105 Hajduk Facts Part 2 - Most Iconic Matches

By 10 February 2016

Selection of Hajduk's most memorable games from 1911 onwards

In our article yesterday, we posted some historic facts about Hajduk, if you missed it you can read it HERE, and today we bring you 21 most iconic Hajduk games of all time. I asked all my sports journalist friends to send me their favourite games and this is our selection. Of course, to a true Hajduk fan every game is equally important, so I invite you to make a list of your own.

1. July 10th, 1927 Hajduk – Ilirija 3-0

It was the first national championship title won by Hajduk, last game played against Ilirija Ljubljana, and Hajduk won 3-0, Mirko Bonačić, Šime Poduje and Ante Bonačić scored historic  goals. Luka Kaliterna was coaching Hajduk, winning his first of three titles.

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1.     2. October 29th, 1950 Hajduk – Crvena Zvezda 2-1


The first game played with Torcida on the stands, Bernard Vukas and Božo Broketa scoring for a win that brought Hajduk the first championship title after WWII. After the game, Belgrade regime newspapers were furious about unseen events off the pitch. A very important note: few weeks before this particular game, Dinamo defeated Crvena Zvezda in Zagreb, pushing Hajduk to the top the table, and Broketa, who became a Hajduk hero after scoring a winning goal, sent a telegram to Dinamo: “While there is a heart, Croatia will survive”. (quoting lyrics by famous Croatian poet A.G. Matoš)

3. March 2nd, 1952 Hajduk – Crvena Zvezda 6-0

Crvena Zvezda won a title in ‘51, and Hajduk players were determined to bring the title back to Split. And they did so, and what a start; in an opening match of the season, champions came to Split, and were trashed 6-0. Bernard Vukas and Vojko Andrijašević scored two goals each, Vlado Schonauer and Frane Matošić sealing the victory that was the first step in their quest for the title.

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4. April 3rd, 1955 Dinamo – Hajduk 0-6

The biggest win ever versus fierce rivals, and sweetly won on the "enemy" turf. The win that was crucial for overtaking another Championship, third in 5 years, with one being denied by football authorities in ’53. It was the last dance for what is probably the best team in Hajduk history, because a year after, Vladimir Beara and Bajdo Vukas left the team. Not to forget the scorers in this game; Vukas 2, Rebac 2, Vidošević 2.

5.       May 24th, 1967 Hajduk – Sarajevo 2-1

Hajduk was denied of a single trophy for 12 years, and reaching the final of the Yugoslavian Cup was their chance. It was the first final to be played outside Belgrade. Sarajevo had a very good team, and was considered a firm favorite, and to ensure a home advantage, legendary Hajduk board Chairman Tito Kirigin staged a draw deciding which club will be hosting the game. He offered Sarajevo representative to choose a ball from the cup, and legend says that both balls contained paper written Split on it. Miroslav Ferić and Zlatomir Obradov were the scorers for the win.

1.       6. June 20th, 1971 Partizan – Hajduk 3-4

Hajduk secured the title before this game, but runners-up were determined to beat Hajduk. Partizan was leading 3-0 after 48 minutes, but Hajduk did not give up. Petar Nadoveza (2), Miroslav Bošković and Ivan Buljan staged one of biggest turnovers in club's history, with more than ten thousand Hajduk fans travelling to Belgrade to celebrate the title.

2.       7. November, 28th, 1973 Crvena Zvezda – Hajduk 1-2

The second out of five in a row Cup titles was won against one of the best teams that Crvena Zvezda had in its history, unfortunately for them, competing against the team called “The golden generation” of Hajduk Split. After drawing the first game 1-1, Hajduk was considered to be the underdog for the title, but Slaviša Žungul and Jurica Jerković scored goals in Belgrade bringing the trophy to Split once again.

1.       8. May 9th, 1976 Partizan-Hajduk 1-6

Partizan and Hajduk were the two rival teams that year, and this game was the one to remember. Trashing opponents on their home ground 6-1, Slaviša Žungul (2), Borislav Đorđević (2), Ivan Buljan and Jurica Jerković scoring the goals, Hajduk was on a path to glory. After the match, coach Tomislav Ivić said: “We shall be the champions if they allow us…” Grim words showed to be the truth, Partizan has won the title in the last match played in Ljubljana against Olimpija, scoring the winning goal in the fifth minute of added time, that not being a part of game regulations in those years. Name Maksimović (referee in that game) still raising emotions when mentioned to Hajduk fans.

2.       9. January 27th, 1980 Hajduk – Manchester United 6-0

Probably the most legendary friendly games ever played on Poljud, and still being a part of Manchester United history as it is a largest margin defeat for the Red Devils ever. As described by my colleague Paul in the linked article, ManUtd had big names on the pitch, but as Hajduk was preparing for Champions Cup quarterfinals, they were always destined for defeat.

10. March 19th, 1980 Hajduk – Hamburger SV 3-2

This defeat is hurting Hajduk supporters to this day. Quarterfinals of Champion Cup, Hajduk lost 1-0 in Hamburg, with HSV scoring the winner which shouldn’t have been  allowed. Poljud was packed, Hajduk was playing probably the best football ever, and HSV had some of the best European players at the time, including Kevin Keagan and Horst Hrubesch. Ivan Buljan, an ex-Hajduk player was a hero for the German team, and Hajduk was out of the competition due to away goal margin.

