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Looking for a Job in Croatia? This Week's Top 10 from (September 30, 2022)

September 30, 2022 - Looking for a job in Croatia? A new weekly feature on TCN, in partnership with leading job site agency,, who present a selection of weekly job listings.

How hard is it to find a job in Croatia, and what is on offer?

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Fortenova Grupa is hiring for the Senior Internal Auditor (m/f) and Internal Auditor (m/f) in Zagreb, Croatia. They offer the opportunity for personal development and professional advancement, work on interesting projects in diversified and unique business areas, usage of internal audit Software during the execution of internal audit work and professional training and certifications. Apply by October 11 via this link.

Pfizer Inc is hiring Patient Experience Partner (PEP) Adriatic (m/f) in Ljubljana, Slovenia. If you have min 5 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, University Degree, Language Requirements: Serbian, Croatian, Slovene and English fluency, strong collaboration, communication and interpersonal skills, apply here by 28 Oct 2022.

Strabag BRVZ d.o.o za usluge is hiring .NET Developer (m/f/d) in Zagreb. They are offering an opportunity to work in a team, the final salary level depends on professional knowledge. Apply by October 16th via link.

McDonald's (Globalna hrana d.o.o.) zapošljava Accountant / Računovođa (m/ž) u Zagrebu. Ako si zainteresiran/a pridružiti se vrlo dinamičnom timu koji vodi najveću tvrtku unutar sektora ugostiteljstva u Hrvatskoj, koja je ujedno i dio najvećeg svjetskog lanca restorana brze usluge, prijavi se do 13.10.2022. na linku.

Salzburg AG is hiring Engineer Telekom 1st- & 2nd-Level Support (NOC) (m/f) in Salzburg, Austria. Salzburg AG unterstützen Sie (und Ihre Familie) bei der Verlegung Ihres Wohnsitzes nach Österreich und bieten Ihnen für die ersten 2-3 Monate Ihres Dienstverhältnisses die Möglichkeit, während der Arbeitszeit Deutschkurse zu absolvieren. Apply here by 20 Oct 2022.

ManpowerGroup Hrvatska, za klijenta, traži Voditelja proizvodnje (m/ž) koji će preuzeti jednu od ključnih funkcija u organizaciji. Tražimo kandidata s izraženim kreativnim i organizacijskim sposobnostima koji će preuzeti odgovornost koordinacije i upravljanja svim procesima proizvodnje.Prijaviti se možete klikom na link do 12.10.2022.

TELUS International AI Inc. Is hiring Online Data Analyst (m/f) – remote. If you are fluent in English and Croatian, and are living in Croatia for the last 2 consecutive years, apply here by 23 Oct 2022.

INNIO Jenbacher GmbH & Co. OG is looking for Specialist Group Accounting (m/f/d) in Jenbach, Austria. Do you want to make a difference with your work? Join their team by clickling apply by 23 Oct 2022.

Kadus d.o.o. za klijenta, zapošljavaju Senior NET developer (m/ž) u Rijeci. Radit ćete na razvoju aplikacija integriranih s različitim vanjskim hardverskim jedinicama, razvoju desktop i mobilnih aplikacija, uz svakodnevni kontakt s korisnicima softverskih rješenja. Prijavite se do 10.10.2022. na linku.

InnoPharma d.o.o. - Podružnica Zagreb za promidžbu zapošljava Stručnog suradnika za prodaju farmaceutskih proizvoda (m/ž) u Zagrebu i središnjoj Hrvatskoj. Ako želiš raditi u ambicioznom, međunarodnom i kreativnom timu u poticajnoj radnoj atmosferi, prijavi se na linku do 13.10.2022.


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Friday, 30 September 2022

Best Man to Best Croatian Chef in Vegas, Music by Elvis

September 30, 2022 - It has been quite a year for Mario Mandaric, who was named by his peers as the best Croatian chef, just a few months after getting married in Vegas, a wedding attended by a vey underdressed best man. 

The only other time in my life that I have been a best man was the second wedding of my father, and that was pretty weird. And as I don't have many friends, and even less single ones who would consider me to be best man material, I thought my best man career was behind me. 


But then came Vegas. 

I only met Mario Mandaric for the first time late last year through a mutual friend. We were all looking to work on a project together, as well as me covering his wonderful initiative to dig wells in remote villages in Uganda. We quickly became friends, and soon ou regular meetings included a lovely young lady from Imotski called Matea, who he apparently met while renting a car in Zagreb. Strange things can apparently happen in car rental parking lots. 


