Easter Regatta Finale on X-Yachts Sailboats

By 18 January 2018

Organisers of the strongest Croatian regatta have complied with the wishes of competitors and returned to the programme final sailings on monohulls.

The Easter Regatta finale is to be held on Hvar Island from 21 to 24 March 2018, to be sailed on four identical X4³ sailboats. This is the fruition of a new cooperation of regatta organisers with PBZ Leasing and Nautika Centar Nava company, which has been an agent for the prestigious Danish sailboats since May of last year and now offers X-Yachts in their charter fleet. Organisers of the strongest Croatian regatta, held at the very beginning of the season, have thus complied with the wishes of competitors and returned to the programme final sailings on monohulls, which will put at the forefront only the ability of the skipper and crew, as the four best teams from the group phase will sail on completely identical ships. The X-Yachts sailboats are an excellent choice for the final competitions at the Easter Regatta, as they are the most advanced contemporary serial production boats.


“The Easter Regatta is the most attractive Croatian regatta, important for nautical tourism, but significant in the sports sense as well, so we are especially pleased we have arranged to work with our long-term partners from PBZ Leasing. The new X4³ sailboats for the finale of the Easter Regatta are excellent performance cruisers, have all the sports characteristics of the X brand, but are also very comfortable, offering the pleasure of cruising,” said Inge Čosić from the Nautika Centar Nava company.


The first, qualification phase of the 22nd Easter Regatta will traditionally be sailed in groups split into vessel length, and in that phase the X4³ sailboats will be available for regatta charter. The Easter Regatta is expecting 40 to 50 of the best Croatian crews, to be sailed traditionally in ORC and OPEN groups. It is interesting that last year’s winner of the regatta Tonko Rameša also sails on an X sailboat (the 35 foot model) under the name X-Cite.