Darijo Srna may Be Banned from all Ukrainian Competitions

By 27 September 2017

Ukrainian championship doping control coordinator Maksim Becko announced the punishment

Darijo Srna, Croatian footballer and captain of the Shakhtar Donetsk team in Ukraine, may be removed from all competition in Ukraine, while the UEFA will make a decision of its own. Srna was notified of doping control results on September 18, with a 10-day deadline to deliver an explanation, Jutarnji List reported on September 26, 2017.

The decision on Darijo’s fate will be made on September 29. According to Becko, even if Srna proves he did not wilfully consume a forbidden substance, he will still have to bear responsibility. It seems Srna is facing a one to two-year suspension.

Jutarnji List spoke to Zoran Bahtijarević, a physician of the Croatian National Football Team, one of the deputy presidents of the UEFA Health Commission and member of the UEFA Anti-doping Panel.

“I will not comment on the case of Darijo Srna. The same way I did not comment on the Arijan Ademi case, nor do I have the right, nor do I know anything specific about it. Officially, I know nothing of Darijo’s case,” said Bahtijarević.

His advice should be heeded by all athletes.

“We teach athletes that they are responsible for anything found in their organism! Such are the anti-doping rules. We cannot discuss if this is just or not, it just is. An athlete is always responsible. I keep saying the same sentence to athletes: if anyone offers you anything, even if it is your physician, even if it is me, ask what it is, is it a legal substance. If unsure, never take anything, as in the end you will be responsible! Ask, a million times. When Srna is in question, he always, literally always consulted with me. If the test is shown to be positive, then I will say what I have already said: I am convinced there is some mistake.”

He goes on to state anti-doping rules have become harsher.

“We cannot compare case from five or less years ago, as the rules have become much stricter. Evidently with reason, as unfortunately doping is on the rise. A large number of uneducated people are coming forward, some so-called coaches, so-called experts who give athletes certain supplements which will ‘certainly’ work. This is understandable, as the business is huge, lots of money involved, the production of supplements is a huge business.”

In the end, the physician said a memorable sentence: “If something works, it is very likely – forbidden!”

Translated from Jutarnji List.