Despite a huge fear of grasshoppers, Matea decided to accompany Mario to rural Africa. I was sure she would not return, but on the contrary. Not only did she survive, she blossomed, taking to remote African village life like a true champion. There is a new dance sweeping the villages of Uganda called the Imotski Shuffle, as Matea showed the ladies how they shake that ass back in inland Dalmatia. 

After three months in Africa, the couple returned to Zagreb and I met Mario alone for a drink.

"Man, I think she is the one. 3 months, 24/7 together in rural Africa and Zanzibar - she is really great," he said.

"As in you are thinking about getting married?"

"Yeah, I am going to propose. I know that getting married in Vegas with Elvis singing is a cliche, but it is not in Croatia. What do you think?"

"How about this," I suggested without thinking. "If you set the date for April 8, I will be happy to be your best man. I need to get from New York to the West Coast, so can pop in for a night to Vegas, and then pick up a car and take you to San Francisco."


And so it was.

But almost wasn't. As people who follow me know, nothing i ever plan works out the way it should. This is one of the reasons my next book is called Around the World in 80 Disasters, which you can follow on its own YouTube channel, a chapter at a time. 

Rarely for me, I had actually planned everthing, booked two nights in a hotel and a flight that would get me there the night before. 

I got to La Guardia 3 hours before my flight, and I was proud of myself. I haven't really travelled for 20 years, and this was my first time in the States since 1994. All was going smoothly.


And then... 

Flight cancelled. All flights cancelled. A storm on the east coast. Where to find another flight? Join the queue for customer service. Two hours later, I was told that the ealiest they could get me to Vegas was 20:00 the following day, almost 8 hours after the wedding. There must be something you can do, SURELY?

I was told that there was a flight to Chicago at 06:00 and I could be on a waiting list and report at 05:20, but there was no guarantee I would make the flight. There was no point going back into New York, so I spent a sleepless night on the floor and was rewarded with the last seat on the plane. Hurrah! But Chicago was not Vegas, and I touched down at O'Hare with around 6 hours to go until Mario and Matea were due to walk down the aisle. 


Customer service in Chicago was a lot less stressful, and there was no queue whatsoever. There were two ladies behind the counter, one a grumpy middle-aged white woman, and a young and more wholesome African-American lady who I sensed had a bit of personality. I chose her.

"Good morning," I started, in the cutest British accent I could muster. "You look like a lady who enjoys making dreams come true."

"You are at the right address, Honey, what's your dream today?"


I explained the situation, how Mario was my best friend from childhood, that we had saved for 10 years for this moment where he would wed his childhood sweetheart, with Elvis doing the tunes. I told her how beautiful Croatia was - and how far away - and that she was welcome to visit any time if she could help me.

She raised her hand. I stopped talking. She tapped something into her keyboard, the printer sprung into action, and she presented me with a boarding pass.


"What a beautiful story. Time to make your dream come true. Your flight to Vegas leaves in 20 minutes. Gate 19."

And so it did, albeit with a 30-minute delay. A taxi to the airport and I arrived with 45 minutes to spare. The lovely couple forgave me for arriving to perform my best man duties without a shower and sevely underdressed. 

And so the lovely couple tied the knot. As for what happened after that, remember the saying - What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. 


I have been meaning to write about this little chapter for quite a while, but time the enemy as usual. But I was giving a little push by the fact that Mario has just been voted Best Croatian Chef 2022 by his peers at the recent Raise the Bar awards. Congratulations and fully deserved. Having tried his 10-course taster menu at Kinoteka in Split recently, I can fully understand why. 

The best man to Croatia's best chef, one more random chapter in my 20-year jourrney in this incredible land.  


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Friday, 30 September 2022

ERBD's Prognosis for Croatian GDP Growth Considerably Improved

September the 30th, 2022 - The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has given its improved prognosis for Croatian GDP growth.

The global coronavirus pandemic which halted tourism and created unprecedented circumstances across the board had tremendously negative effects on the domestic economy. Tourism, being the strongest economic branch this country has, making up 20 percent of Croatian GDP, took a hit like no other as planes stopped arriving. Things, however, seem to be on the up despite ongoing spiralling inflation and the horrific situation still unfolding in Ukraine following Russian invasion earlier this year.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) announced in its September 2022 report on regional economic forecasts that Croatian GDP growth this year will amount to 6.5 percent, while next year it will slow down to 2 percent.

Compared to the report which was issued back in May this year, this is a doubling of Croatian GDP growth for this year, while the forecast for 2023 has worsened, given that the EBRD expected an increase of 3.5 percent.

