had returned to normal, and the huge presence on the streets showed that locals and tourists were ready to enjoy the next few weeks on the streets, parks and squares of the capital. The opening of the iconic ice rink on King Tomislav Square was perhaps the biggest symbol of a return to normality. 

And far from trying to merely emulate the Advent of old, this year's event has a very ambitious programme, and is taking Advent in Zagreb into new parts of the city for the first time. For a full guide to this year's Advent in Zagreb, including maps where things are taking place, check out the comprehensive TCN guide to the next few weeks - Advent in Zagreb 2022, Winter Fun is Back: Your Full Guide

You can also check out the official website for more details.

If you have never been to Advent in Zagreb, or if you came in the last two pandemic-restricted years and left disappointed, this is the year to try again. The atmosphere in town is magical. 


What is it like to live in Croatia? An expat for 20 years, you can follow my series, 20 Ways Croatia Changed Me in 20 Years, starting at the beginning - Business and Dalmatia.

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Sunday, 6 November 2022

Advent in Zagreb 2022, Winter Fun is Back: Your Full Guide

November 6, 2022 - Festive fun is back in the Croatian capital, as the plans for Advent in Zagreb 2022 are unveiled. A return to normality and arguably the best programme yet from the 3-times best Christmas market in Europe.  

It is almost 50 years since I last got really excited about Christmas and the Advent festive period, but I felt a little tingle of nostalgia, excitement - something - as I attended the Advent in Zagreb 2022 press conference at Hotel Sheraton on Friday. 

The pandemic and other doses of bad news have done much to dampen the mood and restrict activities over the last two years, and I found myself warming to the promise of a return to the magic of winter socialising on the streets, parks, squares and courtyards of Zagreb with the forthcoming season. A sudden yearning for festive cheer began with the promotional video for this year's event.

Zagreb may have a bigger budget than other tourist boards, but there is no denying that they are superb at press conferences, everything flawlessly orchestrated, with a little touch of style. Mayor Tomasevic and Zagreb Tourist Board CEO Martina Bienenfeld were the key speakers, flanked by two important transport partners for this year's Advent - Croatia Airlines and Turkish Airlines.  


After the press conference, participants were invited to an adjacent room at the Sheraton for a glass of wine and some nibbles, and that is when the Christmas buzz began to start - a little preview in the video below before the guests arrived en masse.  

And so to the presentation itself. What would Advent in Zagreb 2022 look like? After three glory years of being voted the best Christmas Market in Europe (2014-2016), the Croatian capital became synonymous with festive cheer, and the event grew in stature and popularity until the fateful year of... 

... but even as most other cities cancelled or severely scaled back their Advent programmes, Zagreb tried (and succeeded) to keep the tradition alive, albeit it in a more virtual and hybrid form in 2020 and 2021. 

But the good news is that Advent in Zagreb is back, in full force, to the memories of 2019 and before. These have been tough times for all, and the prospect of a jolly festive city full of life is one that I, for one, will be very much looking forward to.  


So what can we expect this year? Firstly, the dates. Advent in Zagreb 2022 will officially open on the evening of November 26 and run until January 7. The iconic ice rink on Tomislav Square will return, and Advent will take place in more than 20 locations throughout the city, with more than 100 concerts, as well as a rich programme for kids, and a multitude of exhibitions. 


Both the Upper and Lower Towns will be a hive of festive activity, including three new locations this year - Dr. Franjo Tudjman Square, Park Gric, and Stara Vlaska. 

Meet some of the superstar locations:


The Ice Park on King Tomislav Square next to Advent in Zrinjevac will once more play a central - and very picturesque - role. 


While Strossmayer Square and Ban Jelacic Square are also sure to be popular. 


And Europe Square and the Gradec Plateau are your go-to places for foodies and Christmas scenery.  


Head to Strossmayer Promenade for the charming 'kucice', or little wooden huts, and no Advent would be complete without a little fooling around - Fuliranje 2022 will take place on the terrace of Hotel Esplanade. 


The official lighting of the candles on Mandusevac will take place at 17:00 on November 26, and the long-awaited opening of the ice rink will happen at 19:00, with the symbolic lighting of the lanterns on Zrinjevac at 20:00

And then let the fun begin! 


Magical locations in both the Upper and Lower Town.


Art and culture have always been strong pillars of Advent in Zagreb, and this year is no exception. 

Music all over the city, including Advent Classic Fest, Advent concerts of the Zagreb Chamber Orchestra, Advent concerts of Zagreb soloists, The Festival of Advent and Christmas Songs in Zagreb, Concert of "Ivan Filipovic" Chamber Choir, Evenings with Brahms, Advent under the Lantern, To Zagreb from Christmas Balconies, Advent postcards from Zagreb, and Advent at Katarinac Square.

For more on the musical component of this year's event, click here.


Cultural highlights are to be found at Advent in the Ethnographic Museum, Advent in Vidra, Advent in Mala Scena Theatre, the Museum of Chocolate, and Advent at Dagmar's in Krlezin Grad.

For more on this year's cultural offer, click here.


