Thursday, 17 November 2022

Split Advent Starting on 23 November, Featuring 1st New Year's Ball

November 17, 2022 - The Split Advent will begin on the 23rd of November 23 on the frozen Prokurative. As for the New Year 2023, the residents of Split and their guests will welcome it with Vojko V and Severina.

As Index writes, according to the director of the city company Žnjan d.o.o., Ante Šunjić, together with the City of Split and its Tourist Board is organising this year's advent, entertainment and catering facilities will be set up in three places - in Prokurative, Mertojak, and Šperun. In a private organisation, an exciting programme is also expected in Stari Plac and Perivoj.

"In the city organisation, we will have approximately 750 square meters; at Prokurative we will enjoy a little more than 500 square meters of the ice surface. Similarly, at Mertojak, we will have about 250 square meters; at Prokurative, we will have nine catering houses and, of course, an entertainment programme from the 23rd of November," said Šunjić, adding that the Split New Year's concert will cost around HRK 600,000. Another half a million will be added for the ice rink.

At Mertojak, the Split Advent programme will start on the 26th of November, focusing on the youngest in the morning, while in the evening, a programme for adults will be organised.

First-ever New Year's Ball

For the first time, a New Year's ball and a performance by opera singers will be organised, said Alijana Vukšić from the Split Tourist Board, emphasising that the entire programme is aimed at fellow citizens to repay them for all their efforts during the tourist season.

"Eight shops and three sweet shops will be on the Riva. They will not serve drinks but desserts such as fritule, uštipci and pancakes. We do not have ice rinks in Đardino, but we will set up figurines for the children with ambient music and lighting. Important points for us are "Trg Gaje Bulata, as well as HNK Split and Hrvatski dom Split, where we prepared an entertainment programme in cooperation with our cultural institutions," said Vukšić.

The deputy mayor of Split, Bojan Ivošević, said that through the revival of the city in Advent, there would be increased consumption, and everyone will benefit - from citizens to entrepreneurs and the city itself.

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Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Run Rudolph, Run! Chops Grill Announces Photo Adventure Around Split

December 23, 2020 - Run Rudolph Run! Chops Grill has announced a prize game starting today, December 23, until December 31, 2020.

Because we should still enjoy the perks of Advent while we can!

Chops Grill is helping you enjoy the beauties of Split while taking photos next to the sights indicated on their Run Rudolph, Run map, just in time for the holidays. 

To participate in the prize game, post a photo on your Instagram in front of one of the sights with a drink or delicacy from the Chops TO GO offer and tag @ChopsGrill restaurant. Every day, Chops will reward one post with an Advent breakfast TO GO!

ChopsGrill has made sure that this year's Advent on Marmontova did not pass without their favorite Christmas delicacies at promotional prices.

Open every day from 7.00 to 22.00, eat your way through Split at Chops TO GO, with breakfast treats such as savory croissants stuffed with scrambled eggs, pancetta, or salmon, eggburgers, and cheese toast.



Later in the day, dig into homemade sausages and bakalar to get into the Christmas spirit.

Follow Chops on Instagram to explore the offer and more! 

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Sunday, 20 December 2020

Fourth Split Gastroadvent at Kadena Puts Vaccinations, Hvar, and Mediterranean Diet in Focus

December 20, 2020 - The fourth Split Gastroadvent was held at seaside restaurant Kadena, with the importance of vaccines, the Mediterranean diet, and the island of Hvar in focus. 

TV journalists were honored as the candle of love was lit on the fourth Gastroadvent Sunday, with representatives of tourist boards and Split-Dalmatia County.


Olja Martinic opened the fourth Gastroadvent Sunday to emphasize the importance of vaccines.


"A vaccine has no alternative and is most important in fighting viral infections. A quality lifestyle is of great importance. The human body needs macro and micronutrients daily, so it is crucial to take them in, ensuring daily activities and a good immune response to many challenges. A moderate Mediterranean diet ensures perfect synergy and optimal intake of nutrients that we store in our body. We have plenty of fruits, vegetables, and perfect traditional recipes at our disposal," said Martinic.

