Damir Mišković and 'Teanna Limited' Owner of NK Rijeka!

By 29 December 2017

President of NK Rijeka Damir Mišković is now the owner of the Croatian champions.

After Rijeka’s mayor Vojko Obersnel and the city council of Rijeka waived the right of first refusal, 'Teanna limited' and 'Social Sport' signed the legal paperwork to complete the transfer ownership of NK Rijeka, reports on December 29, 2017. 

The company ‘Teanna Limited’, which was registered in London at the beginning of December, is co-owned by Matea and Anna Mišković, daughters of Damir Mišković. It was speculated just last week that Damir Mišković was behind the company, which you can read about here.

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NK Rijeka Facebook

"We thank Mr. Volpi and Social Sports for the support they have provided us for the past five years. Today’s contract of transfer allowed Social Sport to handover the club management to Teanna Limited. The process of ownership change will be officially completed after the Sports Bureau issues administrative approval,” said Mišković, who has been president of the club since 2012.

Mišković, together with Social Sport, built Rijeka, repaired the club's finances, constructed a football camp at Rujevica, and led the club in winning both the Croatian First League and the Cup in 2017, creating history.

"Given the historical successes of Rijeka under Mišković's leadership, today’s move guarantees that Rijeka will remain in the First League and remain at the very top of Croatian football in the coming seasons," read the announcement of the current Croatian champion on Facebook.