Some of the main attractions for kids can be found at the Advent in Mala scena theatre, Advent in Zagreb Zoo: Croatian Tales of Long Ago, the Museum of Chocolate, the Croatian School Museum, the Live Nativity Scene, and the Backo Mini Express - Train Museum. Some of the main attractions for kids can be found at the Advent in Mala scena theatre, Advent in Zagreb Zoo: Croatian Tales of Long Ago, the Museum of Chocolate, the Croatian School Museum, the Live Nativity Scene, and the Backo Mini Express - Train Museum. 

For more on what awaits the little ones, click here.


(Photo Zagreb Tourist Board/D. Miloslavic)

Other events include Advent of the University of Zagreb, Project Ilica Q'Art, and the annual Zagreb Advent Run. Other events include Advent of the University of Zagreb, Project Ilica Q'Art, and the annual Zagreb Advent Run.

For an overview of other events, click here


A key component of the success of Advent in Zagreb in recent years has been the participation of the private sector, including hotels. There is once more a strong show of support from some of Zagreb's leading hotels, who are actively taking part in this year's event. Learn more about this.


The promotional campaign looks impressive, with a focus on countries in the region, as well as other European countries accessible by air. Promo campaigns are being conducted in Austria, Belgium, BiH, Czechia, Denmark, France, Croatia, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Holland, Hungary, Norway, Germany, USA, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, and UK.

Accessibility is enhanced by Advent partnerships with Croatia Airlines, as well as a more global partnership with Turkish Airlines. In a nice gesture to the domestic market, train travel to and from Zagreb will be half-price within Croatia, and free from within Zagreb County. 


The stage is set. Advent in Zagreb 2022 is ready for you. Are you ready to once more feel the Christmas magic? 

Follow all the latest on the official website.

For more information about the Croatian capital, check out the Total Croatia Zagreb in a Page guide

Saturday, 5 November 2022

Zagreb Advent is Coming Back in All Its Glory! Plus Three New Locations

November 5, 2022 - Zagreb's mayor Tomašević believes the city is gearing up for the best Zagreb Advent.

As Poslovni writes, this year's Zagreb Advent will be held from November 26, 2022, to January 7, 2023. Along with Tomašević, the director of the Zagreb Tourist Board, Martina Bienenfeld, participated in the presentation of this year's Advent.

Three new locations

The Dr. Franjo Tuđman Square, Park Grič, and Stara Vlaška. These are the three new locations of Zagreb Advent, which won the title of the best Advent manifestation for several years and then took place in a more modest form during the two pandemic years.

The Museum of Icons will open in the Upper Town, and a glass ball blowing workshop will be in the Museum of the City of Zagreb. The live nativity scene will most likely be located in Opatovina Park. Cultural programs will be organised in Stara Vlaška on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, while an amusement park will spring up on Franjo Tuđman Square.

Other city museums will also show off exciting schedules. The ice rink is returning to the Kralj Tomislav Square, albeit on a smaller scale. This decision was explained by mayor Tomislav Tomašević: "We will occupy less of the green areas to reconcile both the profession and the wishes of our fellow citizens." "Advent begins on November 26 and will last, together with New Year's events, until January 7, 2023, which is 43 days. The opening is scheduled for Saturday, November 26, when the first Advent candle will be lit on Ban Jelačić Square at 5 p.m. At 6 p.m., the opening of Gornji Grad locations will follow, at 7 p.m., the Ice Park will open on the Kralja Tomislav Square, and at 7:50 p.m., the lights on Zrinjevac will be lit", he said.


Zagreb Advent Facebook

Concerts all over the city

Director of the Zagreb city Tourist Board, Martina Bienenfeld, announced that more than 100 concerts will be held in closed and open city spaces, squares and streets.

"There will be special exhibitions in museums and galleries, and we should highlight the cooperation with the HNK in Zagreb, the Croatian Chamber of Crafts, and the Zagreb Zoo, which are also preparing special programs. We are also working with Zagreb hotels and domestic and foreign transport companies and have started international promotion in 21 markets. "Zagreb Advent is one of the most important events for Zagreb and Croatian tourism, and I expect that, just like in previous years, it will contribute to the growth of tourist traffic in Zagreb," said Bienenfeld.

By the way, more than 100,000 visitors on average visit Zagreb in December, of which more than 50,000 are domestic guests.

A rich cultural and musical program at various locations in the city, detailed schedules of all programs, and current information are available on the official website of Advent in Zagreb.

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Saturday, 8 October 2022

Advent in Zagreb Spreading Further Outside of City Centre in 2022

October the 8th, 2022 - Advent in Zagreb this year is set to be spread out further than the heart of the city, with cottages boasting festive food and drink of all kinds returning to Zrinjevac and King Tomislav Square as has become the norm.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, although the City of Zagreb announced the tender for Advent in Zagreb 2022 this summer, it will have to be repeated for certain city locations. The reason for the repetition, according to the city administration, is the non-fulfillment of the conditions that Zagreb does insist on. This year, unlike last year, festive cottages will be returning to Zrinjevac, and Advent in Zagreb in general will be spreading further out to the city's neighbourhoods, according to a report from HRT.

After the City of Zagreb changed the tender conditions for Advent in Zagreb, the interest of restaurant owners and various craft owners seems to be less than expected. Out of 32 locations, 25 were leased through bidding, and now another new round of bidding will follow for the remaining seven.

