Zagreb Crew Wins 25th Neretva Boat Marathon

By 14 August 2022
Zagreb Crew Wins 25th Neretva Boat Marathon
Matilda Kezic

ZAGREB, 13 Aug (Hina) - The crew from Zagreb won the 25th Neretva Boat Marathon, and raced on Saturday afternoon down a 22.5 kilometre stretch of the river Neretva from the town of Metković to the seaport of Ploče.

The Zagreb crew finished the race in two hours and eight minutes of rowing. The Stablina crew finished second, and a crew from Metković finished third. Thirty crews competed this year.

The Neretva Boat Marathon is an amateur sporting competition between rowers in traditional boats. Each crew consists of ten rowers, a drummer, and a cox. The race is one of the most important tourist events in southern Croatia.