Two Months To Go and No Tickets Left for Croatia World Cup Games, But is there Still Hope?

By 11 April 2018

All tickets for all three Croatia national team matches in Russia have sold, but there still might be a chance for all of you latecomers. 

Two months before the start of the World Cup in Russia, tickets for all three Croatian matches are no longer available. But everyone dreaming of watching their beloved red and white checkered squad in Russia may have another chance, reports on April 10, 2018. 

"The fifth phase begins in the middle of April, and this is the stage of last-minute sales, where people give up their tickets - and I do not know why. These tickets are then returned to FIFA and FIFA then puts them for sale," said Nikša Martinac, HNS commissioner for ticket sales. 

The number of tickets depends only on the category of tickets purchased. So when someone from the contingent of Croatian fans gives up a ticket, only then is there a new ticket in the Croatian sector.

If no one gives up their ticket, is there a chance to buy tickets then?

"In that case, no, the only option to buy a ticket is if someone gives their ticket up. But it is not as easy as just giving up your ticket and FIFA reselling it to another person. Rather, FIFA opens the ticket for sale, and if there is interest, FIFA sells the ticket and returns 90 percent of the funds the seller,” concluded Martinac.

In other words, if you have not already purchased a ticket to the World Cup, chances are, you will not be traveling to Russia. Furthermore, the capacities of the stadiums hosting Croatia are already overwhelmed. The stadium in Kaliningrad has a capacity of just 35,000 seats, while Nizhny Novgorod and Rostov have 45,000 seats.

"For each of their games, every national team has 8% of the tickets. That percentage is about two thousand and some tickets, and we knew from the start that they would sell out. It is true that this was not like for Austria and Germany where 15 people per ticket were the average on demand,” said Martinac.

However, Croatia has their loyal fans, and the legendary Ćiro Blažević, who is a student at the Forum of Football and Fans, said that Dalić and company could go far in Russia. 

"The Croatian national team possesses such talent on their team - I have analyzed all of our opponents, and the best is Croatian, the best. The most important is the coach, and we have a great coach, and there is no reason not to look forward to the joy of the World Cup.” Croatia, as you know by now, is in Group D of the World Cup with Nigeria, Argentina and Iceland. 

Almost 1,700,000 of those who have already bought their tickets are hoping for their team’s chance at the World Cup. Most tickets were purchased by the hosts (216,134), followed by fans from the United States (16,462), Argentina (15,006), and Colombia (14,755). 

If you are someone determined to be inside a Russian stadium this summer, be prepared, because, on April 18, you’ll have your last chance for tickets.