In the 38 countries in which the EBRD operates, economic growth will amount to 3 percent next year. This is a significant reduction when it comes to initial expectations, considering the fact that back in the May report, economic growth of 4.7 percent was expected.

As for this year, the bank expects Croatia's immediate region to grow economically by 2.3 percent, which is a significant improvement. Back in May, the EBRD expected a growth of a mere 1.2 percent.

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Friday, 30 September 2022

Istrian Kabola Winery Receives Two More International Awards

September the 30th, 2022 - The well known Istrian Kabola winery is no stranger to international recognition and awards, and two more prestigious international awards will only push this Istrian winery even further into the limelight.

As Morski writes, two international awards - Luxury Awards in the category of Best Organic Wine Production Company 2022 and Prestige Awards in the category of Vineyard of the Year - have arrived at the doors of the Istrian Kabola winery. According to many people, this is by far the most beautiful Istrian estate of all.

Both awards come from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and are annual awards given by respected British publications. The best ones are decided by readers online, as well as by an expert jury.

Connoisseurs of the wine scene know that both of these awards have definitely ended up in the right hands, because the Istrian Kabola winery was the first of all on the Istrian peninsula to venture into organic production, which is why all its labels have had the BIO certificate since back in 2009, and it is also the first winery in all of the Republic of Croatia to have started with the production of wine aged in amphorae.

The awards given to the owners of the winery, the Markezic family, who are still very busy working in the vineyards because this year's harvest is still in progress.

"We started harvesting around August the 25th this year, two or three weeks earlier than in previous years due to the extremely hot and sunny summer. Early Chardonnay and Pinot Gris varieties were harvested, and we're using them to produce our RE Kabola sparkling wine. We've just finished harvesting the Malvasia, which accounts for 70 percent of the total production of our grapes and wine,'' explained famous Istrian winemaker Marino Markezic, announcing yet another excellent wine year.

The vineyards on the estate of the Istrian Kabola winery withstood this year's horrendous drought very well thanks to the soil in the microlocation of Momjanstina, which is rich in marl that retains moisture more easily.

It's worth noting that wine and the production of it has been present within this family and has been a tradition for more than 130 years now, and the Markezic family live in harmony with nature. Their cellars have always been the Istrian avant-garde, their wines are widely appreciated, recommended by the most famous sommeliers and offered by prestigious restaurants in many locations. Their winery in Kanedol is a must-see destination for tourists from all over the world, and the film industry also loves it, given the fact that just a few years ago, scenes for a Hollywood blockbuster were filmed on the property.

"Awards always make us happy, but the best reward is the recommendation of our clients and guests who return to us year after year and truly enjoy our wines," concluded Markezic.

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Friday, 30 September 2022

Pula Tourism is Booming, But Decent Public Toilets are Lacking...

September the 30th, 2022 - Pula tourism has come on leaps and bounds over more recent years, with this year having been excellent for this beautiful Istrian city. Despite the increasing crowds of visitors from all over the world, there are no decent public toilets to speak of.

As Morski writes, the City of Pula is reputed to be one of the ''most touristic'' and most visited cities in all of Istria, however, it still doesn't have a decent, properly run public toilet. Recently, the project of renovating the toilets on the city's main promenade was supposed to start, but a storm arose over the cost of the renovation - Pula allocated around 1 million kuna for the works and the renovation. However, given the fact that the decision on public procurement hasn't yet been made, it seems that the entire project has been abandoned for now.

Almost a hundred years ago, Pula definitely didn't have thousands of tourists to carer to, but it still did have several public toilets which had been built by the Italians. It isn't exactly practical for Pula or for Pula tourism to not have a proper, decent and well-functioning public toilet. It would be a bare faced lie to claim there aren't any at all, as there is one inside the market, but it isn't very easy to find, which kind of defeats the object.

''Tourists can hardly find this place. That's why the city administration intended to restore the toilet on the main city promenade. That toilet has been closed for more than a year, it was supposed to be renovated for a value of around 1 million kuna, but as we've unofficially found out, that idea was abandoned,'' said Damir Prhat of the the city administration.

Although many are already calling it the "million kuna toilet", archaeologists note that it is a cultural asset located in the complex of the city walls, which could pose issues and delays.

''When you take into account the fact that the restoration of the staircase and the renovation of the tower are also being done, I assume that the price is skyrocketing because all work on the cultural property is performed by companies that specialise in work solely on such buildings,'' said Darko Komso, the director of the Archaeological Museum of Istria.

