Dinamo Zagreb Appoints First Woman President of Management Board

By 5 March 2019

A woman will lead Dinamo Zagreb for the first time in the club’s history. 

The Executive Board of GNK Dinamo has decided to dismiss Igor Kodžoman from the post of president of the Management Board. In his place is Vlatka Peras, former board member of GNK Dinamo. Igor Kodžoman, however, will remain in the club as an advisor to the Board, reports on March 4, 2019. 

This is the first time in Dinamo’s history that a woman has been appointed the president of the Management Board. 

Under the law, Kodžoman was forced to leave his position as president because persons convicted of a criminal act cannot hold such a high position in the sport.

Let's recall, the Dinamo Members’ Association “Dinamo to smo mi'' reportedKodžoman to the sports inspectorate and asked for him to be prohibited from acting in sports, and that they needed to remove him from the club's position immediately. Kodžoman was convicted in a misdemeanor court because GNK Dinamo did not publish the financial report for 2017 within the legal deadline.

In his place is Vlatka Peras, a former member of the GNK Dinamo Management Board. Vlatka Peras was born in Zagreb in 1977 and by profession is an air traffic engineer. Peras has worked for Dinamo since 1998, first as a public relations officer, then in the sports sector, and ultimately became the head of the club's management office in 2005.

At the beginning of 2016, Peras was appointed to the GNK Dinamo Management Board with a commitment to the human resources sector.

“By choosing Mrs. Vlatka Peras as president of the GNK Dinamo Management Board, I think we did the best thing. She is someone who came to Dinamo, starting from the first step and reached the president of the Board. I’ve known Mrs. Peras for almost two decades. Throughout that time, she developed in business and as a person, and I think she has the potential to make Dinamo very good. I also believe that with my knowledge, perseverance and effort, together with other members of the Board, we will successfully lead Dinamo with the full support of all management bodies as well as myself personally. I'm sure that with this, the head of the Management Board will follow the continuation of this successful period at GNK Dinamo,” said the president of the club and executive board, Mirko Barišić.

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