Friday, 10 June 2022

SDP Advocates Ban On Energy Drink Sales To Minors

ZAGREB, 10 June 2022 - MEP Biljana Borzan and MP Andreja Marić of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) on Friday announced that they plan to resend a motion to the Sabor to ban the sale of energy drinks to minors, saying that 80% of citizens support that idea according to a survey.

During a press conference in Parliament House, Borzan recalled that one year has passed since the death of a minor after consuming an energy drink and that SDP had proposed a bill in 2018 already that would have restricted the sale of energy drinks to minors similarly to some other countries.

That received the support of the entire opposition and even some ruling Croatian Democratic Union lawmakers, however, the bill was rejected by the then health minister Milan Kujundžić, claiming that there was no data on how many minors actually consumed energy drinks.

96% of students have consumed energy drinks, 61% take them with alcohol

Presenting the results of a survey conducted among 271 secondary school students in the eastern Croatian town of Županja, Borzan said that 69% of them said that the price of energy drinks did not deter them from purchasing them while 96% said they consume energy drinks even though 86% of them know they are unhealthy.

She added that the school in Županja is probably not an exception and the results would be identical in any part of the country.

Borzan said that the survey indicated that 70% of students started drinking energy drinks while still in elementary school.

In addition, 8% drink an energy drink once a day, 5% several times during the day, 9% consume it often and 22% regularly.

Borzan in particular warned that it was concerning that 61% of the students said they consume energy drinks with alcohol.

Another survey of 805 citizens throughout the country showed that 80% of citizens support a bill that would ban the sale of energy drinks to minors.

It is obvious that the sale of energy drinks to minors must be regulated by law, she said, appealing to Health Minister Vili Beroš to ban their sale.

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Friday, 10 June 2022

Croatia Logs 285 New Coronavirus Cases

ZAGREB, 10 June 2022 - In the last 24 hours, 285 coronavirus cases, out of 1,835 tests, and two related deaths have been registered in Croatia, the national COVID-19 crisis management team said on Friday.

There are 2,125 active cases, including 165 hospitalised patients, six of whom are on ventilators.

To date, Croatia has registered 1,139,319 coronavirus cases, the death toll is 16,014, and 68.76% of the adult population has been fully vaccinated.

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Friday, 10 June 2022

The Art that Defines Croatia: From Lord Byron to Game of Thrones

June 10, 2022 - From renowned authors to thrilling narratives and illustrious actors and producers, there are certain masterpieces that reveal something essential about the crescent-shaped country of Europe. Croatia, a country overflowing with culture and a home to many creative souls, has faced richly deserved appreciation from various cultural works. These people and narratives have become integral to the country’s identity, demonstrating the way it is perceived through the eyes of foreigners. A look at the art that defines Croatia. 

Croatia has revealed itself to be a nation ‘forged in war’, emerging precisely in 1991 as an independent country. The centuries of unrest at the outer edges of earlier empires, as well as a devastating civil war when Tito’s Yugoslavia collapsed, had soon formed one of the most dynamic and creative countries in Europe; showcasing brilliancy to any tourist deciding to visit.

Starting from some of the distinguished books set in Croatia that depict the country’s enigmatic history, many will divulge in the “Black Lamb and Grey Falcon; A journey through Yugoslavia” written and published by Rebecca West. While those searching for a light-hearted novella might be lured into “Two Tickets to Dubrovnik” by Angus Kennedy as he depicts the area’s history and draws up a beautiful setting of the city. 

Moreover, not only are their books set in the celebrated central European and Mediterranean country but there are also authors who have shared their views on Croatia’s mesmerising landscapes. The great walled city of Dubrovnik, a popular tourist destination situated on the southern Adriatic coast, is famously known to be the “pearl of the Adriatic” as its picturesque views stun the most renowned poets of the world. This description from Lord Byron in the nineteenth century – one of the greatest Romantic poets in English Literature – has become unnoticed by numerous tourists that visit Dubrovnik every year.

Additionally, George Bernard Shaw, an Irish playwright who has been awarded both a Nobel Prize in Literature and an Academy Award, shared his sentiments on the city’s sheer magnificence. Upon his visit to Dubrovnik in 1929 he revealed: “If you want to see Heaven on Earth, come to Dubrovnik”.