2.      11. March 21st, 1984, Hajduk – Sparta 2-0

UEFA Cup quarterfinals, Sparta won 1-0 in Prague. Ivan Gudelj scored to get the game to extra-time. The 119th minute was in play, packed Poljud stadium was expecting a penalty shootout. Free kick for Hajduk near the south-east corner flag, all the spectators, and players alike expected a cross. Blaž Baka Slišković had a plan of his own. Kicking the ball from a tight angle, has surprised Sparta goalie, and celebrations started. In semi-finals, Hajduk faced Tottenham, and once again, away goals were the reason for not reaching the finals.

3.       12. May 9th, 1984, Hajduk – Crvena Zvezda 2-1

It was the only trophy for Hajduk in the early eighties, a bit of a surprise, as the team was considered to be good enough even for European titles. Slišković once again scored a goal to remember, shooting a corner kick straight to the net. Zoran Vulić added one, and it was enough for the Trophy, as the second game in Belgrade was a scoreless draw.

4.       13. November 6th, 1985 Hajduk – Torino 3-1

This is where we end the Slišković trilogy. His goal was again a true masterpiece. Aljoša Asanović and Zlatko Vujović completed the win against one of the best Italian teams. It was a year when Hajduk supporters expected Hajduk to go all the way in the UEFA Cup, and beating Torino in the second stage was considered just a steppingstone.

5.       14. November 12th, 1986 Hajduk – Dnipro 2-0

After defeating Torino, Hajduk faced one of the great Soviet teams, Dnipro. The first game was played on a pitch covered with snow, in Krivoy Rog, but one would be surprised by the fact that return game in Split was played in conditions that were even worse. The rain was pouring for days, and the pitch was terribly muddy. It was a game to remember for Ivan Gudelj, one of the most athletic Hajduk players ever, as he scored twice and received a standing ovation from the crowd. Hajduk went on trough to the quarterfinals and lost to Waregem after a penalty shootout.

15.       March 1st, 1987 Dinamo – Hajduk 3-3

Probably the best game played between these two rivals. Sixty thousand people attended the game in Maksimir stadium, half of them being Hajduk supporters, occupying the East stand, as seen in the video below. Stjepan Deverić (ex Dinamo player) scored the first goal for Hajduk, Zoran Vulić scored from some 40 meters, and Aljoša Asanović scored a right-footed volley, him being a leftie, probably the only one in his career.

7.       16. May 8th, 1991 Crvena Zvezda – Hajduk 0-1

It was the beginning of the Homeland War, and the game was almost canceled. Hajduk players travelled to Belgrade in an Army airplane and were facing the team which was to win the European Champions Cup that season. Hajduk had an inexperienced team, and Hajduk fans could only hope to avoid a thrashing by the hosts. In a historic battle, Alen Bokšić scoring the winner, Hajduk brought home a trophy from the competition never to be staged again, and as a consequence that trophy will now forever remain in the Poljud showcases.

8.       17. September 21st, 1993 Hajduk – Croatia 4-2

Hajduk was facing a regime project called Croatia (Dinamo Zagreb in fact), and with best Hajduk player leaving to Croatia that year, tensions were high. Milan Rapaić, beloved by the fans was benched for the game, and with game leveled at 2-2, he was brought to the pitch. He took the ball right away, left a couple of opponent players behind, and hammered the ball to the net from a 30 meters range. He turned to his coach Ivan Katalinić and asked to be replaced. He stayed on the pitch and produced the cross pass for one more goal, scored by Ivica Mornar. Hajduk went on to win the title that year.

9.       18. October 19th, 1994 Hajduk – Anderlecht 2-1

Glory days for Hajduk in its first and only Champions League appearance. In a match crucial for reaching the quarterfinals, Hajduk hosted Anderlecht, and Nenad Pralija and Darko Butorović secured the win for the home team. In the quarterfinals, Hajduk has lost to Ajax, the winner of the Champions League that year.

19. September 30th, 1997 Hajduk – Schalke 2-3

This game is remembered for the atmosphere, rather than the game itself. Schalke came to Split with a two-goal lead, and long before the end of the game, it was clear Hajduk is out of the Uefa Cup. This did not disturb Hajduk fans who celebrated their love for the team throughout the game. In the video below, notice the comment made by a German reporter (04.34 in the video), informing German viewers the noise is not produced by Schalke fans, but the home ones.


20. April, 14th, 2001 Hajduk – Dinamo 3-1

As “Croatia football club” project was left behind after a regime change in Croatia, Hajduk was hoping to regain the Championship title after a 5-year drought. Dinamo came to town, and Poljud was packed once again. Stanko Bubalo was the hero of the game, scoring two goals, second one still a subject to mockery by Hajduk fans when speaking with rivals. Igor Musa scored one, and hopes for the title stayed alive. 

 21.   May 27th, 2001, Varteks – Hajduk 2-4

Hajduk needed a win in the last game of the season, Varaždin was flooded with Hajduk supporters. Home players were confused, as the atmosphere was anything but what they were used to on their home turf. Ivan Leko and Stanko Bubalo scored their doubles, and North-western part of Croatia still remembers a white caravan leaving Varaždin after the game, with thousands of cars, vans and even motorcycles, decorated with Hajduk markings,created a traffic jam through the entire Varaždin – Zagreb road.

Stay tuned for more Hajduk trivia, part 3 coming tomorrow.