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'Take A Minute' Series: Sailing Croatia, Drone Footage, Island Šolta

July 15, 2021 - Welcome to our 'Take a Minute' series. A visual series where every week we post something to help you escape for a minute. These posts can be anything Croatia sailing related, including some one-minute drone shots, showcasing sailing and the beauty of the Adriatic Islands.

This week, we give you a glimpse of the island of Šolta. Šolta is only 9 nautical miles (17 kilometres) from Split, and is the 13th largest island in Croatia, measuring at just under 60 km2 and with a coastline of about 80 km. The island can be reached by car ferry from Split to Rogač (operated by Jadrolinija), or passenger-only catamaran from Split to Rogač (operated by Krilo).

Šolta is undoubtedly a must-see destination on your sailing adventure around the Adriatic Islands. An island both charming and beautiful, it is often forgotten or passed over when people speak about the islands of Dalmatia because it is less built-up and less populated than certain other islands. And yet it is exactly this reason as to why it is such a wonderful place to visit.

Šolta is perfect for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle. It's a mecca, if you will, with its untouched beaches and a small population of fewer than 2000 people. We believe the best way to see the island is by sailing. It's a great destination for lovers of nature, unspoilt beaches and of course, the crystal clear Adriatic sea.


Maslinica village is hidden in a cove on the westernmost part of the island is almost totally obscured behind the many small islands sprinkled in front of it. This small harbour is even more charming for its secluded location. The village of Maslinica is the only settlement and port on the west side of the island. And central to this quiet quaint village is the u-shaped promenade that snakes along the beach bars, past the small local restaurants dotting the waterfront, all the way to the beautiful Martinis Marchi castle and marina. Previously the aristocratic summer home of the Alberti family, this crown jewel of Maslinica has been completely restored to all her former glory and is now a sumptuous Martinis Marchi Heritage Hotel. Located alongside the castle is the Martinis Marchi marina which, according to their website, "offers a modern mooring capacity of 50 boats (measuring up to 40m in length) along with several berths for larger boats."  

The castle and marina, coupled with the heart of the city with orderly little stone houses and restaurants offering the very best of the island of Šolta produce, is as picturesque as it gets. 

Surrounded by endless blue, this beautiful oasis is gaining popularity and, after decades of disconnection and oblivion coming into focus as a serene place to spend a few days – or forever.

If you have questions on anything sailing in Croatia, feel free to ask below in the comments or check out Total Croatia, Sailing in Croatia: Your One-Stop-Shop for everything sailing.

If you’re looking to experience a Premium 7-day sailing holiday, all-inclusive tour around the Dalmatian Islands: 45 Degrees Sailing

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Digital Nomads Sailing Review – 6 Digital Nomads, One-Week Remote Working Holiday, Expectations v. Reality

July 14, 2021 - Digital Nomads Sailing Review – 6 Digital Nomads, One-week Remote Working Holiday, Expectations v. Reality


  • Digital Nomad Destinations

The pandemic has forever changed the Digital Nomad scene. And, as the concept of digital nomadism becomes increasingly popular, various destinations are enacting programs to attract this specific group of travellers.

Croatia is one of these destinations. Details about the new “Digital Nomad’s Residence Permit” (more commonly referred to as the “Digital Nomad Visa”, which it is not!) is found here.

  • Digital Nomads | Remote Workers

Over the past year, we have learned the ‘real’ difference between the digital nomad and remote worker: digital nomads travel and change location often, remote workers are more stationary and tend to stay in one place for a longer period of time. Remote working and being a digital nomad are lifestyles and, like most things in this world, no definition can totally encapsulate all the different versions. 

IMG 9616

So then:

What is a Digital Nomad?

- A Digital Nomad is someone who works remotely, typically as a freelancer or entrepreneur, as they travel the world, visiting different places for weeks or months at a time. 

What is Digital Nomadism?

- Digital nomadism is about living in different locations around the world that match one’s personality and lifestyle; places that challenge us or give us a different perspective on the world. Digital nomadism is a mindset, as much as it is a role or label.

What is a Remote Worker?

- Remote workers tend to be more stationary when compared to the digital nomad. A remote worker’s lifestyle focuses much more on the work than on the location. They will work in a variety of industries and for a range of employers and are not required to visit a physical office in one location to get their work done. 

We think the great thing about all of this is that since COVID, more and more companies and employees, have become open to employees working remotely and building more flexible lifestyles. It’s as if remote work has gone mainstream.


