40,000 Expected at Dalić's World Cup Welcome Party in Livno

By 24 July 2018

Livno is preparing an incredible welcome party for Zlatko Dalić, the Croatia coach and Livno’s most famous citizen.

After the popular coach of Croatia was greeted with a grand spectacle in Zagreb and Varaždin, where he currently lives, on Tuesday, at 19.00, a welcome party will be held for Zlatko Dalić in the neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina, reports on July 23, 2018. 

One week later and the silver at the World Cup in Russia secured, Dalić awaits a spectacular welcome in Livno at the Zgona City Stadium. For those of you that don't know, Zlatko Dalić was born in Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina, but spent much of his football career in Croatia. 

The organizing committee confirms that tens of thousands of people from BiH, Croatia and the rest of the region are expected to applaud the coach tonight. 

According to some estimates at the city stadium, at least 40,000 people should come together to celebrate Dalić’s World Cup success, making this event the largest gathering in the recent history of Livno.

‘Let's show the world how much heart our little Livno has and how much energy can we send to the world. I want everyone to have good and dignified fun, what this region knows how to do. Let's not soil our reputation and dignity, let’s show everyone how great we are in celebration and in everything,” said the proud City of Livno.

The program will begin at 19:00 and will reveal performers Mark Perković ‘Thompson’, Mate Bulić and Miroslav Škoro. Next to them, Jole and Nina Badrić will also heat up the party.

In agreement with the welcome party organizers, Croatian videographer Šime Strikoman will take a millennium photo at the Livno stadium with the thousands of people at the party for Dalić on Tuesday. 

Portal has reported that Croatian national team member Ante Rebić will also join Dalić on Tuesday.

The most intimate gathering in the recent history of Livno is announced!