Another Croatian sets New Free Diving Record

By 13 March 2017

Croatian national of Italian origin Valentina Cafolla set on Sunday a new world record in distance diving under ice, traveling in lake Anterselva in the South Dolomites, 125 metres in one breath

Valentina is 19 years old, and her world record came from the second attempt, after she had to abort the first, Glas Istre reported on March 13, 2017.

“I didn’t take an ideal breath before I dove in and panicked a little and had to surface after 75 metres,” described the new world record holder her first, failed attempt, after which she had no more room for error.

In the second attempt she managed to pass 125 metres, spending one minute and 27 seconds under the ice cover which was at times 70 centimetres thick. But the second attempt didn’t go smoothly either, as Valentina had to struggle to stay conscious after surfacing, one of the conditions set by the World Confederation for Underwater Activities.

“I am overjoyed the intensive preparations paid off. I am also happy that the next time I will be diving in warmer waters,” said Valentina. Her feat comes less than two weeks after another Croatian diver, Lidija Lijić set a Guinness world record in free diving under ice with a distance of 123 metres.