Balić’s Coaching Team Sacked By Croatian Handball Federation

By 1 February 2017

As we announced in our previous article, Ivano Balić, Željko Babić, Petar Metličić and Venio Losert lost the vote of confidence by CHF Board

It was clear that something is wrong in the final days of the World Handball Championship regarding the relationship between the Croatian Handball Federation Officials and the coaching staff of the national team. TCN published the analysis on the day of the team’s return to Zagreb and on January 31. 2017, our prediction turned to be right.

CHF’s President, Tomislav Grahovac announced that the Federation Board decided to sack Ivano Balić, Željko Babić, Petar Metličić and Venio Losert. The reason, according to him was the lack of ambition od the coaching team and poor management of the team.

The Board named the committee which will decide on the future National Handball Coach. Grahovac pointed out that the next coach will have liberty to choose his assistants, and there are no obstacles for some former assistants to be appointed again.

This seems as the Board is not ready to dismiss big handball names just yet, but the question remains if Balić, Metličić, and Losert have the will to continue the cooperation with the CHF leaders, although that word could easily be replaced by the name Zoran Gobac, the real boss of the Croatian Handball.