Jug Beaten in Champions League Final

Jug lost to home-team Szolnoki 10-5

Jug lost the final match of the LEN Champions League in Budapest on May 27, 2017. Their hopes of defending the European title lasted just a few minutes as the team from Dubrovnik started the game in a great shape.

Unfortunately, after taking a 3-1 lead at the start of the match, the Final-Six competition system took its toll, as Jug players just ran out of steam, having to play three tough games in three days.

The home team had played just one match previously, so once again it showed that it is really hard to win the LEN Champions League, starting the Final-Six tournament from the quarter-finals.

Viktor Nagy, the home goalkeeper, saved too many Jug shots, but those shots had no real strength in them.

He got the best goalkeeper award, and Serbian player Igor Prlainović, also playing in the Szolnoki team, was awarded as the most valuable player of the tournament.

This was the eighth time in Jug’s history the team has reached the finals of the Champions League, and now they have four wins, and four losses. One should wish them more luck for the next year edition of the Final-Six, which will be hosyed in Genova.

Of course, even though they lost the finals, they are to be congratulated for a great season.