Croatia And Slovenia Play For The Bronze Medal Tonight

By 28 January 2017

There are no unknown facts between the two rival teams, and the main question is who has more fuel left in the tank

Croatian team licks its wounds after a heartbreaking defeat in the last night’s semi-finals, and less than twenty-four hours after the final whistle was blown, they have the most important match to play on January 28. 2017. The opponent is a familiar rival; neighboring Slovenia has the same dream as the Cowboys.

The tactics will not be decisive in the tonight’s game, as Slovenian coach Veselin Vujović coached quite a few Croatian players, and a lot of Slovenian players played for Zagreb, so there is not much room for surprises there.

Croatia surely has some more quality in the team, but there is a big question if the players will have enough stamina, both physical and psychological, to endure the challenge of such a big game.

The good news is that the coach and the players alike were able to point out the importance of the bronze medal match when talking to the media after the loss suffered last night.

The throw-off for the game is scheduled 20.45 CET.