Whether or not Pula will finally get its own public toilet by the next tourist season remains to be seen, but with Pula tourism on an upward trajectory, it will be a little more than embarrassing if this situation is still as it is this time next year.

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Friday, 30 September 2022

Dubrovnik Winter Charter Flights Begin With Arrivals from Across Europe

September the 30th, 2022 - Dubrovnik winter charter flights have begun with guests arriving in the Pearl of the Adriatic from across the rest of Europe.

As Morski writes, Dubrovnik's tourism is still to a large extent reliant on air traffic arrivals despite the finalisation of the Peljesac bridge which scraps the need to cross in and back out of Neum in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As such, Croatia's southernmost city still heavily depends mostly on air connections, that is, on the summer flight schedule.

When the height of the main summer tourist season ends, and particularly by the end of October, traffic to Dubrovnik is 90 percent lower than it is during the summer. However, this year, Dubrovnik Airport will also have work to do in the winter with Dubrovnik winter charter flights. The programme of Dubrovnik winter charter flights has begun, which will bring retirees from all over the rest of Europe.

The first plane of the new Dubrovnik winter charter flights programme landed at the airport in Cilipi recently and the guests, mostly German nationals, couldn't wait to explore the city outside of the often insufferable crowds and scorching heat.

''We wanted to get better acquainted with Croatia, we are staying for two weeks,'' said Anya from Germany.

''It was very good, very pleasant, the flight got here really quickly from Hamburg,'' added Asthrid.

''This is my first time coming here, and I hope I will like it a lot,'' Brighitte noted.

Half of all travellers arriving come from Germany, and they are retirees: guests who spend quite a lot and are usually more than happy to travel outside of the main tourist season.

''The other 50 percent of them come from all European cities. We have people from Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark... 95 percent of the Dubrovnik winter charter flights are sold out, for the first period of 12 months, about 99 percent are sold out. We even have a couple of dates that exceeded the number of seats,'' points out the director of the travel agency, Akkan Mahmut, for Regionalni Dnevnik.

In addition to charter flights, Dubrovnik will be directly connected to Barcelona, ​​London and Istanbul during the winter, in addition to Zagreb.

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Thursday, 29 September 2022

Cro Traditions: Crkveni God, aka Kirbaj, Kirvaj - Patron Saint Celebration

September 29, 2022 - The majority of Croatian people are Catholics. Naturally, their daily lives are influenced by their religion, and so are their traditions. Even though the numbers are changing, as well as the way religion is practiced, some traditions remain and are rarely ever questioned. In Slavonija, one of them is kirbaj, or kirvaj, officially known as Crkveni God. The colloquial expressions came from German "Kirchweih," the dedication of a church from 19th-century German tradition; the day is a celebration of the patron saint of the local church. Villages usually only have one church, but there could be multiple kirbajs throughout the year in cities. It is in the smaller communities, though, where it all shines and where it makes the list of the top 5 days of the year.


Emica Elvedji / PIXSELL

September 29 is the day of St Michael, the patron saint of grocers, paramedics, mariners, paratroopers, police officers, and military personnel. He is celebrated in many places in eastern Croatia. We went to Donji Miholjac, where even rain did not ruin the festive atmosphere. For the religious part of the holiday, everyone goes to church and expresses gratitude to their patron saint, and there is usually a procession through the village. This is an opportunity to spruce up the place and make it look presentable, pretty, and inviting to all visitors. This is especially amusing to children because the streets are never as shiny, colourful, and fun like on kirbaj. The little ones will save money to buy toys, candy, balloons, rides, or even pets at one of the little stalls covering the whole stretch of the main streets.


At home, the preparations for the big day sometimes begin months in advance. Just like the village shows off for the procession and the visitors, the hosts want to do the same. Socially, kirbaj is an excellent opportunity to bring your family and friends together. Houses need to be clean and tidy, and the atmosphere warm and welcoming. Traditionally, alongside making the house spotless, even the walls would be freshly painted for the day. After all that is done, the hosts will spend days preparing the food. Chicken broth is usually served first, followed by sarma or stuffed peppers (depending on the season), before the chicken mentioned above with cooked vegetables and tomato sauce. Then it’s time for the mains. Roasted pig or lamb is usually the star of the table, accompanied by homemade mlinci (a type of pasta that is cooked and flavoured with some of that delicious fat from the roast) and a variety of salads that are really other side dishes. Usually, that is the French (aka Russian) salad, potato salad, and coleslaw.