AND, what does all this all have to do with sailing?

With Croatia’s first-ever Digital Nomad Conference held in Dubrovnik in October 2020, the Digital Nomads in Residence competition launched in Dubrovnik in April/May 2021, the Zagreb Digital Nomad Week held in June 2021, this new type of travel market has exploded in Croatia. And with it, many people have put on their creative hats and created new tours, new offerings, and new services to meet the market. A new type of traveller has been defined. 

New work/tourism programs have cropped up, aimed at helping digital nomads navigate working in new environments, living among different cultures, and experiencing new ways of working.

And that’s where the two worlds collide.

IMG 9644

Welcome to the overlap of sailing and the Digital Nomad lifestyle.

  • Sail Croatia, Digital Nomad Liveaboard Special.

A great example of an innovative tourist agency, Sail Croatia is now exploring the completely new concept of co-working spaces located in a marina. Specifically, the ACI marina in Milna, on the island of Brač.

Sail Croatia offers catamarans as an ideal space both for working and relaxing at the same time. Their “Digital Nomad Live Aboard Special” offers 28 days living and working on-board a floating apartment, including wifi, open-plan working spaces, and plenty of room for friends and family both working and enjoying the sights.

Choose to work in the air-conditioned salon or take in the picturesque views from the cockpit or bow of the catamaran if you'd prefer to work outside!

Tailor your itinerary to work as little, or as much as you’d like, taking advantage of free mooring in Milna for the days that you’re working on board. You also have the option of hiring a local skipper or booking a range of activities for when you’re ready to explore!

A completely innovative concept. Read more here.


  • Local Opportunities

Many different industries are now jumping on this bandwagon. Boats are being converted into floating offices, offering panoramic views of beautiful island settings. Hotels are putting together great long-term accommodation packages with all sorts of extras included. Even private accommodation options are now including a work desk and wifi included in monthly bundles.

Being a digital nomad and being in one place for more than a week, you get to be right on the spot for new deals coming up. Getting to know the locals and other Digital Nomads in the area means that you are ideally located for great opportunities to just fall into your lap!

A digital nomad currently located in Split, Croatia, Cyndie has just had the fantastic opportunity of spending a week on-board a Lagoon 40. While not specifically a digital nomad charter, being given an opportunity by one of the locals, she jumped at it to see how hard or easy it would be to work when sailing. While initially a little concerned about getting behind on work, she describes her week here on board with 3 others, plus the skipper and his wife.

Read her experience here.


  • 45 Degrees Sailing, Digital Nomad Sailing Week

In response to COVID19, 45 Degrees Sailing created a unique sailing week specifically designed to cater to Digital Nomads. It is a remote working holiday like no other. On this trip, you can discover the most amazing work week of your life sailing around the Adriatic, whilst still being connected and getting your work done!

This trip is designed specifically for a week combining work & play. The trip is recommended for:

  • anyone living or looking to live a digital nomad life
  • those working remotely due to the global pandemic
  • those looking for a combination of work, fun & adventure
  • anyone who realises there’s more to life than the commute!

This 7-day Digital Nomad Sailing Week is offered on-board a luxurious 54.8 foot, Hanse Performance Cruiser. This comfortable vessel features open-planned, air-conditioned workspaces, is fully equipped with high-speed internet, and has more power and charging docks than you will need!

 DJI 0937 copy min

45D has tailored their onboard environment to specifically meet the needs of Digital Nomads, offering amazing private accommodation, supercharged WIFI, and spectacular environments to explore with your chosen bubble onboard. Imagine your own floating apartment, offering the most amazing set-up conducive to being productive in complete luxury, with plenty of space for all onboard. Plus, a skipper and quarter-master who personally understand the challenges and complexities of the Digital Nomad lifestyle to help make your week on the boat both productive AND memorable.

And yet for many, this type of work/play experience is not one they have ever contemplated before. So, let’s find out first-hand what the experience is like. We will meet real-life Digital Nomads and find out what their initial expectations were and then at the end of the trip, how they were met.


  • 6 Digital Nomads

First off, let’s meet the six digital nomads that took the leap and signed up with 45 Degrees Sailing and their first 7-day Digital Nomad week in 2020:

- Abhi Pal & Gabby Gerbus | Year Disrupted - Travel Couple

- Jess Wang & Michal Semela | Instagram: dajesswang & michalsemela

- Peter Kirkham & Rochelle Greenberg | Instagram: peterkirkham & rochelle_greenberg

Team shot copy

Where did the idea come from?

