New Investigation Launched Against Dinamo Executive Chairman Zdravko Mamić

By 8 February 2016

More problems for the beleaguered Dinamo owner. 

Zdravko Mamić, the Executive Chairman of Dinamo Football Club, had no comment on February 8, 2016 on the latest announcement by the Office for Combating Corruption and Organized Crime (USKOK), which has decided to extend the investigation against him for illegal withdrawal of at least 70 million kuna from Dinamo. However, Mamić announced that he would hold a press conference on Tuesday. He will address the press at 12.30 pm at the club, after "the usual press conference" by his brother, team coach Zoran Mamić who is, according to unofficial information, also suspected in the latest investigation, reports Jutarnji List.

In addition to the Mamić brothers, the third investigation for embezzlement of funds from Dinamo includes Mario Mamić, Zdravko's son; Damir Vrbanović, former CEO and member of the Board of Directors of Dinamo; and entrepreneurs Igor Krota and Sandro Stipančić. The only "new suspect" who has not been mentioned in earlier investigations is football manager Nikki Vuksan.

Since everyone except Vuksan have already been released from prison on bail, USKOK did not seek a remand prison for the suspects.

This investigation was initiated on the basis of the findings made by the Sector for Tax Fraud Detection of the Finance Ministry, and it is suspected that Mamić and other suspects have organized a criminal association in order to use business transactions with companies abroad to illegally take the money which Dinamo earned from the sale of its players.

It is suspected that Zdravko Mamić and other suspects have arranged fake contracts between Dinamo and foreign companies from the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Hong Kong, Gibraltar and the United States of America, for non-existent mediation services during transfer of players. Foreign companies would then send invoices for nonexistent services which were paid by Dinamo.

Executive Chairman of Dinamo is also suspected of signing contracts which allowed certain players to receive 50 percent of future transfers, which were supposed to fully belong to the club but actually illegally ended up in the accounts of foreign companies. USKOK believes that the suspects took at least 69.2 million kuna from Dinamo.

Zdravko Mamić has already been suspected that he and others took at least 117.8 million kuna from Dinamo and that the state budget was left without at least 12.2 million kuna in unpaid taxes. He is also suspected of taking over 10 million euros and half a million pounds from Dinamo since 2004 through various off-shore companies.