And of course, you know that it is no secret that Game of Thrones was set in Dubrovnik as its primary filming location, but were you aware that the country itself has been continuously producing fascinating talents within the movie industry? Some of these surprising actors and producers include John Malkovich – who has received Academy Award Nominations for his distinguished performances – and Goran Višnjić – a Croatian American actor making an appearance in both American and British films and television productions. 

For many, Croatia is the entrance to the New World, and the country’s distinct personality has been shaped by generations of shocking talents who have passed through or lived in the country. Its nation conveys incredible nature, astonishing history, and generations of artists who celebrate the beauty of such land. So, it seems that no aspect of the culture-rich country of Croatia has gone unexplored by authors or even filmmakers – making it a sight worth seeing!

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Friday, 10 June 2022

Zadar Digital Nomad Week: A-List Lineup, Starts Today, Full Programme

June 10, 2022 - Following award-winning events in Zagreb and Dubrovnik, the team from Saltwater Nomads unveil their latest - Zadar Digital Nomad Week, which starts today. Great programme!

Zadar Digital Nomad Week - press release 10/6/2022

Zadar is ranked as one of the fastest-growing hubs for digital nomads in Croatia by Nomad List. The CEO of Wifi Tribe recently dubbed it “the one to watch” in Croatia at the Work.

Place. Culture. Conference in Dubrovnik. It’s easily accessible by road, sea and air. Zadar has a very affordable cost of living, an abundance of nature and recreation and a growing coworking and business community. If you have the option to work from anywhere, Zadar, and the lifestyle it affords, has fast become a “get in now” destination - and this event showcases highlights - including the wider off-path region.

From 10-17 June, Saltwater Nomads presents the first-ever Zadar Digital Nomad Week - a week-long program in Zadar and the region. It follows the format of the acclaimed Zagreb Digital Nomad Week, devised by Saltwater Nomads in 2021. This event is supported by the Digital Nomad Association Croatia, KPMG Croatia, Cognism, Authland, Safety Wing, Total Croatia News, the University of Zadar, City of Zadar and Tourist Board of Zadar. The Embassy of the Netherlands and the Australian Embassy in Croatia also joined to support five of their nationals in person in Zadar.


The event will feature over 30 speakers in person and virtually, including experts in remote work, lifestyle and business.

Keynotes will take place from kayaks on Croatia’s largest lake, Paklenica’s peaks and Tesla’s birthplace - Zadar Digital Nomad Week’s lineup reflects the “digital-by-nature” city.

The keynote speakers include: Dr Diane Erceg, an Antarctic guide and academic turned writer, who has visited the ice continent 44 times and is now penning a memoir on lessons learned after nine nomadic years around the planet. Yes, there will be penguins.

Dean Kuchel, the self-proclaimed ‘King of Digital Nomads’, who has been to over 100 countries, and Croatia many times will, as always, deliver an inspiring Call To Arms to take up digital nomadism.

Kashlee Kucheran, world-class Travel Lifestyle trendsetter, covers the must-sees and emerging destinations for nomads. As her site’s name, Travel off Path, implies - Kashlee unlocks the unknown in destinations. With a base in Mexico, the journey of discovery around the Balkans is one you’ll want to catch, especially if this part of Europe’s on your travel radar.

Michael Freer of the recently launched Impact House, formerly Digital Nomad Association (DNA) Croatia, will deliver a speech on social impact - from a kayak, on Croatia’s largest Lake embarking at Camp Vransko Jezero.

Jan de Jong, dubbed the godfather of Croatia’s digital nomad visa, will represent the Digital Nomad Association (DNA) Croatia alongside community manager Romana Konjevod and DNA Croatia co-founder Tanja Polegubic, CEO of Saltwater Nomads, delivering the event.

Workshops and Masterclasses by: Mandy Fransz (LinkedIn Branding) and Steve Tsentserensky (The Content Nomad - The Dark Art of Upwork), Charlie Brown (Making Money on Medium), Podcasting - in a winery, by Marlee McCormick and Jeff Burkett. Virtual ‘podcasting for business’ by Maya Middlemiss, Ethan Meyers and Sam Brown on Entrepreneurship and Desmond Dixon - on building an 8-figure business - and selling as you travel. The event even has a Chief Nomad, 4-year nomad, Anna Maria Kochanska from Poland.