Fish products are a good source of zinc (Zn), micronutrients of great importance, which has a beneficial effect on the metabolism of macronutrients and carbohydrates, and protein synthesis. The role of Zn in the protection of cells from oxidative stress and the normal function of the immune system is significant. It is essential to consume enough fish, oysters, oysters, crabs, tuna, shellfish.

As 2020 marks the jubilee 10th anniversary of recognizing the Mediterranean diet, this year's theme pays great attention to the sea. The Mediterranean Sea boasts about 2.5 million km² and connects all countries of the original Mediterranean diet.

Following this theme, this year's Gastroadvent wreath is also dedicated to the sea and its preservation. The seafoam wreath symbolically and literally simulates the sea world and is created from discarded trash and plastic. The Mediterranean diet theme inspired prominent sculptor Nives Čičin Šain to send a message artistically: “Let's preserve our sea and the life in it that feeds many with its beauty."


The Kadena restaurant chef, the highly respected Braco Sanjin, prepared a stunning selection of plates from various types of seasonal small fish provided by the Gastro Ribarnica Brac fish market. 





Mario Jeličić Purko presented Hvar Hills winery, which is owned by his family. Hvar Hills manages a 30-hectare vineyard on the southern slopes of the island of Hvar, which is also one of the largest island vineyards in the Mediterranean. They presented four wines: Bogdanuša, an indigenous white variety of the island of Hvar, Pošip as the most important Dalmatian white variety, delicate Provencal Rosé Pius, which is a blend of several varieties, and Plavac mali Maior Rizerva from 2016, which recently won bronze at the Decanter competition in London.


The fish of the Adriatic Sea was presented by partner Gastro Ribarnica Brač, which makes fish more accessible through regular campaigns, and with its professionalism, guarantee safety, availability, and originality. The Amare brand, which focuses on "love from the sea," combines hand-cleaned meat of Adriatic shrimp, which is synonymous with quality and an indispensable food for restaurants and households, as well as marinated shrimp, marinated anchovies, and salted anchovies. Their novelty is the first burgers made of Adriatic shrimp and scampi, which have achieved notable success on the market. On the wings of this success, the idea for a burger made of Adriatic fish was created, more precisely, of four types of white fish and two types of bluefish. Along with domestic fish during the holiday season, at Centaurus d.o.o., you can get an excellent "Premium" cod (Bakalar).


Ecology and competence in gastronomy and tourism are the future projects of the Split School of Tourism and Hospitality. Under the leadership of director Ivo Bilić, the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Split has been appointed the Regional Center of Competence in Tourism in the summer of 2018.

The regional center of competence in the tourism and hospitality sector is the name of a long-term project of the Tourist Catering School Split and partners.

The idea of creating a Regional Competence Center (hereinafter: RCC) arose as a need to improve human resources in tourism, and this school has been in development for about 10 years. Seven years ago, a model of the center was presented at the Ministry of Tourism, originally an idea for developing quality schools in tourism. The initial model was for Split-Dalmatia County with about 15 schools (mostly in Croatia) that educate for at least one of the occupations in the tourism and hospitality sector (there are about 100 schools in Croatia). The main goal was (and remains) that students have better exit competencies upon completing education and uniform in all schools. The important role of the RCC is to connect with the local community, and it will be manifested through two goals:

1) Projects with kindergartens and primary schools in creating habits among young people and encouraging reflection on tourism, and on the other hand as promoting our professions,

2) Participation in local (regional) events, creating habits among the population about the benefits and importance of caring for the guest-tourist. 

This year's Gastroadvent also features Mediterranean Food -, a project funded by the European program Interreg Mediterranean, worth 3.7 million EUR, and implemented by the Public Institution RERA S.D. for the coordination and development of Split-Dalmatia County. The project involves 14 project partners from 9 countries in the Mediterranean, aiming to popularize the Mediterranean diet. The main goal of the project is to strengthen research in this area following the UNESCO Convention on Mediterranean Nutrition, to raise the quality of food and life in 9 project partner countries, as well as promote the Mediterranean diet, which is recognized as the gold standard of proper nutrition, as well as its far-reaching beneficial effects on health.