"The offers that came in for those locations didn't really match. None of them corresponded to the formal conditions of the tender when we talk about occasional sales and catering in the so-called bidding model of auctions,'' explained Tomislav Tomasevic, Mayor of Zagreb. Craft owners are also outraged, as they claim that entry into the Advent in Zagreb tender for this year costs a minimum of 3,000 kuna. Even if that sum is paid, it isn't any sort of guarantee of success. In order to seriously compete, the price goes up to 20,000 kuna, a sum far too much for most craft owners.

"It's a tender in which we didn't have any right of precedence, but it was open to everyone and our colleagues had to offer quite high prices in order to get to their positions for which they've already been recognised for years," said Antun Trojnar, vice president of the Zagreb Chamber of Crafts.

Bidding for the eight locations on the main square under the clock is a real roulette for most artisans. Besides having to spend money on the actual bidding, they also need it for production. When all is said and done, such a move is actually unprofitable for the vast majority. Restaurateurs are also being very careful. A weaker interest may also lie in the fact that this year many facilities will celebrate Advent in Zagreb on their own terraces.

"It's certain that this autumn and winter bring a certain amount of fear for restaurateurs due to the overall economic situation and the energy crisis we're currently in, not to mention the potential lack of manpower," said Ivan Tadic, secretary of the Zagreb Restaurateurs Association. That said, they do welcome the fact that the festive cottages are returning to Zrinjevac and King Tomislav Square, and this, they say, is the direction in which the capital should continue to go.

"When Advent in Zagreb was organised, it accounted for almost one-fifth of the total turnover in the hospitality industry that year," Tadic pointed out.

For the first time this year, Advent in Zagreb is expanding outside of the boundaries of the city centre, but even there, the level of interest is half-hearted. Out of ten different locations, the tender is going to need to be repeated for five of them.

Last year, Advent in Zagreb was held in a different atmosphere which was still dominated by the general fears of the public health situation and lockdowns. Some liked it, some didn't. This year, the city administration has claimed, will certainly be different.

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Sunday, 19 December 2021

From Zero to European Champion: a History of Advent in Zagreb

December 18, 2021 - It may not be as lively as 2019, but things are warming up nicely in Zagreb. A good time to reflect on the incredible history of Advent in Zagreb since 2010. 

It has always been an event that has fascinated me. How to create something from nothing in Croatian tourism, away from the coast, and out of season? And not only, but to do it so well that the event was voted the best in Europe for three years in a row. 

And then came the pandemic.

But still the event survived, albeit is in a much more modest and virtual format, before getting a little bigger in 2021. After a slow start, the streets of the Croatian capital are buzzing once again, as a very different Advent in Zagreb 2021 runs its course. 


(2014 Ice Park - J. Duval)

Everyone seems to have their opinion on Advent in Zagreb this year, and I thought it was worth putting everything into context and taking a look back at the last decade since it became a thing. I contacted the Zagreb Tourist Board and asked them to send me some information and old photos so that I could do a piece on the history of Advent in Zagreb. 

Their response was more than impressive - they did not just send information and photos, they sent this amazing overview - much more detailed than anything I had been planning.  


(2014 Fuliranje - I. Nobilo)


Advent in Zagreb is a project that has been intensely developed over a number of years through a synergy of relevant city offices and the Zagreb Tourist Board. It was branded as “Advent in Zagreb” in 2010. A new concept of Advent in Zagreb that was introduced in 2014 has been cultivated and upgraded over the years.


(2014 Advent on Europe Square - M. Mehulic)

The promotion campaign started with a promotional video about Advent in Zagreb that was screened at fairs, convention industry summits and professional workshops, and distributed to all reporters and agents coming to Zagreb on organized professional tours. The video has also been mass distributed with bottles of drinking water and other promotional materials about the city of Zagreb to travellers stopping at the tollbooth in Lučko during peak season weekends in late July and early August, to invite the tourist to visit the Advent market and explore the tourist offer in Zagreb. The Zagreb Tourist Board designed a unique and inspiring visual for Advent in Zagreb, suggestive of the happy colours and aromas of winter holidays, that was used on City Light posts and billboards at busy locations in Croatia and nearby countries, including Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Austria and Hungary.


(2014 Live Nativity - M. Mehulic)

A special Internet site was launched at with all textual material available in five languages, Croatian, English, German, Spanish and Italian. Attractive souvenirs have been designed that included a box of traditional ginger biscuits, a mug, a glass, an apron, matches, Christmas tree ornaments in the shape of ginger biscuits, glass balls and blankets. The live entertainment stage on Ban Jelačić Square has been branded, as well as the Advent House, in order to create an unambiguously familiar brand of Advent in Zagreb. In 2011, the Zagreb Tourist Board organized a multi-media 3D mapping Advent screening outside the Mimara Museum. Every year between 2010 and 2015, the city of Zagreb gifted a Zagreb Christmas tree decorated in the traditional style typical for Zagreb to Vienna, Rome, Berlin, Budapest, Ljubljana and Sarajevo, inviting the residents of Zagreb’s friendship cities to visit Zagreb during the Advent season.