The program includes fitness sessions, locally brewed kombucha tastings, podcasting, panels at coworking spaces - and a nod to Tesla. The man and the machine.


Zadar Digital Nomad Week includes a day trip - in a Tesla, to Tesla’s birthplace. The trip is courtesy of Rent A Tesla.

For those looking to start this lifestyle, there will be a Watch Party for the premier of remote expert Rowena Hennigan’s LinkedIn Learning course on how to be a digital nomad.

The Content Nomad Steve Tsensentrensky and Charlie Brown, two nomadic writers making a living on the road will hold masterclasses and workshops.

Dallas, Texas radio host Marlee McCormick and her veteran sound engineer husband Jeff Burkett, intermittent nomads in Europe - are in Zadar to deliver a masterclass in Winery Fiocic (yes, a simultaneous wine tasting). “Call that a podcast?” will challenge the “anyone can podcast” notion, from two industry experts. If you’ve been thinking about podcasting - or already do, this is a session to learn how to podcast like a pro.

Maya Middlemiss, the freelance queen, gives a special masterclass for digital nomads in particular - to consider creating podcasts as a service. Companies are calling for it- she knows, it’s what she does. You’ll even get access to an AMA (ask me anything) session later.

On the topic of AMA’s. We’ve got three.

  1. Ukrainian digital nomad, Orest Zub, in the 100+ country club, will be live on DNA Croatia’s LinkedIn page for an AMA.
  2. Violeta Debro from KPMG Croatia will be online for your tax questions. You can even write in anonymously to us, and we’ll posit the question.
  3. And Dr Diane Erceg will be online for “everything you’ve wanted to know about going to Antarctica… but were afraid to ask”. It’s a special 1-hour session with AMA.

Later in the afternoon, Diane is part of the crew heading up to ‘digitally disconnect’ and reconnect with Nature on the peaks of Paklenica National Park (close to Zadar). Guests at Zadar Digital Nomad Week 2022 will take a 2-hour hike, with streams, flora and fauna and a moon-like landscape - and a haven for climbers. The mountain hut will be the backdrop of a Campfire Keynote for the in-person.

More special guests will be announced through the week - including 8-figure nomad podcaster Desmond Dixon and experts who shape entire tech ecosystems around the world, as well as Croatia experts assisting digital nomads come and even stay in Croatia. Who might they be? Tune in to find out - the series will be streamed on Saltwater Nomads Youtube and DNA Croatia LinkedIn.

And - does everyone love digital nomads? No! Hear from nomads and locals about the impact this market is having on tourism.

Press contact: Tanja Polegubic.

+385 91 330 8000

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

VIsit the official Zadar Digital Nomad Week website.

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Friday, 10 June 2022

Luka Modrić's Wartime Refuge Revamped: Hotel Iž in Zadar Officially Opens as 'A'mare' in July

June 10, 2022 - The former Hotel Iž, where Luka Modrić and his family were housed during the Homeland War, will open as 'A'mare' hotel next month.

Renovations on the former Hotel Iž in Zadar are coming to an end, and in mid-July, it should open its doors as 'A'mare', reports Slobodna Dalmacija

"Every resident of Zadar and many of their guests have certainly heard of the hotel "Iž". Finally, after years of decay, one of the city’s icons will shine in a whole new light. 

To keep the heart of Zadar in the hotel, we came up with the name 'A'mare', which is synonymous with the famous historical heritage of the city, the amarena that marked many lives of Zadar families. The latest gem in the tourist offer opens its doors on July 1 and is looking for diligent, responsible, and ambitious people with the motivation to work in tourism," reads the advertisement from 'Green Tech Group' on the internet portal Moj Posao where they are looking for kitchen workers.

Behind Green Tech Group is a young Zadar entrepreneur Anthony Ninčević, son of the famous Mladen Ninčević, who also owns the hostel "4 You" in Zadar and Zagreb.

Recall, in the autumn of 2018, the Government decided to sell a majority stake in the former single military hotel Iž, where refugees lived during the Homeland War, including today's world-famous football player Luka Modrić and his family. It was sold to Ninčević's company for 11.47 million kuna.