Of course, there is always dessert, a tray full of cakes and biscuits of all kinds. And the last course is coffee. Jokingly known as “potjeruša” – Croatian for “please go home now,” coffee is actually served as the much-needed help for your digestion. Whether you want to go home depends on the age and responsibility group you belong to.

If you stay long enough, you will probably have some more food and slowly transition onto a liquid diet. A little bit buzzed, you might find yourself on your way to the village pub or a venue expressly set up for the kirbaj after-party. What happens there needs to be enough for the village to have something to talk about until next year’s kirbaj.


Very important to note: you might not receive any invitations for kirbaj. Traditionally, you are expected to know when it is and simply show up. In turn, family and friends will also show up at your door on the day of your local kirbaj.

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Thursday, 29 September 2022

HEP Investing in Supply of Electricity and Thermal Energy to Zagreb

September the 29th, 2022 - HEP is set to pour a massive 1.7 billion kuna into the production and supply of electricity and thermal energy for the City of Zagreb.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/PD VL native tim writes, despite the fact that it bears a significant burden on the implementation of Croatian Government measures to limit the growth of energy and energy prices, HEP is continuing to develop its production portfolio in the current difficult energy situation with the aim of increasing the degree of energy self-sufficiency across the Republic of Croatia. One such investment is currently being implemented in the heart of the City of Zagreb.

With the completion of the construction of the new combi-cogeneration block worth a massive 900 million kuna at Elektrana-toplana Zagreb (KKE EL-TO Zagreb), almost 200,000 residents of the western part of the capital will have a long-term supply of thermal energy, and commercial consumers will have a supply of industrial steam.

The reduction of all pollution

The plan is to put KKE EL-TO Zagreb, with an electric power of 150 MWe and a thermal power of 114 MWt, into trial operation in the first half of next year. The construction of the block is already at an advanced stage and 85 percent of the planned works have been completed so far. Complete production equipment has been installed, and the block is already connected to the 110 kilovolt network, the high-pressure gas pipeline, as well as to most connection points with the EL-TO Zagreb plant.

The expected average annual production of KKE EL-TO Zagreb is 675 GWh of electricity, 450 GWh of thermal energy for the central heating system of the City of Zagreb, and 160 GWh of industrial steam.

The new KKE EL-TO block will, thanks to Siemens' state-of-the-art combi-cogeneration technology, allow for the simultaneous production of electricity and thermal energy in the connection process, with a high degree of efficiency of 90 percent. It will achieve more than 25 percent of the primary energy savings of natural gas, which is extremely important as part of the European Union's overall efforts to reduce the bloc's dependence on manual gas as much and as quickly as possible.

In addition to all of the above, by replacing worn-out inefficient units at the location, the specific emissions of CO2 and pollutants in flue gases will also be significantly reduced. The turbines of the new block are designed for the possibility of subsequent use of alternative gas fuels, including hydrogen.

The new cogeneration block is being built by the Italian company FATA S.p.A., a member of the Danielli Group, with which the Agreement for the design, construction, procurement and installation of equipment and the Agreement on long-term maintenance of the power plant was signed. Croatian companies - Elektroprojekt, Inzenjering za naftu i gas and others - were all also hired to be engaged in various types of work.

A heat accumulator worth 100 million kuna was also constructed at the very same location, which will optimise the production of heat and electricity and help compensate for the increased consumption of heat energy. The heat accumulator will be put into operation during the upcoming heating season this year. The final works of the second season of the realisation of the revitalisation and modernisation project of one third, or 68.5 kilometers, of the hot water network of the City of Zagreb are also now firmly underway. The project is worth 700 million kuna in total was co-financed using EU funds.

The total value of the mentioned three projects with which HEP is working to increase the long-term security of the production and supply of electricity and thermal energy in the City of Zagreb amounts to approximately 1.7 billion kuna.

The construction of KKE EL-TO Zagreb is part of HEP's wider Renewable Scenario, which will increase production capacity by an additional 1,500 MW from 2018 to 2030, of which 700 MW will come from solar power plants and wind power plants, 570 MW will come from hydropower plants, and 230 MW will come in the form of high-efficiency cogenerations.

The long-term orientation towards renewable energy sources is illustrated by the fact that HEP is currently developing about 60 RES projects with a total power of about 1,400 MW and a value of around 11 billion kuna in total.

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Thursday, 29 September 2022

Is Croatian Luxury Nautical Tourism a Good Recipe for the Future?

September the 29th, 2022 - Is Croatian luxury nautical tourism the way forward and the key to the future for Croatian tourism? A conference held in Zadar recently discussed the matter further.

