Is Zdravko Mamić Still a Part of Dinamo Zagreb?

By 4 November 2018

The association ‘Dinamo, That’s Us’ announced on Sunday morning that Zdravko Mamić had been removed from Dinamo; deleted from the club’s Membership Registry. GNK Dinamo, on the other hand, quickly denounced the claim to say that Zdravko Mamić is still very much a part of the Zagreb club. 

For all opponents of Zdravko Mamić, this morning could not have started better. The association ‘Dinamo, That’s Us’ released a statement that Zdravko Mamić, Zoran Mamić and Damir Vrbanović were excluded from the Membership Registry of Dinamo. But only two hours later, Mamic's devotees denounced the claim. Namely, GNK Dinamo announced that Zdravko Mamić was never excluded from the club, reports 24 Sata on November 4, 2018. 

Allegedly, representatives of the association ‘Dinamo, That’s Us’ had insight into the register of Dinamo members last week, which failed to mention Zdravko Mamić, Zoran Mamić and Damir Vrbanović, the three convicted for damaging Dinamo for some 116 million kuna, and the state budget of 12.2 million kuna.

The trio was apparently excluded because of Article 19 of the Dinamo Statute 

The three were apparently excluded for Article 19 of the Statute, which states that the club refuses membership to anyone that has caused damage to the club. 

Zdravko Mamić, as you know, is currently in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he is also a citizen. Mamić was sentenced to six years and a half years in prison earlier this year, though he’s been MIA from Croatia since the verdict was announced. Zdravko’s brother Zoran Mamić was also sentenced to four years and 11 months in prison, and Damir Vrbanović to three years. 

‘Dinamo, That’s Us’ had requested for the trio to be expelled from the club in May of this year. 

“Unfortunately, the club never responded to our request, but we are confident that such a thing would not have happened if we did not submit our request at the end of May. We are happy that our pressure and demand have been fruitful and that Zdravko Mamić, as well as Zoran Mamić and Damir Vrbanović, now have nothing more to do with the club. A few years ago this would not have been possible even as an idea,” said Juraj Čosic, President of the Association ‘Dinamo, That’s Us’.

Recall, the request was made by the members of the Association before the court verdict in Osijek, based on Article 19 of the Statute of Dinamo. 

“We welcome the fact that those who have damaged Dinamo are no longer members of the club. What the club needs to do next is ask them to return the unlawfully acquired property gains, which the Assembly of Dinamo failed to do. If they do not, of course, we will have to apply for such a claim, but also seek compensation and criminal responsibility from members of the Club Assembly who voted that Dinamo was not harmed by the verdict of the Osijek court,” Cosišić said.

'Dinamo, That's Us' claims that this exclusion of Zdravko and Zoran Mamić and Damir Vrbanović ended one phase of the club, which now must turn to the future 

“That is why we organized a public forum called 'Dinamo, yesterday, today, tomorrow - a transformation or citizen's association' where we should constructively discuss the situation of the club and its future. Entry to the forum is free, and all fans and members of Dinamo are invited, regardless of their position on this topic. We also called upon the leadership of the club to send a representative because we believe that it is time to discuss Dinamo publicly and in front of the interested audience,” added Čosić.

GNK Dinamo Zagreb, however, had an entirely different take on the situation

“GNK Dinamo has denied all allegations from the public announcement of the association "Dinamo That’s Us” which appeared in the media. Article 19 of the Statute of GNK Dinamo states that the Executive Board is the only body of the club that decides to abolish club membership, and the Executive Committee has never made a decision to exclude Zdravko Mamić from the membership of the club. Likewise, ‘last week’, no one had access to the membership register as is stated in the press release, and consequently, no information from the statement is correct. Finally, we do not know who is interested in spreading disinformation at the time when GNK Dinamo prepares for one of the most important matches in the club's recent history.”