The renovated tourist facility will have about a hundred rooms and a dozen four-star apartments. They will be able to accommodate about 250 guests.

Computer simulations of the future appearance of the kitchen and part of the hotel interior have also been published on the pages of the Moj Posao portal. The central hotel building has been renovated; a built-in elevator can be seen on the facade, while work on the annex - where the hotel's reception and restaurant will be - is in full swing to meet opening deadlines, more likely by mid-July.

At the end of the season, the plan is to continue the work on improving the hotel infrastructure. Namely, the owners are negotiating with the City about the conditions for arranging the square in front of the hotel. An underground garage should be built below it, and the square above is planned to be renovated and arranged following modern communal standards.

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Friday, 10 June 2022

Sunset Sports Media Festival Welcomes International Sports Stars in Zadar

June 10, 2022 - The greatest professionals in the world of sports will spend the next two days in Zadar at the SUNSET Sports Media Festival, which was officially opened on Thursday night at the Punta Skala Hotel in Petrčane.

SUNSET Sports Media Festival is a project that will set new standards in the organization of sports business events, and the participants of the festival are the world's biggest faces in the world of sports and sports production, writes 


Italian sports journalist Giulia Diletta Leotta. (Photo: Sime Zelic/PIXSELL)

One of the most famous sports journalists in the world, Italian Giulia Diletta Leotta, arrived in Zadar for the festival. With her commitment to the life of a reporter, which is closely related to her other love - sports, Diletta inspires many women, but also people around her, so we can often see her professionally and passionately reporting from the football field.


Peter Schmeichel, Ray Lewis, Julian Edelman, Stephen Espinoza, and Damjan Rudez. (Photo: Milan Sabic/PIXSELL)

Former goalkeeper of the Danish national football team Peter Schmeichel, legendary American football players Julian Edelman and Ray Lewis, and producer and director Pete Radovich, famous Zadar man with an American address and winner of more than 40 Emmy awards who is also the ambassador of the first SUNSET Sports Media Festival.


Sports media producer and director Pete Radovich. (Photo: Sime Zelic/PIXSELL)

''Zadar is a sports city and there is no better location for the Sunset Sports Media Festival than this one. Whether you work in sports production or not, it will certainly be interesting to learn from the most famous people in this business and find out why they make the decisions they make. The most important thing about the whole festival is to find out what modern technology in sports is now available. Although some visitors are not in sports production, this is a great opportunity to learn from those who are.'', said Pete Radovich, adding that the stars of the SSMF festival, despite the rain that fell on the first day of the festival, were delighted with the city of Zadar.

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Friday, 10 June 2022

Finnair Croatia Routes from Helsinki Boosted from June 20

June 10, 2022 - The latest flight news to Croatia as Finnair Croatia routes have been boosted to Split and Dubrovnik from June 20. 

Finnish airline and Oneworld alliance member Finnair will increase the number of flights to two Croatian airports in the second half of June, reports Croatian Aviation

Namely, Finnair will increase the number of flights to Split and Dubrovnik from June 20, while the number of weekly flights between Helsinki and Zagreb will remain the same as before.

The Finnish national airline will operate 24 return flights between Helsinki and Zagreb until the end of July this year. The line was introduced on May 1 this year, and operations continue three times a week, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Instead of aircraft from the A320 family, the airline will mainly use smaller capacity aircraft, type E190 (100 seats) between the two cities, while A319 aircraft have also been announced on certain dates. 

By the end of July, Finnair will offer a total of 5,480 seats between Helsinki and Zagreb.

As for Split Airport, three flights a week are announced until June 19, on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and from June 20, a fourth flight a week is available, every Friday. The stated number of weekly operations is planned through the peak summer season. Unlike the route to Zagreb, Finnair to Split is announcing A321 and A320 aircraft (209 and 174 seats). 

Between Split and Helsinki, Finnair will offer 11,840 seats by the end of July. 

The situation is similar in Dubrovnik. Until June 19, three flights a week are also announced, on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and from the next day, a flight is also available on Thursdays. A320 and A321 aircraft have been announced between the two cities, but A321 aircraft will be more frequent in Resnik than in Čilipi.