This time, the Hvar High School and Petar Hektorović Elementary School in Stari Grad presented their products: sea salt infused with Plavac Mali and citrus zest, and traditional honey and black pepper biscuits 'paprenjak'. 



All products presented at Gastroadvent were evaluated, and the winner will compete at an international competition in Seville, Spain, next year. Split-Dalmatia County prefect Blazenko Boban announced High school "Brac" in Supetar with their 'varenik' tomato sauce as the winner! 


Split Gastroadvent is held every Advent Sunday at a new location, honoring a different group of journalists. 

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Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Split Advent 2020 Under the Slogan 'Love Unites Us'

November 24, 2020 - In 2020, more than ever, the primordial connection between people is important, which is the guiding thought of Split Advent 2020, which will be held under the slogan 'Love unites us'.

From November 28 to January 6, Split will become a source of new hope, relying on the love that unites each person with their loved ones, even when, due to the pandemic, they are deprived of intimacy and the warm embrace of others. During the Advent period, Christmas and light installations, pine trees, and decorations will be set up in many locations throughout the city, and a varied outdoor music program has been prepared.

The concept of Split Advent 2020, 'Love unites us', is based on four Advent candles as symbols of Christmas time. In the first week of Advent, the prophet's candle is lit and brings hope and anticipation of the great celebration of Jesus' birth. With the second Bethlehem candle, we approach that day through the symbolism of peace and forgiveness. The third, shepherd's candle, brings joy and happiness, while the final angel's candle is the largest and symbolizes love. According to the themes of each candle, Split Advent will be imbued with messages of hope, peace, joy, and love, and this year's Advent logo has been appropriately enriched. On certain letters, there is a flame motif to connect it with the four candles, the Split Tourist Board announced.

Because of the epidemiological situation, visitors will be best able to express their love for their loved ones at Advent events by respecting prescribed safety measures such as mandatory protective masks or keeping a physical distance. Longtime organizers of Split Advent, the City of Split, the Split Tourist Board, and Spalatum D.M.C, place the health of citizens in the absolute first place, which is shown by committing the extremely popular holiday houses with food, drinks, and souvenirs from the entire Advent offer of the City.

Love will connect visitors to the four main locations of Split Advent 2020 on the Riva, Josip Juraj Strossmayer Park (Đardin), Marmontova, the Chapel of Holy Arnir and Gajo Bulat Square and at several other smaller, but equally attractive, locations and events:


The city waterfront will be a source of beautiful music and gorgeous light attractions. At the new, but also already traditional concerts every weekend from 11:00 am, the sounds of classical music, opera arias, and many other styles and performers will resound, which will evoke a sublime Christmas atmosphere. The youngest will be delighted by special programs to celebrate the feast of St. Nicholas and St. Lucia, as well as Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve at 10:30 am. There is also the Advent Split Gourmet Expo, an exhibition of restaurants that will awaken all the senses. Stop for a walk through this unforgettable location, see the illuminated fountain and palm trees, multimedia attractions on the sea's surface, listen to music bands and record that moment at one of the themed Christmas photo points.


Split's favorite Advent location, Josip Juraj Strossmayer Park, better known as Đardin, will create Christmas magic with its vibrant decorations. Don't miss the lighting of the first Advent candle, one of the symbols of this year's Advent, on November 28 at 6:00 pm. The lighting of the first candle also marks the grand opening of this year's Split Advent, which will be magnified by opera soloist Franka Pleština Stanić and pianist Zoran Velić. This music duo is part of the program of the 50th anniversary of the Music Youth of Split and the 24th International Choral Festival CRO PATRIA, an event that has been successfully complemented with Advent in Split for years. In the middle of the romantic space of Đardin, you will be able to enjoy the intimate atmosphere of the ice skating rink under Advent lights and Christmas decorations.


