Wednesday, 30 March 2022

Movenpick Hotel Zagreb: Accor Hotel to be Constructed in Capital

March the 30th, 2022 - The brand new Movenpick Hotel Zagreb is set to become a favourite place for business travellers looking for a modern and well-equipped space in which to hold their business meetings, according to the Accor Group's development director for Southeastern Europe.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes, even before the announced opening of Accor's hotel under the Movenpick brand in Split in 2023, Accor will open its first hotel with the brand's signature right here in the City of Zagreb this June. The new hotel will be located in the business zone of Novi Zagreb, less than five minutes drive from the City Island project and the Museum of Contemporary Art, and is a continuation of the collaboration between Accor and MPPD.

“I'm pleased to announce the opening of the first top Movenpick Hotel Zagreb in a prestigious business location in this part of Europe. This will become the third hotel from the Accor group to open its doors in Croatia. Last year, the FERMAI hotel in Split joined our MGallery collection, followed by the Möoenpick hotels in Zagreb and Split. I'm more than convinced that the new Movenpick Hotel Zagreb will become a favourite place for business travellers who, with this perfect location, are looking for a modern, well-equipped space in which to hold their business meetings, as well as a unique place to relax, unwind and enjoy some fine food,'' said Dilek Sezer, the Accor Group Development Director for Southeastern Europe.

The up and coming Movenpick Hotel Zagreb will be located in a new building which was constructed back in 2019, next to the building which, among other things, housed the editorial offices of Vecernji list and Poslovni dnevnik. The hotel boasts 104 smart rooms and suites, and each room will be named after another city elsewhere in Europe and the world and will offer guests a personalised experience, as well as a stylised map of the city after which the room was named, which will be an integral part of the decor. The building is inspired by the life and work of the genius Nikola Tesla, and a special addition for business guests is a private room with direct access from the garage, in order to provide customers with complete discretion.

"After cooperating with Accor on the development of the Movenpick Split project, we believed that Movenpick would once again be an ideal brand for this location in Zagreb. Accor's global reach, as well as the attention it pays to sustainable development and ESG criteria, are decisive factors in our partnership. We believe that Accor is the leader in Europe in the category of premium hotel brands, especially in the business segment. As the world returns to business travel being normal once again, we're convinced that Accor is the right partner that will bring the Movenpick Hotel Zagreb to the top of the local hotel and catering and hospitality market,'' said Andrija Antic, the director of MPPD.

The position of General Manager of the Movenpick Hotel Zagreb will be taken over by Mincho Pachikov, who has been with Accor since back in 2012 and has more than 20 years of experience in management positions in the hospitality sector and in real estate investments.

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Friday, 17 September 2021

Alongside New Movenpick Split Hotel, More Projects in Works

September the 17th, 2021 - We recently reported on yet another hotel coming to the Dalmatian port city of Split, the Movenpick Split hotel, but that isn't the only thing the company responsible for that has up its sleeve for the Adriatic and the rest of the Mediterranean.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes, recent news that the first Movenpick Hotel in Croatia is opening in the second largest city of Split, which is one of the premium brands of the global hotel house Accor, presented a relatively new investor, the development company MPPD, which has great ambitions to develop projects throughout the entire Mediterranean.

Their company, Split Peninsula Properties ,will be in charge of the Movenpick Split hotel project, which is worth 25 million euros and which should be completed by 2023.

After the opening of the MGallery hotel a few weeks ago in the same city, this is Accor's second project in Split. As Andrija Antic, a partner in MPPD and the founder of Split Peninsula Properties explained, the works on the location have only just started.

Business partners

"After we've dealt with obtaining all of the permits and paperwork, we'll be ready to start the work that should get going in a month or two. This partnership with Accor fits perfectly into our vision and philosophy of creating comfortable, exclusive places for guests and the local community. We're proud to be able to bring such a top quality brand to Split and the whole of Dalmatia,'' Andrija Antic said.

On MPPD's website, among current and future projects, only this hotel in Split is mentioned so far, although the company presents itself as a developer in the Mediterranean. Antic's partners in the project are Janko Vrgoc, the former director of GPD Zagreb and the company Arena centar upravljanje (management), and Tomislav Mustapic.

“MPPD is a development company with a number of projects going on throughout the Mediterranean, Greece and Montenegro. These are commercial real estate projects (not residential ones), including logistics and mixed-use projects, but at this moment in time, we aren't ready to reveal any details.

Along with us, several partners from various sectors, from construction, finance and development, the project is accompanied by "High Net Worth" individual investors from outside the Republic of Croatia, who also participated in the Movenpick Split hotel project,'' explained Antic.

Located on Split's very popular Znjan neach, Mövenpick Split will have 156 rooms with stunning sea views, two restaurants and a spa, as well as an innovative workspace and conference facility. It will also have 110 underground and above-ground parking spaces with a large number of e-vehicle charging stations, a rooftop restaurant, a lounge and a terrace with an infinity pool.

The project is signed by local architect Alan Plestina from the Pulsar Architecture studio in collaboration with Accor's design and technical services team. Plestina is, among other things, the author of the projects of the Arena shopping centre complex and the Arena Zagreb sports hall.

Twelve active projects

The Movenpick brand itself is part of the more luxurious part of Accor's portfolio, which was founded back in 1973 and currently manages more than 90 hotels across 25 countries. In Northern Europe, Movenpick is currently implementing a total of twelve projects, and Eastern Europe is considered very attractive for further investment. Accor took over the brand back in 2018 from Arab investors for a price tag of 482 million euros.

"We're happy to be able to present another hotel in one of the most prestigious locations in Dalmatia and thus strengthen our portfolio in the segment of leisure facilities in the region. Movenpick is continuing to grow strongly in Eastern Europe thanks to the continuous expansion of the resort's offer and top facilities,'' said Dilek Sezer, the Accor Group's development director for Southeastern Europe, in a statement.

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