Between Dubrovnik and Helsinki, the Finnish airline is offering 11,655 seats until July 31.

Finnair counted on a larger number of transfer passengers from Asia, but due to the war in Ukraine and the closure of Russian airspace, routes to Asia have either been significantly reduced or suspended, so most passengers are on lines to or from Croatia point-to-point.

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Friday, 10 June 2022

Dobro World Cup Qualifications in Osijek: Ude, Seligman, Benović and Korent in Final, Ercegović 2nd Reserve

June 10, 2022 - Croatia has secured four finals in the Dobro World Cup qualifications, which will be hosted by Osijek's City Garden Hall until Sunday!

On the first day of qualifications, Filip Ude and Robert Seligman on the pommel horse, Aurel Benović on the floor, and Tijana Korent on the vault won a spot among the eight best and Saturday's fight for medals, while World Cup debutant Antea Ercegović is the second reserve for the vault finals. 

Filip Ude came to his 65th World Cup final with the best qualifying exercise and a score of 14,350, while Robert Seligman entered the 63rd final of his career as 6th (13,550).

"65 career finals ... there are still up to a hundred! I'm joking. I am satisfied, I went for an easier exercise, and I did great, even though I did not warm up the best. Somehow I felt hard on the warm-up, a little powerless, but as soon as I raised my arm, and received the pommel horse, the strength appeared and the tremor disappeared, so this is one of the few exercises that I did better than in training. Every element just sat in place and timed exactly when I should be in the exercise," said the former silver medalist.


Slobodan Kadic

"We are not bad for grandparents", he commented with a laugh because he and Seligman are 36 and in the grand final.

"Next year will be me, and I believe Robert, 30 years as we train. I think 95% of gymnasts here are not even 30 years old, and we train that much. I am proud of us, of myself and Robbie, that we are still at the top of the World Cup, we are fighting with twice as many young people and I hope that we are an example to someone that we can. Finals? I’m going to practice with the Busnari element that I haven’t competed in 2.5 years. That's a 50-50 chance. I started preparing the exercise for next year and the Olympic qualifiers."

Before the competition, Robert Seligman announced that this was his last tournament in Osijek and that he wanted to say goodbye in the finals, but for him today he trembled until the last qualifying group.


Slobodan Kadic

"The final is important. I’m very happy about it, but I’m still a little empty. I was the first of 6 groups, it was hard to watch it all until the end, you all know how much this performance in Osijek means to me. I want to perform on Saturday in front of full stands and thank them in the most beautiful way possible for all these years of unconditional support. The 13,550 score isn’t something I’m really happy with, but it turned out to be enough for the finals. On Saturday, everything starts from scratch, we will change something a little in the exercise. I am well prepared, I showed that last weekend at PH here, and I believe I will train at a high level again. We’ll see what that score will bring. Who knows what may happen in the final," Seligman said enigmatically.

"I'm going to enjoy the final."

Another Osijek resident will perform in front of his fans in his hometown. Aurel Benović reached the 9th final of his career with the fifth place in the floor qualifications (13,900), where the best was Adem Asil from Turkey (14,200). The current Olympic winner, Israeli Artem Dolgopyat, did not have his day, and due to a series of mistakes and falls he finished 31.


Slobodan Kadic

"I did the exercise at a medium level, but I am satisfied. I hope to do better in the final and fix the 4th diagonal that I screwed up now and I hope it will be a much much higher grade. Dolgopyat performed before me, unfortunately, he did not sit down to practice in this competition, but he is the strongest when it comes to getting the most, and he showed that in Tokyo. This will just be his rehearsal for the future. I’m sorry we're not in the finals to fight together. I will go with this same exercise in the final with a start of 6.3, but I hope to fix the exercise, and for the Euros that await us in Munich I expect to increase to 6.5, as Artem. If I stabilize it, I can work on it until the end of my career, and I think I will stand on the highest pedestals," said Aurel.

The most experienced member of the Croatia women's national team, Tijana Korent, reached the 37th final of her career in sixth place with 12,849 on the vault. Slovenian Teja Belak was the best (13,733).

