Behind the Scenes with Cro Cop: Mirko Filipović Reveals Documentary from Rizin (Video)

See the legendary Croatian fighter up close and personal from last year's Rizin. 

The official Facebook page of Mirko Filipović, who most of you may know better as ‘Cro Cop’, revealed a documentary about Rizin following the Croatian fighters latst duel against the Japanese martial arts legend Tsuyoshi "TK" Kohsaka, reports on May 5, 2018.

"I'm going to be 44 years old, and I really think it's over. I think that's what it is. Although I like it, although it's my life, although I've devoted my whole life to this sport, once in a lifetime you have to pull the line and I think that this is the right time,” Cro Crop says at the beginning of the documentary, which is accompanied by scenes from the eve of the last Rizin.

Mirko also explained that the Japanese veteran was not really the type of opponent he had hoped for, but that he accepted it because they could not find a younger opponent for him in Japan. 

“After winning the Grand Prix, I said to Croatian media that I would like to have one last fair fight. It was my wish to fight Fedor, but unfortunately, Fedor lost his fight to Mitrion so that fight wasn’t possible anymore. I wanted a young and tough opponent, and in the meantime, I had to do at least two fights to keep my body in shape. Fighting keeps me sharp, and I have to go through hard training to keep my body at the top level for fighting.”

After Mirko won in Japan, he announced the end of his fighting days.

“My last fight will be on December 31, 2018, that is my final decision, and at the end of the day, I would love to fight for 20-30 more years but everything must come to an end.”

Take a look at Cro Cop behind the scenes and have a look inside Mirko’s head before and after the Rizin fight below.