Sinković Brothers Win World Cup Rowing Gold in Belgrade!

May 29, 2022 - The Sinković brothers have won the World Cup rowing gold medal in Belgrade!

Martin and Valent change disciplines, lakes, and competitions, but not their winning spirit.

With a time of 6:09.26, they won the gold medal in the double sculls at the 1st World Cup rowing competition in Belgrade! With a great finish in the final 250 meters, they defeated the leading Poles and entered the finish line with just over a one-second advantage. Third place went to the Spaniards who were 3 seconds and 26 hundredths of a second behind.

"This was an interesting final race, tense until the very end. We started well in the first 1000 m, it was a good feeling even though we were not 100% physically ready for the last two days, but we did our best in the finish, we pulled out our maximum and managed to win. It is even more beautiful when it is so tense until the very end, so we are overjoyed with the victory!" said Valent Sinković.

"There is no easy victory! I have had problems with an intestinal virus for the last two days, and ten days ago we were both sick, so we are overjoyed that we still managed to win. I think that we can still progress physically and technically and I believe we will because there is no easy victory! We have to train even harder and we hope that we will be at 100 percent in Poznan and row better than today," said Martin Sinković.

"More tense races await us, an even stronger season, some crews yet to come like the French who are Olympic winners. We will definitely have to strengthen for the second part of the season, especially for the European and World Championships, but we are ready and we are going to train further!" added Valent Sinković.

It has been a full six years since the Sinković brothers won the unforgettable Olympic gold in Rio in the double sculls discipline. They then moved on to coxless pairs in which they also experienced an Olympic triumph last year in Tokyo, and have now returned to double sculls, in which they were absolutely invincible from 2014 to 2016. The Sinković brothers still hold the world record in the double sculls discipline from Amsterdam in 2014, when they crossed 2,000 meters in 5:59.72, which has not been surpassed to date.

Sisters Ivana and Josipa Jurković took fifth place in the coxless pairs final race.

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