Most Bizarre Football Match Ever Held at Bottom of Blue Lake in Imotski

By 8 October 2017

On Sunday, October 8, 2017, the bottom of the Blue Lake in Imotski held one of the most bizarre football spectacles ever.

You know the saying, “when a lake dries up, make it into a football pitch?” 

To turn an environmentally unsettling situation into something positive, the Blue Lake of Imotski held a football match between Vukodlaci (Werewolves) and Vilenjaci (Elves) on its very dried bottom this afternoon. 

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Vukodlaci & Vilenjaci Facebook

Dried up due to this year’s lack of rain and hot, hot heat, this is not the first time we’ve been able to see the bottom of the Blue Lake. 

Statistically speaking, the Blue Lake in Imotski would dry up, on average, once or twice in a hundred years. However, such an occurrence has been recorded three times over the last thirty years, which is indicative of global trends in climate change, not just in this area, reports Dalmacija News on October 7, 2017.

You might also be surprised to find that this is not the first time the people of Imotski have organized a football match at the bottom of the Blue Lake. 

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Vukodlaci & Vilenjaci Facebook

While today’s game was the fifth time the lake has been transformed into a football pitch, the last time we saw such a spectacle was back in 2011.

For today’s meeting, the football pitch was adorned with the symbol of Mercedes, a popular phenomenon for the people of Imotski which has quickly become the trademark of the town

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Vukodlaci & Vilenjaci Facebook

They even had a betting station!

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Vukodlaci & Vilenjaci Facebook

And was it Vukodlaci or Vilenjaci who reigned supreme?

We have learned from Petar, an attendee of the match, that the game ended without a winner. We will have more information on the event soon. 

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Petar Marakana Ujević

Stay tuned!