Croatia Wins First Ever Medal at Winter Paralympic Games!

By 16 March 2018

Bruno Bošnjak won the bronze in snowboarding!

Bruno Bošnjak won the bronze medal in snowboarding in the banked slalom discipline at the Winter Paralympic Games in Pyeongchang! The is the first medal in history for Croatia at the Winter Paralympic Games, reports on March 16, 2018. 

Bošnjak secured the bronze with his second ride, recording a time of 54.08 seconds. The Paralympic gold medal winner is American Noah Elliott who had a time of 51.90 seconds, and American Mike Schultz won silver with a time of 53.42 seconds.

Bruno had a great start in the first run and came in 3rd with a time of 57.23.

"The first ride was okay. I saw that there was still plenty of potentials to accelerate. Now the pressure is lower, thanks to the result of the first run. The trail is icy. Yesterday was raining and tonight was below zero. But, it is not that bad, even though I drifted a couple of times on the track,” Bošnjak said, pointing to the first run.

In the second run, Bruno was even faster. With a time of 54.08, it was the second best of the competition.

"In the first run I gained confidence, I was more dedicated to the line and watched where I could speed up. This time I went all or nothing. It was good, and I believe I could improve the result a little more.”

In the last run, Bruno fell, and American Schultz exceeded his time by 66 hundredths.

"I am delighted to be a part of the history of Croatian performances at the Winter Paralympics by winning the first medal for my homeland. I dedicate this success to my parents, trainers and all those who believe in me. I think this is just a beginning and I believe that I can get many more medals in the sport that means so much to me,” Bošnjak said at the end of the competition.

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