Dinamo Celebrating Title With A Little Help By Lokomotiva

Dinamo is celebrating the title as a guest at their own stadium, against Lokomotiva.

If anything is unclear in the headline of this article, we will explain. Lokomotiva and Dinamo were to play the last match of the season at Lokomotiva’s home venue. All season, Lokomotiva were playing their home games at Kranjčevićeva Stadium (home of NK Zagreb). As Kranjčevićeva Stadium is occupied by the Zagreb - Hajduk match which is to be played in the same time, the match will be played at Dinamo’s Stadium.

But this is not all there is. Dinamo has announced the celebration of the title, and has called upon their supporters to attend the game. The tickets for east and north stand will be free. It is not usually the case for the organizer of the matches to give away half of stadium to the away supporters, and more so for free.

And if you think this is the end of the odd events regarding this match, you could not be more wrong. The distribution of free tickets will be done by - Dinamo’s ticket point.

As there are so many people pointing out that Lokomotiva is nothing else but Dinamo’s affiliation club, this is certainly not going to be an argument for football officials who claim a different case.