Leading up to Christmas, Marmontova Street turns into a photo exhibition titled 'Turn to Love' by the Split Photo Club as a way to recall the memories of people full of joy, love, and hugs. The sponsorship of OTP banka allows you to see the exhibits from the time when we wandered carelessly through the streets of the city and celebrated Christmas, and will convince you that one day, everyone will be together again.

Museum of Fine Arts & Chapel of Holy Arnir

The main attraction within this year's Art Gallery will be the Christmas nativity scene by artist Loren Živković Kuljiš. From mid-December, all passers-by will be able to visit the Chapel of Holy Arnir and enjoy this indispensable part of the Christmas holidays.

Gajo Bulat Square

The ramparts that complete the otherwise magical Gajo Bulat Square will shine with messages of hope, peace, joy, and love, as well as attractive light installations. Leave your Christmas messages in the 'Box of good wishes', under the auspices of the Croatian Lottery. The most sincere and beautiful messages will be rewarded via social networks. A special musical treat will be street musicians, the magic of the theater square.

This year, the Bethlehem Light, organized by the Split Scout Choir, will arrive at the Saint Domnious Cathedral, while holiday tastes will be emphasized by the well-known Gastroadvent event by Olja Martinić. Every Sunday, Split restaurants will show their culinary skills with the festive lighting of Advent candles and the flavors of Mediterranean fish. The programs Advent on Pjaca, Advent on Obrov, Advent on Marmontova, and Advent in the Park should not be missed.

For the first time, this year, as many as three culinary events are also included in the Advent program in Split. At the Split Gourmet Expo 2020, the 15th Pearl of the Sea & the 6th Grand Gourmet, organized by the Chefs of the Mediterranean and European Regions (ŠKMER), you can follow the bartender competition, the presentation of top gastronomy, and the restaurant exhibition. The Advent cultural program in Split will be held in cooperation with museums and theaters, while the Croatian National Theater, the City Puppet Theater, the City Youth Theater, and the Golden Gate Cinema will have a special Advent program, too.

Source: Dalmatinski Portal

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Monday, 9 December 2019

Your Guide to Unique Eats of Advent in Split

December 9, 2019 - A closer look at the unique eats in Split for this winter’s Advent festivities. 

The winter season is as much about the food as it is about celebrating the holidays or embracing the colder weather. It is a time when we can get creative with hearty dishes and hot drinks without worrying about having to show any skin… because our thick winter wear will hide any sight of our well-fed bellies. 

Thus, this winter in Split, a selection of local restaurants, bars, and holiday houses on the Riva and Dardin have crafted unique takes on classic winter cuisine to dress up the Dalmatian capital’s offer this offseason. 

Like Split pub Black Dog, who you can find out on the Riva this winter, offering chili dogs and Hawaiian dogs with pineapple jam and peppers to Irish goulash made with Guinness. 


Screenshot 2019-12-09 at 14.50.29.png



Right next door to Black Dog on the Riva is Toto's Burger Bar, who is also serving up a 'Veli Joze' sausage, a black hot dog, brownies and hot chocolate topped with marshmallows. 


Screenshot 2019-12-09 at 14.57.10.png



Toto's Facebook

At the Advent Fairytale at Paradiso Bar on Marmontova, you can find buffalo wings, veggie spring rolls, mini club sandwiches and a plethora of desserts - from oreo hot chocolate and American donuts to gingerbread cookies and cupcakes. 


Screenshot 2019-12-09 at 15.00.25.png

Screenshot 2019-12-09 at 15.00.36.png



D16 at Dardin is serving up cinnamon rolls, oreo donuts and raclette fries, to name a few. 




Don't miss out on the special Advent menus at famous Split restaurants Kinoteka and No Stress, where you can find exotic dishes like chicken tikka masala with naan or pork bao buns, or pig ribs and spicy sausages. 




Year-round favorites Zinfandel Food & Wine Bar and Brasserie on 7 also boast exciting new winter menus, with braised beef ribs, cod and duck! 

Perivoj also does not disappoint this winter, where you can find Croatian Christmas favorites all season long. 

You can find the full Advent in Split program for this winter here.

