Did Wayne Rooney Reject Hajduk Player's Shirt? The Real Story

By 25 August 2017

Hajduk supporters are still buzzing after last night’s incredible atmosphere and match at Poljud Stadium in Split.

While Hajduk only pulled out a 1-1 draw last night, which was unfortunately not enough to stop the Everton side from advancing to the Europa League group stage, the favorite club of Split played a brilliant match - and it’s safe to say that they legitimately outplayed this Premier League team.

The spectacle was complete with an unbelievable goal by Hajduk’s Josip Radošević and a stadium shocker by Everton debutant Gylfi Sigurdsson, a few mistakes, a little bit of luck, and atmosphere that had everyone convinced Hajduk has the best support in the world.

One detail from last night’s match, however, has been picked up by football fans from all over the world, reports Dalmacija Danas on August 25, 2017. 

Specifically, Twitter users began sharing a video that shows the Hajduk goal scorer from last night, Josip Radošević, looking to exchange shirts with Everton's Wayne Rooney after the match. 

Rooney, the record goalscorer for the England national team and his former club, Manchester United, was quick to give Radošević the shirt off his back - but what caught everyone’s eye? 

It looks as though the English footballer refused to take Radošević’s shirt in return, even though it is usual practice. You can see the video below.

One Twitter user exclaimed: "I think Josip Radošević wanted Wayne Rooney to have his shirt just as much as he wanted Rooney’s Everton shirt. Poor kid."

Fortunately, that was not the case, and Slobodna Dalmacija reported that Rooney did indeed switch shirts with Radošević in the dressing room. A true professional.

We apologize for any confusion and are happy this story does indeed have a happy ending.

Bravo to Hajduk and Everton for an incredible match in Split last night.