Sensational Jug Did It Again!

Jug beat the “water-polo dream team” 10-9 in the semi-final match of the LEN Champions League for the second year in a row

Jug’s last year’s semi-final win vs. the richest and the most famous world team, Pro Recco was considered to be a surprising one, but although not a lot of people expected them to repeat that success, on May 26. 2017, they stunned the Italian side once more.

The team from Dubrovnik, not as rich or famous as the Italian one but with a heart big as Srđ hill, was dominating the today’s match in every aspect. The players of favorized Recco were expected to dominate in a physical sense, as Jug had to play the tough game yesterday, and they were resting.

Dubrovnik players did not care for the expectations. Supported by the large group of their fans who traveled all the way to Budapest, they got over all the obstacles and staged one more historical event for the legendary club from the south of Dalmatia.

The team will play in the tomorrow’s final versus one of two Hungarian sides, either Szolnoki or Eger, who play their semi-final match later tonight.

If Jug manages to win the finals, it will be the first time to defend the title. They won four European Champions titles in history, but never have they managed to win two in a row.

Good luck, lads!