(2015 Artomat - S. Kastelan) 

The outstanding success of Advent in Zagreb has been the result of many years of work on the part of the Zagreb Tourist Board to upgrade the Zagreb tourist offer during winter months, of brand development and highly effective promotional effort in collaboration with important stakeholders such as the national Croatian Tourist Board, the tourist industry and the City of Zagreb. A multitude of interesting content and daily events have helped create a unique image of the Croatian capital city as a centre of culture and tourism during the holidays that continues to be upgraded and promoted as a prime tourist product. Advent in Zagreb, the events that bring life to the city streets and squares during the season of Advent and other content that have enhanced the city tourist offer during winter months, have contributed to a favourable evaluation of the city in the international tourist market and the branding of Zagreb as a must-visit tourist destination during Advent season.


(2015 Fuliranje - S. Kastelan)

Over the years, the content has expanded and new features introduced in addition to the original programming that continues as a standard in many new and attractive locations. New marketing activities have been developed accordingly. Since its inception in 2010, Advent events in Zrinjevac Park and Ban Jelačić Square and the Christmas market have been a mainstay feature of Advent in Zagreb. Starting in 2010, many other projects have been developed to become part of the Advent in Zagreb, including Artomat (since 2011), Fooling Around (since 2012), the Ice Park (since 2014) and Advent at the European Square (since 2014). Another location was added to the Fooling Around project in 2015 and the programme has been featured in two different locations since then (Tomićeva Street and Kurelčeva Street).


(2015 Strauss at the Octogon - S. Kastelan)

In 2016, the Zagreb Tourist Board collaborated with partners to introduce a number of new Advent features to Zagreb visitors and residents, especially the Upper Town segment that has included Courtyards – The Advent Edition, Advent on the Vranyczany Plateau, Advent at the Klovićevi Dvori Gallery and Advent on Stross. Also, in 2016, Advent happenings reached the New Zagreb area across the river with New Advent and Santa Klaus Icy Fairy Tale. Other novelties have included, to mention just a few, the Fashion Advent, Chez Rudolf, Advent in the Design District and Advent in the Tunnel.


(Christmas concerts from balconies in 2015 - S. Katelan)

Additional emphasis in 2017 was placed on improving the quality of existing Advent locations as well as on carefully planning new locations, all in order to enable the most pleasant stay of all visitors to Advent in Zagreb. ZTB and its partners have implemented new programs: Advent in the Croatian Railway Museum, Advent in Marićev prolaz, Caffe de Matoš, Fooling Around at a new location - Trg J.J. Strossmayer, and the special cooperation with the Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia was established, which joined Advent with the Advent program at Prekrižje.


(2016 Ice Park - A. Markezic)

Traditional programs have been realized in the Lower Town such as Advent on Zrinjevac, Ice Park on Tomislav Square, Advent on the European Square, Zagreb Christmas Fairy Tale, Live Christmas Nativity Scene, Advent on Ban Jelačić Square as well as in the Upper Town: Advent on Vranicanijeva poljana, Advent in Klovićevi dvori Gallery and Advent on Stross. The Grič Tunnel was included in the program, as well as cultural institutions such as the Museum of Arts and Crafts, the Ethnographic Museum, the Croatian National Theatre, the Art Pavilion and the Zagreb Zoo. The Advent program in Zagreb was accompanied by a large exhibition "Nikola Tesla - Mind from the future".


(2016 Advent in Kloveci Dvori - I. Zinic)

In 2018 Advent in Maksimir was presented as a new location with entertainment for the whole family and Advent Stara Tkalča, which showed traditional crafts and revived the spirit of the oldest Zagreb settlements Gradec and Kaptol. A novelty was the Film Advent, as part of which Christmas films for all ages were shown at the Europa cinema, and the Baković Sisters' Passage was conveniently decorated as a set from the shooting of a Christmas film. Special emphasis was placed on cultural events and programs, so during Advent, as many as eight different music festivals were held in Zagreb. This continued in 2019 when, in addition to the already known Advent locations, eleven music festivals were held: Advent postcards, Advent under the Lantern, Evenings with Brahms, Adventfest in the Cathedral, Advent Classic Fest, Advent and Christmas Song Festival in Zagreb, Concerts in the church of St. Katarina, Concert program of the Zagreb Soloists for Advent in Zagreb, Advent in the parish of St. Blaž, From Christmas Balconies in Zagreb and Christmas with Kids. In 2019, Film Advent on Tuškanac was presented as a new location, as part of which Christmas films for all ages were shown at the Tuškanac cinema, and Advent at the Croatian National Theatre with a new scenography and concept. The Oktogon passage was appropriately arranged, and other locations were decorated with Croatian traditional ornaments and Nutcrackers, in accordance with the theme of Advent in Zagreb in 2019.


(2016 Advent in Zrinjevac - A. Markezic) 

Since 2014, all visitors to Advent in Zagreb have been given the opportunity to visit Advent locations with the help of smartphones. Namely, ZTB, in cooperation with the Bruketa & Žinić OM and Brlog agencies, refreshed its popular mobile application Zagreb Be There with the new Advent Zagreb route. This was an application originally launched in the summer of 2014, which offered visitors to Zagreb various themed routes to tour the city, with occasional awards. In 2015, three more new Advent routes were introduced, which, in addition to the classic Advent locations, took users through Zagreb restaurants known for their winter specialties. In 2016, the Advent edition of the app was enriched with two Advent routes, a classic and a route that invited users to find the best Advent place for a Christmas selfie.


