Hajduk Sends Ironic Replica Cup Medals to HNS, Bans Executive Members from Poljud VIP

Hajduk hits at the Croatian Football Federation with guns blazing. 

May 25, 2018 - While there hasn’t been peace between Hajduk and HNS for a long time, the fight between the two organizations became even more heated after the Croatian Cup winner was ultimately decided by the errors of the referring team lead by Mario Zebec and Borut Križarić. If you recall, Dinamo became champions after the referees missed two controversial calls at Hajduk’s expense. Hajduk, however, will not back down, and this afternoon, they sent a very clear (no pun intended) message to the Croatian Football Federation. 

Hajduk has thus banned all 17 members of the HNS Executive Board to the VIP Lodge at Poljud and sent them 17 transparent replica medals from the Cup final as a gift. 

"The Croatian Football Federation's Executive Board have been sent transparent medals from Poljud, a replica of the medals awarded on Wednesday night in Vinkovci to the winners and finalists of the Croatian Cup. There are exactly 17 transparent medals, intended for the 17 members of that body of the Croatian Football Federation,” Hajduk wrote, before adding:

"HNK Hajduk, until the announcement and implementation of democratic elections within the Croatian Football Federation and the resolution of the current situation within the referee organization, prohibits entry to the VIP Lodge by members of the HNS Executive Board.”

The club has stated that the only exception would be when some of the executive members are part of other functions, for example, as the official representatives of a visiting club to Poljud. 

"Of course, all HNS executive members, just as all other spectators, are free to buy tickets for all other sectors or tribunes of the stadium to see the most watched Croatian club live (in the season that just ended, we can boast that our games account for 55% of the total league games watched live at all stadiums).” 


Source: HNK Hajduk