"After 10 days, I managed to enter another World Cup final. But I have to admit, I still prefer this to the one in Varna, this is the World Cup at home, the home crowd. It was tense until the very end, the competition is really strong this year because everyone likes to come to Osijek. Today I jumped one new jump, the first one, I had a small mistake when landing, however, that jump was still made on my feet. For the fourth time in a row, I managed to make it now and I hope this is an indication that I can do it as a constant in competitions. I will try another new jump in the final. Everyone asks me how much longer I will, and I only planned to be there as long as I see that I can, as long as I feel good. When I feel my body not allowing it, I will stop. Now I feel good and I enjoy being here," said Tijana.

Antea Ercegović also shone. The second reserve for the finals of the high jump, 10th place among the 25 high jumpers is more than enough for her first time.

"I was very excited, but also nervous. All this is new to me, I compete with girls who have experience in competitions like this, who train for a long time, they are much better than me, but I made both jumps great, better than I imagined. I have no complaints and I can't wait to compete in such a big competition. Now I know why all our national team members adore Osijek."

In the qualifiers, the best was the great Turkish Ferhat Arican (15,400), one of the biggest names in this competition, and in the uneven bars, Hungarian Zoja Szekely (13,600).

On Friday, the second qualifying day, which starts at 3 pm in the hunt for the finals,  Tin Srbić will compete on the horizontal bar, Ana Đerek on the beam and the floor, and Tina Zelčić on the beam.

GOOD World Cup, part of the FeelGood Tour conference

Gymnastics has been the number one story in Osijek in recent days, and the Dobro World Cup, which has just reached its 13th edition, is one of the main stories of the "FEELGOOD Tour" Conference on the topic of sports tourism. Organized by the Regional Competence Center of the Catering and Tourism School from Osijek, Gymnastics Society Osijek-Žito, and Osijek-Baranja County, the aim of the conference was to improve the offer of sports facilities, all in order to enable educational fair-play sports associations and give wind to all organizers of sporting events that sport and tourism are a great combination. Among a number of great lecturers was the manager of the World Cup competition in Osijek, Ivana Maltašić with the topic of Case Study.

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Friday, 10 June 2022

Massive 52 Million Euro Project to Begin Transformation of Vis Island

June the 10th, 2022 - A massive 52 million euro project is set to begin the transformation of gorgeous Vis island, bringing it up to a far higher level when it comes to tourism.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes, with a huge investment of 52 million euros in the construction of a new exclusive hotel in Komiza and bringing Marriott's lifestyle brand Autograph Collection to the Republic of Croatia for the veru first time, the company Modra spilja (with the majority shareholder being PFZ Croatia osiguranje) will initiate the transformation of Vis island.

On the site of the bulky concrete building of the current two-star Hotel Bisevo, Komiza will get a five-star hotel that will fit entirely into the surrounding natural environment and the view of the city, and a promenade by the sea which will soon be walked along by some new guests, the users of Marriott's loyalty club.

In addition to the investor, the architectural studio 3LHD, the Bruketa & Zinic & Gray agency and the company Hotel & Destination Consulting have all been engaged in the realisation of this project, which has been underway for the last year now.

"Our goal on Vis island is to develop a high value-added tourism product, with a globally recognisable hotel brand that guarantees standards recognised around the world, in order to better capitalide on this remote and unique destination. We simply want to take advantage of the distance and harder accessibility of this destination which is ideal for an escape from reality, for wellbeing, and for the recovery of both body and mind from hectic lifestyles.

Autograph is ideal for such a product, because it's a brand in which each hotel is different, it has its own special story that is usually related to local culture or traditions, and the content is related to that,'' explained Mario Radakovic, a member management of the company Modra spilja.

As it is known, the pension fund PBZ CO paid its creditors back in 2019 and ended the bankruptcy proceedings of Modra spilja, after which the company was listed on the Zagreb Stock Exchange, and there was a recapitalisation to maintain liquidity during the coronavirus pandemic and to prepare investments.

Marriott is currently in the process of licensing the Autograph Collection brand, concluding a financial structure with both creditors and investors, and amending the urban development plan for the Komiza settlement (UPU) so that all permits can be obtained.

The preliminary design bears the signature of the Zagreb-based company 3LHD, which presented it to the local community about 10 or so days ago. A completely different concept of hotel will now be built, with almost the same number of rooms, but with a significantly reduced environmental impact and total visibility from the sea.