(2016 Advent in Klovicevi Dvori - L. Tonci)

The 2017 Advent edition of the app featured two Advent routes. A special feature in 2017 is the collaboration with the famous Croatian confectioner Petra Jelinić, who suggested the best confectioneries in Zagreb of her choice to users through the Sweetmas route. In addition to the traditional route with the key locations of Advent, in 2018 the Zagreb Be There application was refreshed with a new route called ADVENTurous Women of Zagreb. It enabled visitors to learn more about famous Zagreb women: Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić, Marija Jurić Zagorka, sisters Baković, first woman in pants, Slava Šenoa, Sidonia Erdődy Rubido, Cat Dujšin-Ribar and Ljerka Šram. In 2019, the application was enriched with a new Advent route called Uncrackable route, which led visitors to Zagreb in search of sculptures of the Nutcracker, which were located in all major Advent locations.


(2016 Advent in the Tunnel - M. Vrdoljak)

Along with the national airline Croatia Airlines, it is important to point out that the value of Advent in Zagreb was recognized by Turkish Airlines, which became the official carrier in 2015 during Advent in Zagreb. It provided up to 20 percent discount on tickets on its flights and the same discount was provided in 2016 and 2017. At the same time Turkish Airlines sent information about Advent to all its branches in the world via an internal newsletter and published video and info about Advent through its social networks. Encouraged by the successful cooperation with Turkish Airlines, the cooperation continued during Advent 2018 and 2019. The use of a strong communication network of Turkish Airlines has significantly raised the profile of Advent in Zagreb, as well as Zagreb as a tourist destination.


(2016 Pop-Up Winter Garden - M. Vrdoljak) 

The Advent in Zagreb project has been jointly financed by the Zagreb Tourist Board and event organizers. The Zagreb Tourist Board has borne all expenses for international promotion, more specifically by maintaining media promotion in nearby countries on the Internet (Google AdWords, banners, advertorials, Facebook), by renting advertising spaces (depending on the campaign, these may include billboards, citylights and/or advertising space in public transportation), and by introducing other individual activities to present the project at presentations, fairs and other promotional events.


(2016 Zagreb Christmas Fairytale - M. Vrdoljak)

The Zagreb Tourist Board has also maintained promotional media campaigns in Croatia and important international markets. Advent in Zagreb has been promoted in the printed media such as the Lufthansa Inflight magazine, KLM Inflight magazine, Hi Europe (Chinese market), Die Welt Reisemagazin; on local TV channels including Z1, Jabuka TV, Net, Mreža TV; on national TV channels including HRT (Dnevnik, Dobro jutro, Panorama etc.), NOVA TV (Dnevnik live news, reporter stories), RTL (Vijesti news and other shows); on international TV channels including MTV Adria (Advent Zagrebavanje) and other media such as Radio Sljeme, as well as websites in Italy, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and other countries, in addition to promotional activities on Zagreb Tourist Board websites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, in promotional videos and featured stories on YouTube, etc.


(2017 St. Mark's Church - J. Duval)

In addition to the costs of promotion, Zagreb Tourist Board has covered some of the expenses of organizing Advent events by supporting the organizers of major events. Other expenses for any individual event have been borne by the event organizer. The financial gain based on the increasing number of tourist arrivals and overnight stays, as well as visitor consumption, has been an important part of the overall economy of the city.


(2017 Advent in Zagreb - J. Duval) 

Advent in Zagreb (the event and films promoting the event) has won many awards. For three consecutive years, Zagreb was voted the Best Christmas Market in Europe, in 2016, 2017 and 2018. A full list of awards is available at


(2017 Advent in Zagreb - J. Duval)


Success has been reflected in the continuous growth of December arrivals and overnight stays:

  • In December 2010, the number of arrivals and overnight stays increased to 34,824 arrivals and 59,023 overnights, a 6 percent growth in arrivals and 5 percent growth in overnight stays compared to December 2009;


(2017 - J. Duval

  • In December 2011, the number of both arrivals and overnight stays increased to 37,377 arrivals and 69,582 overnights, representing a 7 percent growth in arrivals and 18 percent growth in overnight stays compared to December 2010;


(2017 - J. Duval)

  • In December 2012, 38,819 tourists visited the Croatian capital city and stayed 71,162 nights, a 4 percent growth in arrivals and 2 percent growth in overnight stays compared to December 2011;


(2017 - M. Gasparovic)

  • In December 2013, Zagreb had 46,284 visitors and 83,323 overnight stays. Compared to December 2012, the statistics indicate a growth of 17 percent with respect to arrivals and 17 percent growth in overnight stays;


(2017 - M. Gaparovic)

  • In December 2014, Zagreb had 56,142 visitors and 101,473 overnight stays. Compared to December 2013, the statistics show a significant growth of 21 percent in both arrivals and overnight stays;


(2017 Advent in Zrinjevac - J. Duval)

