Dina Levačić Conquers Molokai Channel in 13 Hour Swim!

By 29 August 2018

The Split long-distance swimmer and the first ever Croatian to cross the La Manche has achieved yet another incredible success. Dina Levačić has conquered the 42-kilometer long Molokai channel.

Dina Levačić kicked off her incredible adventure in the early hours of Tuesday morning, and just 13 hours later, Dina announced on her official Facebook profile that her adventure was a total success, reports 24 Sata on August 29, 2018. 

Namely, the famous Split long-distance swimmer and the first Croatian to ever cross the La Manche swam from Molokai Island to Oahu Island, Hawaii, which is an outstanding 42 kilometers long.

Apart from the many dangerous sea animals, including sharks and jellyfish, Dina also fought against a forceful wind that caused powerful waves - but not even this could prevent Dina from reaching her intended goal.

In addition to her admirable success, Dina has another reason to celebrate - it’s her grandmother’s birthday! Dina immediately took the opportunity to send a message to her beloved ‘baka’ at the end of her mission, publishing a photo devoted to her grandmother on Facebook with the caption:

“Grandma, I did it! Happy birthday.”

Dina was accompanied by her brother and father on the journey, as well as a kayak who was with the swimmer the entire way. 

After the Molokai Channel, the remaining four marathons from 'Oceans Seven', a marathon swimming challenge consisting of seven open water channel swims, is the North Channel between Northern Ireland and Scotland, the Gibraltar Channel between Europe and Africa, the Tsugar Strait in northern Japan and the Cook Straight between the North and South islands of New Zealand. Dina intends to complete them all.