The group all met through Remote Year and were introduced to Nick Hathaway from 45 Degrees Sailing through Saltwater Nomads in Split. With COVID-19 shutting down many of their options to continue their travelling/working lifestyle, they were very interested in the idea of being able to enjoy the perks of a sailing holiday, while still being connected and able to work on-board the yacht.


What were their expectations, fears, challenges, before and after the trip?

Let them tell you themselves, we captured it on video:

  • expectations
  • challenges
  • the yacht
  • the crew
  • the food


Digital Nomads often juggle deadlines, wifi reception, differing time zones, and so much more! Coming from location flexible jobs themselves, Nick and Mahina understand how exhausting this juggle can be, which is exactly why they created a holiday package specifically designed to help Digital Nomads meet deadlines AND enjoy the wonders of the Croatian islands.

From their five years of experience providing luxury guided tours, they know that it makes life so much easier if you have someone on board who takes care of the boat, the logistics, and even better someone who organises all the food and even cooks.  This approach allowed the Digital Nomads ample time to focus on work when needed and then, the ability to make the most of their fun time too.

team 7 copy 2


The Digital Nomads themselves answered many of the questions and concerns that often crop up when talking about working from a boat. See what they have to say in their video snippets below:

  • What if the weather is forecast to be bad during the week?


  • How does sailing compare to other travel experiences?


  • What if you are prone to seasickness?


  • Is there enough space to work and play on the yacht?


  • Is a 7-Day Sailing Holiday value for money?


  • What made this trip different?


Being a Digital Nomad requires a lot of planning and organisation. Having the option of jumping onboard a yacht to work sounds very romantic. And it can be an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience. Exactly the kind of building block that life as a Digital Nomad is designed to accommodate.

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can work on board a yacht and sight-see the Croatian islands at the same time, check out our article on what things you need to think about before stepping on board - Top 4 Must-Haves for an Amazing Remote Working Holiday on a Yacht.

IMG 9531

If you have questions on anything sailing in Croatia, feel free to ask below in the comments or check out Total Croatia, Sailing in Croatia: Your One-Stop-Shop for everything sailing.

If you’re looking to experience that remote working holiday that keeps you wanting more, find more details here about an amazing Digital Nomad Sailing Week.

For more about Digital Nomads and Travel in Croatia follow TCN's dedicated pages - Digital Nomads | Travel.

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Digital Nomads On-Board – Top 4 Must Haves for an Amazing Remote Working Holiday on a Yacht

July 5, 2021 - It seems like the perfect Instagram shot. Stretched out on the deck of a beautiful sailing yacht, the stunning Croatian islands and the Adriatic Sea in the background and a snazzy laptop laid out on the lounging cushions.

The Digital Nomad dream, right?! YES!

And, you’re not alone if you think so. There is an ever-increasing number of digital nomads, taking their laptops and heading out onto the seas for that get-away from it all, creating a remote working holiday like no other. Yet does the reality and the dream match?

Maybe for a moment. AND the reality of it all may be a little bit different, especially if you aren’t clear on what you need on board and why it’s important. 

Not All Are Created Equal

So, here’s what we mean by that. Just like not all Airbnb’s a created equal. Not all yachts are created equal. And just as the most seasoned digital nomads will have a carefully crafted list for what they need in an Airbnb. Jumping on-board a yacht for an extended period will require the exact same thing, a carefully crafted list to ensure that all you require is supplied or if not, you know about it and there are no nasty surprises.


Most Common Questions

Does the yacht you are sailing on have an adequate WIFI connection? This is the most commonly asked question one most will answer yes. And yet being on the see in an unknown option to most and the implications of this one question, is a lot broader than a simple yes.

There are three other things that are important to consider on your checklist:

  • How will I keep my devices sufficiently charged?
  • Are there sufficiently comfortable workspaces to sit?
  • Especially in summer, is there shaded space available on board?

As lovely as lounging around on the deck with your laptop looks on Instagram, it doesn’t make for a very comfortable working position for more than ten minutes add to that working with minimum shade or downstairs with no air con and the thrill of a remote working holiday on the sea, can soon wear thin.

So, for anyone considering such an adventure, here are the top four must-haves to ensure your remote working holiday experience on board is amazing!





As we said earlier, WIFI is always the first question that comes up in a conversation about working remotely on a boat.