  • In December 2015, Zagreb had 70,750 visitors who stayed 126,968 nights. Compared to December 2014, the statistics indicate a large 26 percent growth in the number of arrivals and 24 percent growth in overnight stays;


(2018 - J. Duval)

  • In December 2016, 94,573 people visited Zagreb and stayed 169,095 nights. The numbers indicate a growth of as many as 34 percent more arrivals and 37 percent more overnight stays than during December 2015;


(2018 Advent in the Tunnel - J. Duval)


  • In December 2017, Zagreb had 111,290 visitors and 201,453 overnight stays. Compared to December 2016, the statistics show a growth of 17 more arrivals and 18 percent more overnight stays;


(2018 - Advent Churches - J. Duval)

  • In December 2018, Zagreb had 122,489 visitors who stayed 232,057 nights. Compared to December 2017, the statistics indicate a 10 percent growth in arrivals and 15 percent growth in overnight stays;


(2018 - Boska and Kreso)

  • In December 2019, 134,078 people visited Zagreb, staying 251,645 nights. Compared to December 2018, the statistics indicate a 9 percent growth in arrivals and a 9 percent growth in overnight stays.


(2018 Ice Park - D. Miloslavic)


Web site with event information at


(2019 - J. Duval)


In 2020, the overall conditions have maximally changed the possibilities and needs for holding projects, events and happenings. Due to the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the earthquakes and the significant decline in tourist arrivals and overnight stays, the fulfilment of the goals of encouraging the development of existing and creating new projects that increase the number of arrivals and overnight stays in the destination, became questionable.


(2019 Zrinjevac - J. Duval)

It was not possible to plan such a situation, so the Zagreb Tourist Board had to adjust the implementation of activities in accordance with the given circumstances, as well as the interests of visitors to Zagreb. The focus was on creative and ambient outdoor events that did not encourage large gatherings, as well as cultural and other events, which could be performed in controlled conditions. Zagreb continued to maintain its charm and openness to all visitors, but above all it was important that the local population felt comfortable and safe.


(2019 Advent in the Tunnel - J. Duval)

According to the above, Advent Zagreb was held in accordance with the recommendations and decisions of the competent authorities, in a slightly different atmosphere in a hybrid and virtual form. Occasional programs have been prepared to preserve the spirit of the best Christmas fair in Europe. Special emphasis was placed on cultural events with a number of different music festivals that we broadcasted through our online channels, and some Zagreb museums got involved with their own Advent programs.


(2019 Ice Park - J. Duval)

Every year, Advent is enriched with novelties, and in 2020 the Light of Advent (Svjetlost Adventa) project was launched, where cooperation was established with ten institutions in the Upper Town by decorating their windows in the holiday spirit. We wanted to bring positive emotions, create a sense of community and, ultimately, encourage our fellow citizens to get involved and contribute to Advent. ZTB designed the special campaign and during its duration, from December 6, 2020 to January 6, 2021, invited its fellow citizens, but also all those who love Zagreb, to get involved and become part of the Zagreb Christmas fairy tale.


(2019 - Boska and Kreso)

Thus, all those interested could send their Advent photos via the social network Facebook:, using the hashtags #SvjetlostAdventa and #AdventLights. More than 300 photos were received during the month of the interactive campaign. After its completion, a special #ZagrebLoop was created and a video containing Advent photos from all parts of Zagreb and Croatia.The reach of more than 230,000 people and 240,000 impressions are the results of a campaign through which Zagreb shared its Advent magic with all those who carry it in their hearts. #ZagrebLoop can be viewed on the official Advent website of the Tourist Board.


(2019 Artomat - Boska and Kreso)

We especially emphasize our cooperation with the Croatian startup company Equinox Vision, with which we realized the interactive AR project Virtual Christmas Windows. These are motifs of Zagreb's Advent windows that have been turned into three-dimensional animations, and which everyone could see with smartphones via the free Equinox XR application, take photos and share on social networks.


(2020 Light of Advent - S. Carek)

With the beginning of Advent, we set up animated windows at 20 locations in Zagreb and in Osijek, Pula, Rijeka and Split, and then we set them up in 12 more Croatian cities: Dubrovnik, Gospić, Karlovac, Knin, Koprivnica, Krapina, Rovinj, Šibenik, Slavonski Brod, Varaždin, Vukovar, Zadar. For all those who were unable to travel due to the overall situation, Advent Zagreb crossed the borders of Croatia, bringing at least part of the holiday atmosphere to Belgrade, Ljubljana, Maribor, Mostar, Munich, Novi Sad and Sarajevo.


(2020 - S. Kastelan)

The third novelty was the Zagreb Nativity Scene project, more precisely the online exhibition of photographs of church Christmas nativity scenes taken from 2007 to 2020. In addition to the above, the Tourist Board and its partners have arranged three locations in Lower Town and four in Upper Town.


(2020 - Boska and Kreso)

Zagreb Tourist Board CEO Marina Bienenfeld reflected on what has become one of Croatian tourism's great success stories. 