HDC was in charge of designing the concept, the market positioning, the content and the financial projection of the project, while Bruketa & Zinic & Gray will be in charge of branding and designing the central theme of the hotel.

It's worth noting that the Autograph Collection brand belongs to the so-called "premium distinctive" group of Marriott hotels, which is in the middle in terms of luxury (between luxury and select hotels), and in terms of content and style, they are unique hotels that emphasise local culture and traditions. Under the Autograph Collection brand, there are about a hundred hotels on five continents, most of them in Europe, Central America and down in the Caribbean.

It's already known that a very important segment in the up and coming Komiza hotel will be wellness, which will recreate the famous Blue Cave attraction on the island of Bisevo, with a number of indoor and outdoor pools and facilities surrounded by a rich Mediterranean garden, which is another important component of the project. Otherwise, the hotel will consist of several smaller buildings connected by corridors.

It will reinterpret the urbanism of the town with courtyards in a modern way, and Zagreb's 3LHD has placed all of the infrastructure underground, including the garage. The hotel will have a total of 133 accommodation units. An additional 28 residences are planned to be cascaded above the road and be naturally connected to the existing facilities in Komiza. With several outdoor pools, a large infinity pool with a roof top bar right next to the promenade by the sea, some rooms will have private pools, and the turnkey investment will stand at an enormous 320 thousand euros.

In addition to all of the above in the transformation of Vis island, this large project will be maximally "green", in accordance with the possibilities of this remote location, so that a good part of local materials will be built into it, and solutions will be sought that will be sustainable in the future maintenance of all of the facilities. Radakovic emphasised the great importance of existing good infrastructure on Vis island and the intentions of local authorities to further improve it.

“As a volcanic island, Vis has its own water sources, which is very important for the sustainability of the project, as well as the largest island solar power plant in the entire Adriatic. For our guests, we plan transfers from Split Airport as well as the re-establishment of sea routes to Italy, which will be interesting for the future development of tourism on the island,'' said Radakovic.

The closure of the entire construction of this huge future investment should be completed in the next six months. That in itself is a prerequisite for the start of construction, which could begin in the spring or autumn of 2023, and it is planned to last for 18 to 24 months. Objectively, the new Autograph Collection Vis could be on the market for the 2025 summer tourist season, the investor predicts.

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Friday, 10 June 2022

Could New Croatian Government Plans See Work Permitted Until 68?

June the 10th, 2022 - Could new Croatian Government plans see normal employment permitted for people until they reach the age of 68? While there are certainly many industries in which this would either not be possible or would simply be undesirable, it seems that it could well be on the cards.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, one of the most interesting novelties of the Croatian Government's legislative proposals is that it proposes extending the age until which a worker can be employed from 65 to 68 years of age, as confirmed by our interlocutors from the trade union and the Croatian Employers' Association (HUP).

At the same time, clearly, the age requirement for exercising the right to retirement remains 65 years in this country, which is prescribed by another law, Jutarnji list writes.

In other words, Croatian employers would not be able to terminate their employment contracts held with those employees who are turning 65 if the workers themselves do not want to agree to that, and after the age of 68, it will simply become a matter of agreement between the employee and the employer.

Of course, these new Croatian Government plans open up many questions, the most important of which being; who will want to work at that age, or in which industries is such a move remotely realistic? As HUP's negotiator for ZOR Nenad Seifert pointed out, when an employment contract is indeed terminated after an employee reaches 65 years of age, workers will not be entitled to any severance pay, given that they will then retire.

In the first version of the ZOR proposal, the age limit for the duration of employment was dropped, which, according to him, seemed somewhat insane.

Nevertheless, the Republic of Croatia is among the three European Union (EU) member states with a legal age limit for the termination of employment contracts. Fierce discussions were held in the negotiations on other issues, such as the extension of fixed-term contract periods.

Both the Ministry of Labour and the unions referred to data showing that the Republic of Croatia is at the infamous European top of the list (with an embarrassing share of more than 20 percent), and about 90 percent of new employment contracts are still concluded for a certain period of time, which is a very uncertain and often unwelcome form of work.

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