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Sunday, 1 December 2019

Gastroadvent Fills Split with Flavors of Rosemary and Goat Cheese

December 1, 2019 - Gastroadvent opened in Split on Sunday, December 1, at cult pizzeria Galija. The first Gastroadvent candle was lit by portal journalists to the sounds of opera music. 

Split Gastroadvent is a unique manifestation that is a fusion of nutrition, gastronomy and tourism. For the past ten years, the event has promoted the Mediterranean diet and leaves a mark through its work and messages about Mediterranean foods.


Along with valuable hosts and patrons, the highest trace over the past ten years has been left by journalists who bring light to the city of Split every Sunday of Advent.

And this year, the central ingredient of Gastroadvent is just as valuable to the city of Split.

Namely,  rosemary is an integral part of the Mediterranean diet. It is originally from Europe and has been used since ancient times when students decorated their heads with rosemary wreaths, thinking that it has a beneficial effect on memory. Rosemary leaves and the essential oil obtained by distilling leaves are officially medicinal according to European regulations. Rosemary leaf contains natural phenolic compounds and is therefore considered medicine and a spice. By its antioxidant properties, it is the most potent food. It grows on rocky soil, withstands salt and high temperatures, and its habitat is carbonate rocks.


Rosemary could not exist without its home, stone. The same stone that Diocletian's Palace is made of, which was protected 40 years ago by UNESCO. This year's Gastroadvent wreath is made of stone and was crafted by the students of the Stonemasonry School in Pucisca, Brac, which boasts 120 years of existence. 


Cult Pizzeria Galija is an exclusive partner of this year's Gastroadvent and for the opening occasion, presented a unique selection of dishes using rosemary.


Thus, Galija created crispy tapioca, crescent rolls with cod, baba ganoush, bruschetta mondo, mussels au gratin, rosemary risotto, Mediterranean dumplings, rib-eye steak, lemon and rosemary tart, baked pears with walnuts and rosemary, pizza dough with goat cheese and forest fruit, and pizzas. 





Kabola winery from Istria and Matejusko from Peljesac had their wine on offer. 



Gastroadvent is held every Sunday of Advent at a different location in Split. Total Split will be reporting all December long. 

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Saturday, 30 November 2019

Advent at Perivoj Spices Up Christmas in Split

November 30, 2019 - We’ve already made you well aware that Advent in Split opens on Saturday, and while the city has announced a packed program for everyone to enjoy, so has the prized Perivoj. 

After a busy Black Friday, which saw Split shoppers kick into gear, starting today, the citizens of the city get to imbibe in the festive Christmas atmosphere a bit earlier than usual. 

Apart from the events on the Riva and Dardin, you can find a winter wonderland at Perivoj restaurant, which will open their Advent program tonight with DJ Sola. The biggest hit of last year’s Advent, Perivoj this year will offer visitors six Christmas houses plus one bar run by the famous Sanctuary, which will, among other things, create winter concoctions.

Even if you missed out on Perivoj last year, you might remember the images of this winter wonderland posted on the pages of your social networks. However, this year, Perivoj promises to be even more attractive. 

New this year is the Imotski cottage, Koktel Bar cottage, and the cottage of the cult Modesty Cafe. Visitors will be able to order specialties of the Imotski area - from food and drink to Imotski wine, various brandies, homemade sausages and Imotski prosciutto to ensure the smells of Zagora permeate through the center of Split. The Velvet Christmas House, Jingle bell house, Toxic house, and Ho ho ho house also return to Perivoj this winter. 

The doors to Advent at Perivoj open tonight at 6 pm! 

You can find the full program for Advent at Perivoj below. 






Recall, Split Advent will open on the famous Riva waterfront at 11 am with the performances of the Split Majorettes and Corsa Adriatica. In the evening, the festive opening will be held at 5 pm in Đardin with the traditional lighting of the Advent candle, followed by a music program and a spectacle on ice, which will be led by members of the Zagreb Snowflake Skating Club. 

The vibrant program in Đardin continues with the performance of children's choirs and choirs of the international festival Cro Patria. A playful school program will spread cheer on Marmontova Street, and Gustafi will take the Riva stage at 8:30 pm to kick the festivities into gear.

