Luksa Jakobusic Named New President of Hajduk Split!

By 30 October 2020
Luksa Jakobusic Named New President of Hajduk Split!
HNK Hajduk / Robert Matic

October 30, 2020 - Big news from Poljud this morning as Hajduk names Luksa Jakobusic its new president!

This was decided by Hajduk's Supervisory Board, which in the end, did not select a leader from among the candidates who applied for the competition.

From May 16 to November 4, 2019, Jakobusic held the position of Hajduk's Vice President and resigned for personal reasons.

As for the current situation, Marin Brbic resigned on July 13 but had the support of the Supervisory Board. On July 22, he announced a definitive departure, saying 'It is humiliating that the association Naš Hajduk voted no confidence in me.'

The competition for the new president was announced on August 17, though it seems that no one applied for the role that the Supervisory Board thought deemed worthy.

Many wanted Jakobusic to return to Hajduk even sooner because he holds strong leadership skills, and the supervisors knew his qualities well. However, only after talking to the candidates from the competition did they decide that there is no one better for Hajduk than Luksa.

The news was announced on the official Hajduk website this morning:

"Luksa Jakobusic is the new President of the Management Board of HNK Hajduk. Born in Dubrovnik in 1976, he is an entrepreneur with many years of experience in the private sector and a successful sports worker. He is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Sports Management at Aspira and has completed an EMBA at Cotrugli Business School.

Jakobusic was the president of VK Jug from 2013 to 2017. In that period, the club won five trophies in one season, which until then was not succeeded by any sports club in the country, making him the most successful president in Jug's great history. Luksa Jakobusic served as vice president of HNK Hajduk from May to November 2019.

He is a Croatian veteran and is decorated for his participation in the military-police operation Storm."

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