A Message from Split Mayor to Citizens Ahead of Hajduk and Everton Tonight

By 24 August 2017

The mayor has sent a message to the citizens of Split before the match between Hajduk and Everton.

The mayor of Split Andro Krstulović Opara posted a message on his Facebook page to the citizens of Split before the match between Hajduk and Everton. 

“Split today is the host of a major sporting event, the playoff match for UEFA Europa League between HNK Hajduk Split and Everton Football Club. The interest in this match is great, and in Split, there is a significant number of guests. The tickets for the match have been sold out for a long time, and we are confident that an excellent atmosphere awaits us that we will remember forever. Such great interest, especially now during the tourist season, carries risks that we must be aware of today. I appeal to police officers and members of all security services to increase vigilance so that they will be a guarantor of safety for our citizens and our guests. I also call on all citizens who will attend the match, at the stadium or in the open, to show Split's warmth in their behavior and actions, and our hospitality, which is always graceful,” said Krstulović Opara.

“Let us celebrate this great holiday together that we have been eagerly awaiting. I am convinced that all of us together, at the stadium and outside of the stadium, can create the authentic atmosphere we are widely known for to help our boys on the pitch achieve the excellent result I believe we can,” Opara concluded.