Source: Dalmacija Danas

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Friday, 29 November 2019

Split Advent Opens this Weekend: Your Guide to Opening Day

November 29, 2019 - ’Tis the most wonderful time of the year - Split Advent is finally here!

On Saturday, November 30, 2019, Split Advent will open on the famous Riva waterfront at 11 am with the performances of the Split Majorettes and Corsa Adriatica. In the evening, the festive opening will be held at 5 pm in Đardin with the traditional lighting of the Advent candle, followed by a music program and a spectacle on ice, which will be led by members of the Zagreb Snowflake Skating Club. 

The vibrant program in Đardin continues with the performance of children's choirs and choirs of the international festival Cro Patria. A playful school program will spread cheer on Marmontova Street, and Gustafi will take the Riva stage at 8:30 pm to kick the festivities into gear. From 8 pm at Perivoj, you can enjoy music by DJ Sole.

You can find the full Advent program on the Split Tourist Board website, but we are bringing you some highlights of this weekend's program.

The Croatian National Theater Split is the center of cultural and humanitarian events this winter. Opera lovers will enjoy the performance of Rigoletto at 6 pm, while costumed guided tours of the Meštrović Gallery are organized for elementary school students, where the youngest will be able to explore the entire art space. Advent would not be complete without The Nutcracker, while the vintage images of Split’s most famous photographer Feđa Klarić will light up Gaje Bulata Square.

The concert of the Cro Patria Men's Choir, AMZ Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing ZG and Brodosplit twill be held on Saturday at 7 pm in the Great Hall of the Faculty of Medicine in Split, which will be complemented by the Canticum Novum competition evening. Caroling through city streets and squares is an indispensable part of the tradition of Split and Dalmatia, so KUD Jedinstvo will tour the city center to serenade the citizens with traditional tunes. Brass music will be heard from Đardin to the Riva, and all city streets and squares will dance in different musical rhythms and styles.

Đardin will have an Ice Park this Advent, transforming the famous Split meeting spot into a true winter wonderland. A vibrant program and food and drink offer will only complete the experience.

Although humanitarian events are organized in Split throughout the year, around the holidays, they’re a bit more special. Thus, a humanitarian concert by Tomislav Mrduljas will be held at HNK Split. All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to KBC Split to purchase vital function monitoring devices for the Intensive Care Units Clinics for Anesthesiology, Reanimatology and Intensive Care, co-organized and initiated by Assistant Professor Dr. Sc. Sanda Stojanovic Stipic.

Source: Dalmacija Danas

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Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Split Tourist Board Confirms: Ice Park at Dardin Ready for Opening

November 27, 2019 - The assembly of the ice raking rink at Dardin park in Split is nearing its end, the ice is slowly forming, and everything will be ready to go for Saturday's opening ceremony at 5 pm.

The 400,000 kuna ice skating rink in Dardin is an additional offer of this year’s Advent, which should lure many Split citizens to this part of the city. The rink will be open daily from 10 am to 9:30 pm. Skating for 45 minutes will cost 30 kuna including the skate rental, and the rink can fit up to 250 skaters at once, reports Splitski Dnevnik

“Every year, we create a novelty, and this year, as part of our winter program, it is an ice park. There is no better location than the fairytale of Darin. We have started the preparations, and apart from the ice rink, there will also be a vibrant food & drink offer and cultural program for both children and adults,” said Split Tourist Board Director Alijana Vukšić.

Groups can hit the ice every hour, as it takes 15 minutes to ready the rink for new skaters. Ante Jukić, manager of the ice park on behalf of the Rijeka-based ARCTIC, said the weather would not affect the quality of the ice much.


"The ice rink is 812 square meters, and the track was quite challenging. We respected the configuration of the terrain and the horticulture in agreement with the Tourist Board of Split, Parks and Plantations and Conservators and made one very demanding trail. We have experience because the company ARCTIC has been doing this business for 16 years, and this year we organized 55 skating rinks in Croatia as well as in BiH, Slovenia, Romania, and Portugal. We do nine ice skating rinks in Zagreb, and we brought the best experts to Split, because our wish is that this will be a great success and a reference for the future,” said Jukic, who is confident the ice won’t melt in Split, based on the example of a skating rink he set up on the island of Krk in August some 10 years ago. 

