Croatian Pommel Horse Gymnast Filip Ude 7th Best in World at Age 35

By 23 October 2021
Croatian Pommel Horse Gymnast Filip Ude 7th Best in World at Age 35
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October 23, 2021 - Croatian pommel horse gymnast Filip Ude was graded 13,833 for his exercise at the 11th World Championships, in his fourth world final, which wasn't enough for a spot on the podium.

The finals were delayed by more than half an hour, and Japan again showed disorganization at this championship. This long wait certainly upset the pommel horse finalists, which affected their final exercise, reports HRT.

The world champion is American Stephen Nedoroscik with 15,266 points, while silver was shared by Chinese Hao Weng and Japanese Kazuma Kaya (14,900).

"We waited a long time; we cooled down a lot. We waited for 40 minutes in the draft; we were cold. But we were all in the same boat. The conditions were the same for everyone. No one excelled on the pommel horse today. Except for the American gymnast, even though he didn't do the exercise properly. We all stumbled. I felt great, despite that delay. I didn't feel any great pressure; I just wanted to do my thing. I started great; I felt feather-light, full of strength. The horse was very slippery. And I put my hand on magnesium, not honey, and unfortunately, my hand twitched a bit, I slipped, I lost my balance. It all happened in a second, and unfortunately, I didn’t do the whole exercise. I did not lubricate the horse enough," said Filip after the final.

It took a minimum of 14,900 points for the medal, which was very accessible to Filip if we consider that he won 14,866 in the qualifications with the start of 6.0.

"Now, whether it would be enough for a medal or not, I don't know. Others may think, 'I did everything' ... Let's let it go now. I am overjoyed. At the age of 35 to be 7th in the world... I am proud that I did this World Champs as I planned, as I imagined, and that is to enter the finals. In the finals, anything is always possible; unfortunately, this time, I was not judged. But I have more motives, will, desires. Next year, I hope to intensify the exercise with "Busnari" to be even more competitive and to be able to fight with everyone. I look forward to the next competitions. I like that. I love gymnastics; I live for gymnastics. I hope to last as long as possible," said the silver Olympian, former world runner-up, and two-time runner-up in Europe.

Today was a good day for Italy in Kitakyushu. Nicola Bartolini brought her country the first world gold ever on the floor (14,800) in a final in which Japanese Kazumi Minami won silver (14,766) and Finn Emil Soravuo bronze (14,700). Shortly afterward, two Italians were on the hoop podium won by the Chinese Xingyu Lan (15,200). The silver went to Marco Lodadio (14,866), and the bronze to Salvatore Maresca and Russian Grigory Klimentev (both 14,833).

Asia D'Amato is the world runner-up in the vault (14,083), which was celebrated by the Olympic winner, Brazilian Rebeca Andrade (14,966), while the bronze medalist Russian Angelina Melnikova (13,966) is the all-around champion at this World Champs. The uneven bars were gilded by the Chinese Xiaoyuan Wei (14,733), the silver by Andrade (14,633), and the bronze by the Chinese Rui Luo (14,633).

Today, Croatian Lana Sambol traveled to the World Championships in Kitakyushu with coach Niko Robert Crevatini and Mirjana Starčević Bosnar. Namely, next week is the World Championships in rhythmic gymnastics.

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