Mirela Kardašević Sets New Freediving World Records!

By 5 April 2022
Mirela Kardašević Sets New Freediving World Records!
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April 5, 2022 - Last weekend, the Zagreb Open Championship in freediving was organized by DPS Zagreb and the Croatian Diving Association - and Croatia's best freediver Mirela Kardašević set two new world records!

On the first day of the competition, Croatia's best diver Mirela Kardašević broke the world record in the women's category of the DINBF discipline, diving 251.2 meters. She will remain recorded in freediving history as the first woman to touch the wall in the 250m in the same discipline, where the record is now 251m, up from 244m.


On the same day of the competition in the men's category, Polish freediver Mateusz Malina broke the world record in the same discipline and recorded a result of 282m. Vanja Peleš recorded an excellent result in finless dynamics and reached 208m, while Budimir Sobat took gold in statics where he held his breath for 8 minutes and 43 seconds.


On the second day of the competition, Mirela Kardašević broke another world record, this time in the discipline of dynamics with monofin (MONO), diving 272.70 meters. With this result, she broke the Polish record of 265 m and achieved a record in this discipline for the first time. Vanja Peleš also achieved an excellent result in the monofin discipline, where he won a gold medal with a result of 254.5m.


"I still do not believe I achieved this result. I am extremely pleased with how everything went, and I believe this is the best indicator for further preparations before the World Championships. As always, I take this opportunity to thank my coach Ivan Drviš, the DPS Zagreb club, my family, and sponsors who have supported me from the very beginning," said Mirela after setting the record.


This was the last competition and the last test before the World Championships held in June in Belgrade.

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