Advent Zagreb offers the best of what the city has in tourism, gastro industry and culture. Looking back, we can now proudly say that Zagreb stands firmly alongside other destinations with a diverse Advent offer and that it truly celebrates the richness of tourist, cultural, gastronomic and holiday facilities. Zagreb Advent is full of emotions, various contents and cultural events and it radiates real holiday warmth. Also, to be selected for the best Christmas market in Europe for three consecutive years, is no small matter. That’s just what Advent Zagreb has accomplished with a well-designed program, and an excellent implementation of the same. Every year, regardless of the conditions, we strive to enrich our Advent, raising it from year to year to a new level and, what’s most important – we have the support from Zagreb’s citizens. I would say that this is the key to the success of this most important event in Zagreb and throughout Croatia and I’m sure Advent Zagreb will continue to live for many, many more years to come.

Learn more about the Croatian capital in the Total Croatia Zagreb in a Page guide.

You can follow the latest from Zagreb in the dedicated TCN section


(2020 - S. Carek)

Saturday, 11 December 2021

Esplanade Hotel's First Street Food Menu a Delicious Hit at Fuliranje 2021

December 11, 2021 – Head chef Ana Grgić is delighting crowds - the Esplanade Hotel's first street food menu is a knockout success. The popular Fuliranje section of Zagreb Advent is the capital's culinary star in 2021. Find it at its new home on the impressive Esplanade terrace.

Sandro5.jpg© Sandro Sklepić

That familiar feel of Advent in Zagreb has returned. The strong scents of spiced, cooked wine and sausages on the grill. Music that makes you want to hang around and mingle. By day and by night, city residents and visitors alike are drawn to this terrace.

Fuliranje.jpg© Esplanade Hotel

After dark, the scene is spectacular, with seasonal lights adding to the atmosphere. But, most impressive of all is the backdrop of the Esplanade Hotel. It is their terrace that is hosting the popular Fuliranje section of Zagreb Advent in 2021. And it is the Esplanade's head chef, Ana Grgić, who has delivered one of this Christmas's best culinary highlights.

AnawithfoodbySandro.jpgChef Ana Grgić presents the Esplanade Hotel's first street food menu © Sandro Sklepić

”The idea was to make it totally different to what we already have inside the hotel on our menus,” says Ana when she sits down with Total Croatia News to introduce the Esplanade Hotel's first street food menu. “The food needs to be a little more simple, adapted to this kind of event. But, at the same time, we know that many people come to Fuliranje who are not necessarily so well acquainted with the Esplanade Hotel. So, the menu also needed to represent the hotel, its standards and offer an introduction.”

Crip2.jpgPart of the Esplanade Hotel's first street food menu © Marc Rowlands

”I know that the usual kind of street food is burgers, wraps and sausage sandwiches. But, I wanted to show that this kind of food can also be street food. So far, it's been incredibly popular. In particular, the croquettes and the beef cheeks.”

Esplanade Hotel's First Street Food Menu

crip3.jpgSlow-cooked beef cheeks, a big hit of the Esplanade Hotel's first street food menu © Marc Rowlands

”The beef cheeks are first marinated for 12 hours in red wine and vegetables. Afterwards, they are removed and seared on each side, then cooked slowly inside the replenished marinade for 5 hours. In the first 5 or 6 days since we opened, we already went through 150 kilos of beef cheeks. I bought everything they have at Dolac (Zagreb central market). Now, we have to look a bit further for what we need.”

Esplanade_Štrukli.jpgThe famous strukli of the Esplanade (this is the restaurant presentation - it's served more casually out on the terrace) © Esplanade Hotel

”We sold maybe 1000 strukli up until now. After just 3 days we'd sold 450 portions of our croquettes. There are 8 croquettes in each portion. So, that's quite a lot. Inside there is Dalmatian prosciutto and Pag island cheese. They take quite a long time to prepare at this standard. Maybe next time I should just do burgers!”

crip.jpgIf you only eat one thing at Fuliranje 2021, you simply must try the croquettes (left) from the Esplanade Hotel's first street food menu © Marc Rowlands

”We have a traditional Quiche Lorraine made with very good quality Croatian bacon (slanina). The bakalar (salt cod) is always very popular. It's a seasonal favourite here at Christmastime. On the Fuliranje terrace, we have a traditional white one and also a red one made with tomatoes. We serve it with our own focaccia, made with fresh herbs and Croatian olive oil. But, we have a special offer of bakalar in Le Bistro too – a bakalar pâté, a ravioli with bakalar, sun-dried tomatoes, broad bean and a little chilli and also a risotto.”

Chef Ana Grgić at the Esplanade Hotel Zagreb

Ana.jpgAna Grgić © Esplanade Hotel

2022 marks a milestone in the career of chef Ana Grgić. In spring, she will celebrate 10 years as Executive Chef at the Esplanade Hotel Zagreb. Today, Ana is well known to food fans all over Croatia, having appeared as a celebrated authority on Croatian TV's version of Masterchef. But, her remarkable story has rarely been written in English.

Ana was born in Brčko, which is today within Bosnia and Hercegovina. But, when war broke out, both Ana and her sister were quickly evacuated. After six months in Austria, they were returned to Croatia. The girls ended up staying with a relative in Velika Gorica, where Ana still lives today.

While waiting for their mother to join them in Croatia, Ana and her sister taught themselves how to cook. By the time Ana left school at 16, she had decided that cooking was what she wanted to do. However, with no experience, she struggled to find an opportunity. Eventually, she persuaded the head chef at the Esplanade Hotel to allow her to volunteer in their kitchens.

