Stipe Miočić to Defend UFC Heavyweight Championship Title in Las Vegas

On Saturday night in Las Vegas, Stipe Miočić will defend his UFC heavyweight championship title against Daniel Cormier.

Just a few hours after the match between Croatia and Russia, the UFC Octagon will once again welcome Stipe Miočić, who will be joined by his opponent Daniel Cormier, reports on July 6, 2018. 

After Stipe knocked out an essentially complete heavyweight elite, UFC revealed that Stipe’s next challenger would be the current Light Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Cormier. At 39-years-old, Cormier is four years older than Miočić.

While their ages are different, their height and arm range are too. Stipe stands at 193 centimeters tall, and Cormier at just 180. Stipe’s arm range is over two meters and Cormier's is only 184 centimeters. However, do not be fooled.

Cormier, by scale, is similar to Mike Tyson at times - and in his career, he has fought against numerous high and low-level fighters, and beat them all. Some of his notable wins are against Alexander Gustafsson, Josh Barnett, and Frank Mir. His only defeat came from the great Jon Jones.

Miočić, however, has two defeats: Struve and Dos Santos before his incredible championship series started.

Bookies are calling Miočić the favorite to win the fight, taking 70 percent of the pie to Cormier’s 30 percent. 

“It's up to me to do what I have to do, I do not care about estimates or what they say. I’m here to win. I love when they call me a champion and nothing will change that,” Miočić said convincingly. 

How is Stipe preparing for Cormier?"

“Just like any other fight. My coaches have prepared an excellent plan, what I should do. They will not decide what he does, but what I do in the cage."

Stipe Miočić is a 35-year-old American professional mixed martial artist of Croatian descent. Born in Euclid, Ohio, Stipe’s mother is from Rtina in Zadar County, while his father is from Cetingrad in Karlovac County.