Dina Levačić to Swim from Solin to Split for Sv. Duje Humanitarian Action

Join Dina on May 7th to support her in a humanitarian action where she will swim from Solin (14:00) to the Split Riva (17:30).

You might know a thing or two about Split swimmer Dina Levačić by now. For starters, the open swimming champion and member of the long-distance swimming club in Split, recorded impressive results at her Argentine tour at the age of 17, placing fourth in the Rosario marathon and securing sixth place in the 57-kilometer marathon from Santa Fe to Coronda. This Argentine trifecta was the longest open-swimming marathon in the world, following an 88-kilometer route. Dina finished in less than 10.5 hours, and placed 5th overall, less than an hour after the winner of the competition.

Dina then accepted the marathon challenge of her career - the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming. It began with the Marathon Island Marathon Swim, which saw the Split native swim 48.5 km in 7:33:50. Dina then tackled the Catalina Channel, where she swam 32.5 km in 9:47:53. The infamous part of the Triple Crown, however, was the English Channel - a 33.7 km stretch between England and France. Dina completed the challenge in 11 hours and 42 minutes and thus became the first Croatian female athlete to swim the La Manche in its entirety, and the first Croatian athlete to complete the Triple Crown. Not to mention that Dina is also Dina the sixth athlete in history to have completed the Triple Crown in under 90 days. Touché. 

No stranger to the act of giving back, Dina always makes sure she serves a purpose outside of being a champion of the sea. As part of the Sv. Duje celebration two years ago, Dina swam from Trogir to Split for the ‘Anđeli’ Association, and for the event last year, from Omiš to Split for ‘Moje dijete’ in Solin. Dina does not stop for this year’s festivities, and in honor of Sveti Duje, Dina will swim in yet another humanitarian marathon, and this time for the ‘Mir’ Rehabilitation Center, reports Dalmacija Danas on May 4, 2018. 

The ‘Mir’ Center for Rehabilitation is an institution that takes care of about 80 adults, some of whom are permanent residents and others who live in Kaštela and Solin. The center also has an early intervention for children. Some of the many activities in the center include art workshops, music workshops, sports activities and much more.

As with such institutions, a lack of financial resources hinders the program from becoming even better, thus putting the spotlight on collecting funds as the primary goal of this humanitarian action. 

Humanitarian leader and record-breaking swimmer Dina Levačić said ahead of the action that "it would be a shame not to do something when I can do it for those who need it most, and they are the residents of the Rehabilitation Center ‘Mir’.”

On Monday, meet Dina on the south side of Our Lady of the Island in Solin at 14:00, or welcome her to the Split Riva at 17:30!