Hajduk Legends; Yugoslav Cup Winners Reunite 50 Years After

Hajduk reunited the 1967 Marshall Tito Cup winners on the 50th anniversary of the first out of 15 national cups Hajduk won in its history

The history of Hajduk is full of legends and great stories but on May 24.2017. Hajduk made history once again. The club marked the 50th anniversary of the first National Cup title and all the players and the families of the late ones reunited at Poljud Stadium.

It was quite an emotional event, as some of them met for the first time in decades, and tears were to be seen in their eyes as they hugged and laughed together. Players travelled from all around Europe to be in Split yesterday.

The club presented them with unique memorabilia made for this occasion, and the most emotional moment was visiting the Lovrinac cemetery, where the players and the families of the late ones visited the graves to pay the respect to the deceased colleagues.

Miroslav Bošković, the legendary Hajduk player, travelled from Montenegro to be in Split for this reunion, and as he was talking to the press after the event, tears poured from his eyes. In quite an emotional speech he said that Hajduk is not only the greatest club in the region, but also a family.

He thanked the Hajduk officials for organising the event, and called upon all to support the club, as “only a fool can be against Hajduk.”

The Marshall Tito silver-made trophy is one story to be told. It is to stay in Hajduk showcases for eternity, as Hajduk won that cup in 1991, and that was the last edition of the Yugoslav Cup. As the winner gets to hold on to the original silver-made cup for the time being a reigning Cup Champion, there is nobody to claim it, so Hajduk fans can see it when visiting the Poljud Stadium.

And, yes, your reporter seized the opportunity to hold it for a couple of seconds. Dreams do come true, both for players and fans alike.