“I decided it was better to volunteer at a top hotel than to sit at home doing nothing,” says Ana. “After six months, they offered me a job.”

GOJ_1341.jpg© Esplanade Hotel

In the time she has been at the Esplanade Hotel, Ana Grgić has worked her way up every step of the ladder. She now holds the title of Executive Chef (Head Chef) for the entire culinary operations at the Esplanade. In detail, she personally designs menus for the hotel bar, hotel banquets for events like gala dinners and weddings, their considerable outside catering operation and for room service. Additionally, she designs the menus for each of the hotel's two restaurants.

IMG_6862fdsertgyhujk.jpg© Esplanade Hotel

Le Bistro offers traditional Croatian food and ingredients, with an emphasis on French cooking techniques and a distinctly seasonal menu. Zinfandel's restaurant is one of the best fine dining experiences in Croatia, with a menu that changes four times a year reflecting the different seasons.

During her career at the Esplanade, Ana has prepared meals for politicians such as US President Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Italian President Napolitano, Austrian President Fischer, celebrities like actor Tim Roth, sportsmen Pep Guardiola, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo and entertainers like Shakira, Sade, Sting, José Carreras, Bob Geldof and Robbie Williams.

Fuliranje at the Esplanade Hotel for Zagreb Advent 2021

Sandro2.jpg© Sandro Sklepić

For enthusiasts of Zagreb Advent, local media reviews of the 2021 manifestation have been painful to read. The event has received an absolute mauling in the press. With the epidemiological situation remaining difficult to predict, on paper it made sense to plan and offer a reduced Advent. But, in a city used to being celebrated as Europe's Best Christmas Market, what's been delivered has seemingly left many disappointed. While an impressive visual theatre can be found in Upper Town and Zrinjevac, critics claim few want to hang around. And they've bemoaned an absence of quality food options.

crip6.jpgFuliranje 2021, at night © Marc Rowlands

These criticisms have been answered in the last week with the opening of Fuliranje at the Esplanade. One of the best-established sections of Zagreb Advent, in previous years Fuliranje was on Strossmayer Square. It could always be counted on for a good atmosphere, decent music and delicious food. This latest incarnation at the Esplanade Hotel is no exception.

Sandro3.jpgFrom the hotel. The grandiose terrace that holds Fuliranje is traditionally known as the Oleander Terrace. It overlooks the park and fountain in Ante Starčević square, part of a U-shaped stretch of Zagreb city centre parks known as Lenuzzi’s Horseshoe © Sandro Sklepić

In addition to the Esplanade Hotel's first street food menu, you'll find many tempting choices waiting to tantalize your tastebuds. Among them, chef Mate Janković offers seasonal handheld favourites at Sausage Institut. Ivan Pažanin's Chef’s Burgers cover the other classic choice. Good Kut is a collaboration between two Zagreb institutions – Good Food and Kut and, like newcomer Beg’s Plant Based Butchery and Deli, they offer healthy options with vivid flavours. But there are many others too.

Fuliranje at the Esplanade Hotel is open every day from 11am to 11pm until 1st January 2022.

Sandro4.jpgFuliranje at the Esplanade Hotel © Sandro Sklepić

You can find out more about what's happening there day-by-day here. For more coverage of Zagreb Advent be sure to see Total Croatia News pages here.

Saturday, 27 November 2021

Advent in Zagreb Begins, Mayor Lights Candle of Hope

ZAGREB, 27 Nov, 2021 - Zagreb Mayor Tomislav Tomašević on Saturday lit the first Advent candle on the Advent wreath around Manduševac Fountain in the city's main square, symbolically marking the beginning of the Advent in Zagreb event, which lasts until 7 January.

Tomašević said he was glad to light the first candle, the candle of hope, claiming that people needed hope now, especially for the pandemic to end and for the city to be reconstructed after last year's earthquake.

Speaking to the press, he said it was difficult to organise this year's Advent in Zagreb due to the pandemic, but added that in cooperation with the Zagreb Tourist Board and other partners, "we came up with a rich programme with over 120 concerts at some 15 locations."

He said the eventual realisation would depend on the pandemic and that all concerts and programmes would be held in compliance with COVID rules. He added that COVID certificates would not be required for outdoor programmes.

"We are confident that despite these difficult circumstances, Advent will be good and that people will be satisfied, that they will socialise and finally feel some joy amidst all these hardships and problems," the mayor said.

Zagreb Tourist Board director Martina Bienenfeld said that this year "the pandemic dictates all Advent events as well as all others around the New Year," adding that if COVID rules were to be tightened, organisers would adapt their programmes.

She said there were many foreign tourists in the city already and that more had announced their arrival. She recalled that The New York Times recently ran a "beautiful" piece on Zagreb, saying it was great for promotion.

The motives of this year's Advent in Zagreb are traditional Croatian toys as well as music, culture and light.

There are a little under 70 booths at this year's event, as against 220 in 2019, selling food, drinks and souvenirs as well as 50 specially decorated terraces of hospitality establishments offering special food and drinks.

For more on lifestyle, follow TCN's dedicated page.

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