As Morski writes, a conference was held recently in the Dalmatian city of Zadar under the auspices of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure, where the leaders of Croatian tourism and the nautical and maritime sector spoke about the development of Croatian luxury nautical tourism, more specifically within Zadar County.

Nautical tourism is one of the backbones of tourism in the Croatian Adriatic, we saw all its advantages during the global coronavirus pandemic when it led the entire tourism sector towards much needed recovery. From its very beginnings until this very day, it has been continuously developing and growing, and one of the fastest growing and most powerful segments is certainly Croatian luxury nautical tourism. This type of tourism implies significant investments, an extremely high level of offer and service, and it also brings guests with higher paying power, and these were the topics of the aforementiond Zadar-based conference.

''Ports are the gateway to the world, the driver of economic development and an important pillar of transport connectivity, their contribution to nautical industry, which continuously records better results, is unmissable. Our national chain of marinas - ACI, which manages 22 marinas from Umag all the way down to Dubrovnik, knows this better than anyone, and the construction of the 23rd marina in Porto Baros in the City of Rijeka is also currently being prepared.

ACI manages the Simuni marina on the island of Pag in Zadar County. The amount that ACI invested in its marinas, just last year alone, stands at almost 44 million kuna. It is precisely these continuous investments in infrastructure, but also in the entire offer, along with the coastline that Croatia has, that give these excellent results and place nautical tourism in the position of one of the leading sectors in the country's overall tourism results,'' said Minister of Maritime Affaits, Transport and Infrastructure, Oleg Butkovic.

County Prefect Bozidar Longin rated the Zadar coastline as one of the most important and valuable resources available to the county. However, he also drew attention to sustainability, namely that the coast is a sensitive ecosystem that we must protect and preserve, while Mayor Branko Dukic pointed out that the proper preconditions should be created and the local population should be considered more than ever, given the large number of guests and crowds during the height of the summer tourist season.

Zadar County is an ideal destination for the development of Croatian luxury nautical tourism. Moreover, the president of the ACI Management Board, Kristijan Pavic, said that behind every luxury marina there must also lie a destination that is attractive to a clientele with higher paying power and greater demands, and Zadar is certainly one of those destinations. There can and should be a luxury marina located in Zadar, because the offer in the city and its surroundings is complementary to this type of marina, and vice versa.

The development of nautical tourism in Croatia over more recent years has defined a new direction in which we can head, and all those present agreed to continue to direct their proverbial sails in that direction, towards nautical tourism at an even higher level, remaining in synergy with the other facilities, content and tourist offer that the city already has.

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Thursday, 29 September 2022

Brijuni Islands Still Busy - Excursions Booked Throughout October

September the 29th, 2022 - The gorgeous Brijuni islands which are also one of Croatia's several stunning national parks have had an excellent season, with excursions still being very well booked throughout the month of October.

As Morski writes, the beautiful Brijuni islands have never had a better main summer season and post-season. All excursions for this particular national park are sold out, and the boats heading there from the mainland are all full. Special events are being prepared for the month of October, which will further attract visitors to the Brijuni islands and promote their astonishing beauty.

The location in Fazana on the Istrian mainland from which you can hop aboard a vessel to the Brijuni islands is always crowded, and people are having to wait in lines. Every day, up to a thousand excursionists come by boat. During the four-hour guided tour, visitors get better acquainted with history of these unusual islands, see their cultural monuments, and get to spend time in their natural beauty.

Organised groups of visitors are making frequent returns to the Brijuni islands, and every single day there are many people who want to visit the National Park even as the season winds down.

''It would be good to make a reservation a few days earlier, especially for weekends when we have a larger number of visitors,'' pointed out Marija Stokovic, head of the Department for Visiting, Sport and Recreation of the Brijuni National Park.

''This year, we managed to reach a 40 to 45 percent increase in the number of visitors, which essentially means that we managed to reach 240 visitors from 180,000 visitors, which is the park's maximum record,'' said Marno Milotic, the director of NP Brijuni. In order to extend the season, NP Brijuni is preparing numerous recreational and sporting events, such as open days and a family golf weekend.

''Throughout the year, we hold various events through which we try to educate our visitors, work on the sustainability of tourism and promote the interesting parts of this national park,'' pointed out Reanna Bajkovic Relic, a spokeswoman for NP Brijuni. Autumn will therefore be a very active one on the Brijuni islands, and many events and excursions will be available at affordable prices, reports HRT.

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