"It was 15 meters from the sea; people would bathe and then dry themselves, skate and watch others swim. This is pure technique and physics. The ice-making machines are good, and we have some reservations, since the weather is not very common this time of year. The only problem may be the rain, and not because of the ice, but because people will not be able to skate, because this is an open space. The rain melts the ice a little, but the machines are strong and regenerate and create new ice,” Jukic adds.


The trail is demanding - at the narrowest part, it is two and a half meters. Since the people of Split are not very adept at skating, holding onto the fence will be a smart option. At the same time, free skating schools will be organized for schools and kindergartens, which will be reflected on weekdays from 10 am to 1 pm. All interested can visit the Split Tourist Board website for more information.

"As far as the additional program is concerned, there will be only three houses in Dardin, instead of the announced 4, because although there was interest, a different schedule was made, so there was no more space," Ante Šunjić from DMC said. On the Riva, there will be a total of ten catering houses, three of which will be for sweets and two commercial spaces.

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Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Split Advent 2019/20: What Can We Expect this Winter?

November 5, 2019 - Split Advent this winter will be held from November 30, 2019, to January 2, 2020. 

Split Advent 2019/20 will boast nineeteen holiday houses in three locations - the Riva (11), Đardin (4), and the Split 3 neighborhood (4). On Monday, the competition for catering facilities began, reports Splitski Dnevnik.

Spalatum D.M.C. as an organizer of Split Advent 2019/20, invited all interested individuals and legal entities to submit, under general and special conditions, an offer for the display, presentation and sale of their products and services at the event from November 30, 2019 to January 2, 2020, on the Riva, Đardin, Prokurative (the plateau by FINA), and from December 6, 2019, to December 24, 2019, at Rudjer Boskovic RK Prima 3.

This year, there will be no Advent in front of the Gallery of Fine Arts due to the vibrant program and ice rink at Đardin. In addition, part of the program will be dispersed this year to the Split 3 neighborhood to provide Advent entertainment to residents outside the city center. As the stages and holiday houses will be located in a residential area, the program will last until 9 pm.


"There are no houses in front of the Gallery of Fine Arts, but we have decided to focus on the Riva, Đardin and Split 3 because of the great fluctuation of inhabitants in that part of the city. In this area, we went with a much lower price, and there will be a stage set for the music program. This is an intention to offer events outside each center and to expand zones, and to disperse some Advent events to other parts of the city, and if successful, plan to do so in other quarters in the coming years, where it is organizationally possible. Also, on the plateau in front of FINA, there will be children's content and a traditional train. The number of houses on the Riva remained the same, and the number of houses at Đardin increased,” said Ante Sunjic, director of Spalatum D.M.C., adding that the initial rental prices of houses on the Riva and Đardin remained the same as last year, and they expect the same interest. 

This year, the competition is open for exhibitions, sales and presentations, including the following: Christmas products, books and multimedia, souvenirs and gifts, original products, gastronomy, and presentations by tourist boards, counties, cities, municipalities and chambers of commerce.

Interested bidders are required to send their offer to Spalatum D.M.C. or the Split Tourist Board by November 13, 2019. Bids can be submitted from November 4 to 13, 2019. 

The accepted offers will be published on the websites of Spalatum D.M.C. and the Split Tourist Board on November 14, 2019.

Bids that do not meet the required conditions, which were not submitted in the required form and content or were not submitted within the prescribed deadline, will not be considered or included in the Advent program. 

The main selection criterion will be the highest rent or fee offered, followed by the authenticity of the products and services being offered, as well as the content related to the Christmas holiday, creativity in the interior decoration of the buildings, previous experience in exhibiting at fairs and many years of activities for which they are applying.

If a successful tenderer withdraws their offer, the Commission reserves the right to select the next best offer.

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