Which makes sense. It’s right there in the title, Digital Nomad. Digital! It’s a tad difficult to be digital if there’s no WIFI connection! And one of the great things about the Dalmatian islands is that the reception for the most part is fantastic.

And there are amazing places you will want to visit, with no reception and that doesn't mean you need to miss out or settle for less. That is why along with WIFI connection, it is important to be sailing with a skipper and/or a crew that understands the importance of being connected.

Because, while there isn’t reception in every nook and cranny, good, ongoing communication amongst everyone on board, will ensure that you can still have the best of both worlds. That is, being able to be in good reception to connect with your clients and complete your commitments online, as well as experiencing some of the incredible hidden treasures that Croatia has to offer tucked in away from the reach of the digital world.

Yes, it will take a bit of juggling which is why it is important to be working alongside the crew on-board who can help you manage this juggle and really work hard to help you get the most out of your time on board without sacrificing any of your work commitments.

TIP ONE: Check WIFI and even more important, choose a skipper and/or crew who truly understands what it means to be a traveling, working Digital Nomad.




Another big consideration when you’re thinking about working from a yacht is power. Boats carry their own power, in the form of batteries. Different boats have different capacities to store and hold power, and if the boat is older and ‘well-loved', these batteries can often be working at much less than 100%. Now, this is something that many sailors are totally ok with. Traditionally, going sailing has been about disconnecting and putting away technology in favour of reconnecting with nature, the stars and revelling in the quiet.

And sailing has changed over the years. We now have sailing boats, both monohull and catamarans, that have increased power bank capacities, enabling those of us who need to, to stay connected to the outside world whilst still enjoying all the beauty and serenity that comes with spending time on a yacht in the Adriatic.

Even for the older boats that aren’t as power-endowed, there are tricks and tips for making sure you can power up when the batteries are low or unreliable. You can choose to pay and dock in a marina or port where you can hook up to shore power. Or your skipper can run the motor if you are at anchor or on a mooring ball to help charge the batteries. Although this does very much lessen the serenity of being anchored or moored in a picturesque Croatian bay!

TIP TWO: Check with your skipper and/or crew the electricity capacity and availability on the yacht you are looking to be on for the week.




The itinerary is also something that needs thinking about when you are a working Digital Nomad on board a sea-going vessel. Your work schedule and the work schedule of other Digital Nomads on-board need to be discussed and made known so that the Skipper is aware of what times a strong WIFI connection is imperative, perhaps for a webinar, to dial into a staff meeting or to take a client call.

This information then needs to be juggled with sightseeing, managing any weather systems that may be moving through the area, as well as making sure that everyone is aware of the plan for the week, including how it can so easily change during the week. Plans need to be made to ensure that time is allowed for comfortable working conditions each day.

TIP THREE: Communication and planning is key to smooth sailing and being able to meet the variety of needs of all on board.




The peak of the summer season in Croatia means temperatures of close to 40 degrees in the Mediterranean sun. The sea breeze takes the harshness away from the sun and it’s still important to be extra careful when spending time onboard in the sun, especially during the hottest times of the day. Enquire about the cover and shaded areas on board. Working directly in the sun isn’t that much fun after 10 minutes or so.

And while you will welcome air conditioning like your best friend, note that your air conditioner can only operate while your yacht is connected to external power, or while in the marina. If you are spending the night anchored in an enchanting bay, you’ll need a generator or go air-con-free!

All of these things that we so often take for granted on-land, you need to ask about and feel comfortable with the arrangements right from the start, when booking your remote working holiday.

TIP FOUR: Enquire about the onboard bimini sunshade and other cover provided on your chosen yacht, just to be sure.


We hope you find these top 4 must-haves helpful when planning your remote working holiday on the Adriatic.

If you have questions, feel free to ask below in the comments or check out Total Croatia, Sailing in Croatia: Your One-Stop-Shop for everything sailing.

If you’re looking to experience that remote working holiday that keeps you wanting more, find more details here about an amazing Digital Nomad Sailing Week.

For more about Digital Nomads and Travel in Croatia follow TCN's dedicated pages - Digital Nomads | Travel.

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Walk-through Boat Review: More 55 (Video)

Looking to charter a yacht in Croatia? Take a walk through the More 55 with 45 Degrees Sailing to get some insight.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Biograd Boat Show: Vlog Review by 45 Degrees Sailing

The Bio Grad Boat Show took place from the 19 – 22 October 2017, Nick and Mahina Hathaway from 45 Degrees Sailing give a great review of their experience.