Hajduk Player's 'Cojones' Celebration Grabs Attention of International Media

By 15 March 2019

March 15, 2019 - You might recall Hajduk making international headlines last month as their iconic badge became the center of Liam Gallagher’s clothing line Pretty Green. The Split club has grabbed media attention once again, but this time, for a goal celebration by one of their youngsters. 

Namely, Hajduk U19 player Tino Blaž Lauš put Hajduk up 3:1 against Hrvatski Dragovoljac in the Junior Croatian First League over the weekend. Lauš scored in the 57th minute to win the game, and after the ball hit the Dragovoljac net, he chose to celebrate in the rather controversial style of Cristiano Ronaldo and Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone. 

The Hajduk player’s celebration, which is now coined the ‘Cojones Celebration’, was first done by Simeone after Atletico scored the second goal in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Juventus. You can see the act below.

“I did it as a player at Lazio and I did it again to show our fans that we have cojones,” Simeone said after the match. 

Cristiano Ronaldo then mimicked the famous move in the second leg after scoring a hat trick to advance Juventus to the quarterfinals. 

While Simeone was only fined for his celebration, UEFA announced they would open an inquiry into the Ronaldo gesture, which could see the famous footballer receive a fine, and even a disqualification for a game.

In Croatia, however, referee Ivan Vučković was not so forgiving. After Lauš imitated Simeone and Ronaldo, he received a red.

International media including Bleacher Report, The Sun, Daily Mail, and Sport Bible have all picked up the story, and many users on Reddit wonder if the Croatian call was fair at all. 

“Am I the only one who doesn't think anyone should get carded for this?” said one user. “Let the boy play” said another. “Refs are just football mods. Ignore half of the rule-breaking but if you dare make fun of them they'll use all their spergy rage upon you,” was also among the comments. 

And then there are those who believe it was the only fair decision. 

“Deserved. Have some manners on the pitch” and “Don’t do everything you see on TV kids” are just a few. 

Should Lauš have been sent off? We’ll let you decide. 

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